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Functional programming is elite way of programming what resources would you recommend to understand this programming idiom, to understand how to reduce the stateful nature of code.
Everything is a function.
All data is immutable.

Congratulations, you have mastered functional programming. Now go and overflow the stack.

Math, motherfucker, have you studied it?

Functional programming is the principles of mathematical proofs applied to (generalized for) arbitrary computations.

Haskell is an actual implementation of pure applied logic. It has literally nothing but strongly typed lambda expressions an a set of reduction rules under the hood.
Stop wasting your time on this crap and just go back to programming
>Functional programming is elite way of programming
said no paid programmer, ever
I have studies monads. They dont tell me conceptualize computer code where my intuition seem to require state to perform on these objects.
Why waste my time programming when down the line I will have to wrestle with monster of complexity, and will be debuging side effects into eternity
How can you say FP is the 'elite way' when you don't even know it?
Anyway, just pirate the http://haskellbook.com/ and see if it clicks.
Proof base course,Type theory, linear algebra and algebra.

Proofs and Fundamentals: A First Course in Abstract Mathematics Ethan D. Bloch

First three books

category theory steve awodey

Lineal algebra
linear algebra hoffman and kunze
Algebra Michael artin.
Functional programmers don't have to debug/maintain code because they don't write any. Instead, they rather spend their time on online discussion boards talking about how great functional programming is.
youre doing it wrong!

GHC has been written in itself

Not possible.

look at the sources lol
Read Algebra of programing.
Learn prolog instead
>everything is a function
>Now go and overflow the stack.
but nearly all FP langs have tail recursion
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Simple haskell code:
data T a = C (T a -> a)

foo :: T a -> a
foo (C f) = f (C f)

bar :: a
bar = foo (C foo)

Thank you based Anon

Lambda calculus, motherfucker, do you speak it?

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