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is the job done?
It's Tesla. They don't need recruiters, because people will come to them.
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>come to work for my 25 hour shift
>see Elon
>instantly shit myself
>wet and nasty because I have to live off energy drinks and potato chips
>run and hide inside the nearest closet
>from a gap I see Elon approaching erratically on all four
>he sniffs and licks my shitpuddle
>without turning he screeches my employee number, name and address

Such is life when you work for Tesla
Recruiters are fucking useless anyway and all they do is add to the cost of recruiting a new engineer which already high because they need training too. Literally all they do is spam people on linkedin who work for any big-name company 24/7.

Imagine a world where a BOSS of a COMPANY is shamed for doing what HE WANTS by a random ass JOURNALIST on the internet. Who fucking cares, the boss can do what the boss wants.
>the boss can do what the boss wants
lol, fuck no. Thems 'owners' your thinking of. Musk is no longer even allowed to be head of Tesla board for even mentioning, he'd like to take Tesla private. Elon is the SEC's bitch, and they wont let him forget it
>fires people when he feels like it while he makes rockets, electric cars and flamethrowers
I think he can do what he wants
> he makes
These people make them. He manages these people.
They're already laying off millions of gas station employees, hundreds of thousands of oil workers, and thousands of mechanics, what's some salesmen in the end? I hope they remove people from the assembly and go full robotic too.
Recruiters = HR = useless women
down with capitalism and the bourgeois capitalist crooks like elon musk
Elon will personally evaluate everyone applying based on the memes they recently posted.
They're a hype company, had they stuck to luxury only rich people toys they wouldn't be in this mess.
More like he'll outsource it to Felix and get him to just send in the few good candidates.
Sounds entertaining.
My job is just boring, stare at a screen and write software or document the software I just wrote.
I started to increase my shit breaks from 20 minutes, then 30... I don't want to get fired, but I really want someone to notice me.
You can either-
- Quit
- Become Dilbert
- Embrace Wally
there are plenty of people like you, anon. no sane person would blame you for coping with capitalism in such a way

I’ve heard of middle aged people at my local [regional bank HQ] watching netflix on their phones in the bathroom stalls to pass the time. do what you have to do to put up with this bullshit world
I take two one hour shits during the day, because I have literally no work to do.
I'm a database administrator, and got three leads in my office, so I don't feel comfortable watching stuff in the office.
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This is literally a good thing recruiters are the worst part of any industry.

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