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/g/ - Technology

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File: xxg4Rbx[1].gif (2.9 MB, 600x600)
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2.9 MB GIF
In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBay, Gearbest, Taobao and similar sites.
This is a new thread because >>71067573 is an inbred retard 12-year old faggot that can't get over his $2 loss.

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

>News (thanks to >>71067717)
>>71067877 FUCK YANWEN -Anon gets laughed at >>71068404
>>71048514 Cool custom mouse pad
>>71050382 Yanwen did 9/11
>>71051025 Terrorist training materials
>>71051733 Xiaomi is anon's lamp provider of choice
>>71055373 >>71055479 Tube arrives
>>71058604 The RNG gods have anon succumb to alcoholism
>>71059460 Device for discretely masturbating in public
>>71061772 >>71061988 Anon got something cool, another anon reports they are earphones
>>71054860 >>71061815 Chinked by Westerners
>>71061876 Anon is Diamond+ member on Aliexpress after ordering a great deal of buttplugs
>>71061931 Huawei moon photo mode
>>71062141 IPS panel
>>71062253 >>71062340 Anon can't afford the CCP registration fee
>>71062525 Anon struggles with alcoholism
>>71062956 Anon struggles with loneliness
>>71064817 Shirt is ok
>>71065595 >>71066618 Knockoff bag of really good quality
>>71066967 New chink meme
>>71067310 Anon loves his garlic crusher

>Old News
>>71031521 FUCK TAJIKPOST!
>>71031341 Anon follows Diamond+ member's advice and wins dispute
>>71031953 Such is life in Russia
>>71033695 R.I.P Anon
>>71034429 Anon did not get any (You)s
>>71034687 >>71037063 >>71038188 Good in-ears make Anons happy
>>71037735 Best fuse ever!
>>71042443 Once you go black..
>>71043278 #metoo
>>71044053 Good USB-C to HDMI adapter found
>>71045694 Poorfag wants stuff he can't afford

Previous thread: >>71048246
most based thread on /g/ rn
Ok guys, what's the deal with Yanwen Parcel Delivery company? everyone keep on meme'ing about it and now I am afraid of using them, also which is the best shipping company one can use on Ali?
Whoever made that gif is a God among men!

If I want cheap shipping I always choose China post registered air mail. It's cheap af (half of the time even "free") and stuff arrives to my slav shithole country in 10 to 15 days max.
Anyone got warm sock recs?
Is it tracked?
So the /csg/ basics are iememes, shark card, 8bitdo controller.
What am I missing? Currently waiting for the iems
should i choose china post air mail
or ali standard shipping

can i trust them when it says ali standard is faster than china post air mail ?
How do I get the i10 TWS to stop draining the battery? I'll fully charge them, use them, then when I'm done, I put them back in their case, which then lights up the LEDs to indicate how much battery life is left. However, the lights NEVER turn off. They stay on, draining the battery until they are totally dead. What am I doing wrong?

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