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For me personally it's tumbleweed all the way.
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Leap really does it for me. I find it wise not to take too many chances in life.
leap is weird. I use it for production on about 10 servers but the upgrade cycle seem way too fast
how do people use this?

I mean this literally. I tried to install tumbleweed this morning, and just clicked the KDE install since it was first on the list.

The default install was unencrytped; opting for encryption gives you an encrypted /boot/, meaning you have to plug in the luks password TWICE. once it boots, it doesn't even automatically configure kwallet, so you get shitty popups every time wifi needs to connect.

the whole OS seems slapped together, and I can only hope it's because the KDE port is not prioritized.

so tell me, what's the "right" way to use this OS without having to autist around with goddamn pgp settings?
No reason to use it since KDE Neon exists and is a better KDE Experience. They both have SystemD and CoCs so might as well use the one that just werks.
does anyone have the openSUSE logo but it's the guy edited into the bottom
Why the fuck dont you just use suse you poor faggot
That's why you use opensuse gnome
I made my own lvm shit and fixed that shit. Retards managed to get /boot/efi outside the encrypted partition, but somehow forgot /boot.

What's wrong with kwallet though? Just connect to a WiFi and set it up.
Yes. But first you have to admit that gnome is superior to kde
im somewhat skeptical of opensuse
like debian, leap is archaic, and tumbleweed is unstable.
there is no sensible middle ground.
btrfs is slow, and like zfs, bloated in memory usage. because it is so uncommon, it is not well supported by data recovery programs.
on fedora, dnf is abominably slow, and zypper is hardly any better. it has the horrendous default behavior to keep all previous installed versions and never ever autoremove unnecessary dependencies.
its raison dètre of a kde-first desktop is obviated by upstarts like manjaro or kde neon. even the selling point of the filepicker maymay is getting fixed across all distributions in the upcoming plasma release.

as it is now, i see no reason to switch to suse instead of just plain ubuntu.
Nice numbers!
Manjaro has a weird scaling issue (try opening 4 windows of the same size).
KDE neon could be good, I need to try it some more. As it stands now, you could just use kubuntu.
> leap is archaic
.... leap purpose is stability... don't expect to be updated, or use tw instead.
Tumbleweed runs pretty stable for me
>takes 5x as long to boot than every other distro
>network fails after rebooting
>KDE is okayish at best
at this point i could use arch and would save no time.
Leap at work, Tumbleweed at home.

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