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Just about how long does it take to learn how to code really well? I'm taking some classes in my free time because I might want to work in that field someday, as so far I've gotten a few chapters in, but it looks like it's still the really simple stuff for now. I'm trying to learn Programming. Has anyone else had experience with coding?
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no, no one on the technology board full of discussion of computer hardware and software has any experience coding /s

how old are you OP? i think reddit might be a better site for a kid like you...
I'm 22. But, thanks for your "response."
What's up with the huge influx of pajeet niggers trying to learn how to code?
it takes time and dedication, everyone can learn to code but once you need to stop writing spaghetti, things get interesting
Sorry I thought you were a high school kid. An important thing to note about this website is that you are supposed to lurk before posting. If you did this you would understand that there is a lot of programming discussion on this board. To answer your question, it varies. You can go to a 6 month bootcamp, and if you work hard you will understand how to build code for websites using whatever tools are popular. This is a very large area of employment, but more advanced programmers can look down on it. If you want to get more involved, it takes longer, from learning via a powerful object oriented programming language like C++ to learning how that is interpreted down to the hardware level, how computers are designed, algorithms, etc. It's a very complex, diverse technical field which is why there is so much money involved.
>Just about how long does it take to learn how to code really well?
20 years

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