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>go to BAM with my sleek ultra-portable Surface Laptop 2
>sit down and begin working on my upcoming smash hit game
>suddenly my nose catches a woft of shit
>some fat ass nerd sits down in front of me and plops down his disgusting, filthy thinkpad, plugs in a wired mouse and plugs the the laptop into a wall nearby with an extension cord about 10ft away

Is this what you neckbeards do? How on earth do you take care of yourselves?
It's better than sitting next to a mentally fucked up hapa
I hang out at my uni library almost everyday studying for my finals. I study electrical engineering and here's my experience with fellow collages

>around 30-40% of all laptops in the library are Thinkpads
>the rest is usually split between MacBooks, Surface (and similar modern laptops) and older less known laptops
>None of the Thinkpad (and a few Latitude that I've seen) users have clunky setups or use a mouse, most of it is X series
>Almost all other users have a cable or wireless mouse and some other peripherals
>Most of Thinkpad users are on Linux, while the others mostly use windows or MacOS
>I've even seen a dude bring in an extra keyboard and mouse everyday for his generic brand laptop

So far never met a thinkpad user who has a shit setup. You don't just accidentally buy a thinkpad like that, you have to know what you're dealing with prior to it. And people who don't accidentally buy random laptops usually care about their setups more. It's the same with cars I'd say, people who have rare or extremely specialized cars will be much more keen to keep them in shape, while people who look at cars as "a tool to get me to point B from point A" will keep their cars dirty and broken.
Go suck a dick somewhere else
I sometimes take my old thinkpad to starbucks and crank the fan noise to 100% to annoy hipster fags like you.
Fortunately they always place them directly over their genitals so the chances of their breeding is virtually nil.
>plugs in a wired mouse
And this is how I know you're full of shit.

I'm not a hipster fag, I'm a well mannered professional.


I've deployed more ThinkPads than I can think of and I will say this: they are durable. But I don't find them attractive in the slightest, especially the older fatter models. The one I saw this chubber use was as thick as a bible.
Jacob Wohl-tier dipshittery

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