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What linux distro is most popular on older thinkpads?
I have a t61 with pic related and kde is nice, but its hanging some times. I want to hop to something that is super minimal but functional. How pretty or easy to use it is doesnt matter to me. I want a challenge.
Slackware with xfce4
No thx. Im not down for that looney tunes bullshit window manager
What I should have said is:
Why shouldnt I install gentoo today?
There's your problem. Go for a lighter DE like Xfce or LXQt.
is there any way to install current directly without needing to install 14.2
CRUX is working for me
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Do you have 1GB of RAM? No problem, just install CRUX and KDE still has room.

Pic related.
Xfce, of you are going for a window manager only all are shit. DWM is the one that works best as a window manager, but you have problems with it crashing with fonts because the devs are literally autistic that they think that if they can't display a character they would rather make the whole thing crash.
i3 works but it has shit behavior, basically manual tiling, floating windows are just supported because dialogs.
Awesome is a botnet.
OpenBox looks like the best but is floating.
LXDE and LXQt looks nice, but LXQt is basically KDE so I don't know how much it will improve in performance. So try LXDE.
I would just disable animations in your current DE, Xfce is cool. I would use it rather than kde any day.
t. gnomefag
>inb4 opinion discarded
what do you mean by that?
I'm sleepy kek, didn't read you want a distro since people suggested desktops.
But they are right you are retarded for wanting a "harder" distro than slackware. Get a job retard, you should use the "easier" distro that doesn't treat you like an idiot.
Since you are in slackware I would recommend Fedora net install with ONLY --security upgrades, that way you have great stability with new software. I think the support is 13 months but I think they are going to extend it even more by releasing less often since fedora 30.
In Debian you pretty much don't have the option of being up to date and having a stable system, testing and unstable is a piece of trash.
Ubuntu treats you like a retard.
And if you want something more minimal than slackware you are stupid since the package manager of slackware gives you the freedom to uninstall packages regardless of the dependencies. Like start from a minimal slackware
>How pretty or easy to use it is doesnt matter to me
bullshit, you wouldn't be asking this you would be reinstalling slackware minimally

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