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I'm starting to see why you guys call it loonux.

I've been using babbys first loonux Ubuntu off and on since 2006 and thought I'd take a shot at using Arch Linux.

I take a look at the wiki and even the recommended computers say shit like trackpad doesn't work, speakers don't work, camera doesn't work, etc.

So what?.. the best option is to have this thing running in a constant state of hack job.

Linux Pill me /g/
Pretty much every laptop ive tried worked flawlessly in Linux. Some random Amd E350 laptop, Thinkpad T420s, T61, X230, T450. Installed Ubuntu Gnome in an old Celeron Hp laptop the other day, the WiFi switch wouldn't work in the live environment but it worked fine once installed. I really don't know what sort of computers you niggers have that you're all always getting into compatibility issues.
>Ubuntu gnome

Ubuntu Mate I mean. The laptop had 3GB of RAM and was unusable in Windows, but it worked flawlessly with Linux. Literally saved it from becoming e-waste.
If it works with Ubuntu it'll probably work with Arch. They use the same hardware drivers. Most of the tools you use in Ubuntu are in the Arch repos as well. At most it's a couple days of headaches if you can't get something working, after that you're free to build on your system as you see fit. But you don't have to switch to Arch if you like the stability of Ubuntu. It's pointless unless you want to solve problems and learn a little more about computers.
What the fuck is that?
If you gonna use Linux you gotta lurk this website:


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