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Hey /g/, I been jerking off on this IT shit for ~18 months and so far I have gotten these certs:
-MCSA windows server 2016
Is this enough to get a respectable networking job or should I jerk off more?
Oh yeah, I got no work experience.
The MCSA will get you a gig with an MSP. Other than that, no-one cares about your certs, they care what you can do. With no experience and those certs, I'm going to assume that you're a pajeet that's braindumped the exams.
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Let me tell you a bit about myself...
I was originally at uni for a bachelors in music, I came to a realization on the colossal mistake that I was doing and decided to drop out first semester.
Then my parents kicked me out and I moved out with a roomate and learned about IT and networking.
For the past 18 months I have been working shitty jobs and taking community college/lydia courses.
I'm not a pajeet, I just find nagoor to be funny.
>I got no work experience
>For the past 18 months I have been working shitty jobs
Are you telling me that I can put McDonalds on my resume?
It's going to look a lot better than an 18 month gap.
So... What jobs can I get with these certs and 18 months of experience in flipping burgers?
Tier 1 helpdesk. Go for big companies. Join an MSP if you want real experience, but don't stay there long anough that it kills you.
So... was getting these glow in the dark certs a waste of time?
I didn't get networking and security certs just to be helpdesk.
Helpdesk, stay for 1 year. Learn more and look for opportunities. Apply for higher positions with experience, etc.
Well come on in then Mr Burgerman, we'll make you president of the fucking company then!
Unless you join some massive corporation as a junior assistant network monkey, you're not doing anything.

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