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File: 22332019.jpg (336 KB, 2142x1328)
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336 KB JPG
No thread edition

In /csg/ we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

No currently updated guides exist as no one is currently maintaining one

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Aliexpress price tracker, don't get (((chinked)))!
>(Do not install the browser extensions, they're botnet.)

>TWS earbuds

>Old thread

>>74781675 Anon plans to do a lot of tying with chink shit
>>74781704 John will sell you a monitor
>>74782140 Anon wants to have his waifu as his mp3 wallpaper
>>74783975 Chink shit, the final solution to shaving
>>74785093 Chang is powerless
>>74785097 Yet another Anon seeks to fill the void with chink shit
>>74785539 Anon repairs chink shit
>>74787087 Not only is anon a bike rider, he also carried around a portable speaker
>>74787285 Anon buys just enough bags to store a disassembled body
>>74790988 Anon is cancelled
>>74793096 Anon is a golddigger
>>74797015 Dear do not worry about novel flu virus. We are merely extending holiday
>>74798684 Anon fixes pen
>>74805357 Even in these tough times, anon has no mercy for Zhang
>>74805790 Reminder that many Jews live in Russia
>>74806899 Anon's panties were jizzed on
>>74811448 Wang's tea is apparently good enough to die for
File: 1553607798116.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x2448)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Microphone boom arms arrived... they're really cheap but it looks like an all-metal construction (only knobs have plastic in them).

I spent a shitton of money on good microphones so I'm cutting corners on these boom arms I guess...
Chinesium usually isn't the best quality but for a microphone it'd be fine. Personally I'd oil all of the fasteners to stop them from slowly rusting but that's just me.
They found a cure!
>They can't be released from hospital without donating blood.
not quiet but they are close, sadly.
They seem chromed to me. I'll put some grease in one of the joints tho to stop it from squeaking.
Anyway, this is a good deal for the price.
File: 1577064763393.jpg (558 KB, 1440x2560)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
hello dear friends
please recommend me some shit to buy
cheap but useful electronics preferred, especially bluetooth dongles/cards for pc
I fucking swear there's ONE company making ALL these arm things that go into everything.
My desklamp has the exact same arm.
>I fucking swear there's ONE company making ALL these arm things that go into everything.
Thats the secret of why so many of these things are dirt cheap. They reuse the same plastic and metal injection molds and same metal fixtures for fabrication.
If you have a free PCIE slot, consider a AX200 card
fun stuff i might buy myself
what is that

i forgot this
i might come around some offers of 2.5 drive bays so this might be interesting for me in the future
i forgot what i forgot
AX200 is an intel m.2 wifi 6/BT 5.1 card. Some chink companies are slapping them into PCIE cards
File: 1575039037968.png (25 KB, 300x250)
25 KB
>be a leaf
>packages sit in customs for literal weeks at a time
>tfw can't get Corno-chan
oh hey thats interesting

would this work on a old laptop? i have one that has issues connecting to wifi because the card is literal trash even with the compat drivers
File: robutt.png (726 KB, 1540x1300)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
6 servos and an arm for <$100. I bet I can program it to jack me off
File: Capture.png (720 KB, 898x888)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
Fucking hell, my shit is never going to turn up now.
stuff i recently bought
What kind of shipping? Our customs is a complete shit show. Some stuff, usually Epacket/UBI, gets cleared instantly. While the yanwen and such takes weeks.
Depends. Some laptops will have that shit locked down in BIOS. And if the laptop is too old it won't have m.2
someone posted that yesterday. are there 3 of us kiwis on /csg/?
>Bought 2 dollar usb-c cable on 11.11
>Buyers protection about to expire, Ali expands it automatically
>About to expire again, dispute for a refund
>Ali sides with me, get my 2 dollars back
>Cable arrived today.
It comes with corona virus, doesn't it?
dear friend we send free gift rate 5 stars please
>7 days left for shipping time
>3 different sellers messaged me telling me they extended the time off to the 28th and to cancel the order and reorder later
im not falling for there tricks. going to let it run out and get auto refunded if they aren't going to send it.
File: image.png (12 KB, 549x136)
12 KB
Can anyone recommend a good soldering iron kit with a universal power supply?

Also rate my ability to converse with China sellers.
For a universal power supply you'll need one with a switched-mode power supply inside, or one that takes an external DC power supply. So, get a T12 STM32 OLED station. Or a TS100 if you want the meme iron, but I'd only pick that if for whatever reason you need a mobile soldering iron.

Also that's very good chinkspeak
Get rekt sheep-fuckers.
nah the aussies have more sheep than us, this is dairy country. we sell baby formula for the chinks to put melamine into.
pls respond
is there a way to get past the fucking login page on aliexpress, without actually giving it any of my info? any time i try to search it tries to force me to log in
File: 1581655779485.jpg (11 KB, 214x252)
11 KB
whats the link for the randomizer that used to get posted in /csg/? i forgot
File: invadenz.png (146 KB, 711x625)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>we sell baby formula for the chinks to put melamine into.
Then they come and steal all of ours.
I bought a screen protector for my phone. One of those fancy "hydrogel" things. I can tell you that it's not good at all. It deforms too easily. If you have anything in your pocket along with your phone, then it will for sure mess up your screen protector.
Stick to tempered glass. It was a lot easier to put on though since you can bend it. That's the only positive.
I had the opposite experience.
Tempered glass had a fuckton of glare, like a mirror, hydrogel looks nice like factory in that department.
Tempered glass cracked after 1 day.
Corona chan nooo
>as our highly evaluated customer

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