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Hey /g/, I saw this Huawei Matebook D 53010CRG laptop on sale today and it looks pretty good (for $699 CAD)

It has 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and a 2.0 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2500U

Is it worth it to upgrade from my 13" Macbook Air (early 2014), which has 4GB RAM, 1.4GHz i5-4260U processor? Even though my Air is still going strong, I want something with a noticeable performance upgrade, while still being decently priced.

I plan to do some mild CAD work (AutoCAD), and GIS work (ArcGIS).
I've heard that ryzen apu laptops have really shitty battery life.

Hmm, I looked into it and apparently some laptops with the 2500U have pretty shitty battery life

But a cursory look says this particular laptop has decent battery life, apparently. Idk, battery life is actually important to me so hopefully it's not terrible
Does anyone know how well AMD processors plays with most software programs? I don't want to run into issues where programs are optimized for Intel chips and run shitty on an AMD

Also, I've heard AMD drivers can be a pain in the ass problem source
I want Ryzen 2500K 4.5GHz daily with Cooler Master 212
As far as i heard most of the loonix distros run like crap on Ryzen APU's bechause of the integrated video drivers for vega which are not so polished as the intel HD graphics ones.
All grown ups here, no one cares about your hobbyist toys.

According to this review, the Matebook D in question, with the Ryzen 5 2500U APU, runs Ubuntu quite well, with the drivers automatically recognized. So idk, maybe some Ryzen APUs are alright in some cases

if that's the case, I'd hazard to guess that the CPU is throttled significantly while on battery mode

Hmm, do you think that's an issue with regards to performance when desired? As in, if I'm on battery mode and I don't mind battery life taking a hit, can I un-throttle the APU?
stop le.ddit spacing, cunt
2500U is apparently shit with Linux. Fixes are slow if coming at all. Next amd mobile CPUs are based on the same architecture, so I'm losing hope altogether for a comfy amd based laptop.... Sigh..
I have an A485 with 2500u, and the fat 72wh rear battery, 32gb ram, a 512gb nvme for boot, and a 4tb 850 evo for storage, running Manjaro. It took a minute to change some boot parameters because the initial bios was dumpster fire, but it's smooth sailing now. The gay decision to hamstring it with a 70c temp limit does hamper outright performance, and not having the capacity to fuck with voltages and power limits is stupid, as was artificially kiking it to 2 lane EDP so you can't retrofit a nice WQHD panel to it. The battery life improvements amd touted with the 3700u line sounds like they fixed the idle power draw, which would be very nice. I'm just hopeful their next gen laptops are less jewed for parts.
I've had no problems with my r5 2600 for general use.
If you want an Android emulator to run with haxm or if you want to build anything large on Windows you're kinda fucked with ryzen. MSVC runs like complete dogshit on AMD hardware. GCC/clang builds work fine for me though.
I'm writing this post using this model.
Specifically European variant 53010ECR - with matte screen, without touchscreen and fingerprint sensor.

It's all good now on Ubuntu 18.10 - although updated to 4.20 kernel and 18.3 Mesa. Had a few freezes on 4.19.

Battery life is good on Linux, even better on Windows.
Honestly, 57.4 WHr battery is impressively large for such a slim laptop.

I don't know how it behaves with professional software like AutoCAD but it performs well with my programming tasks.

Hope someone will unlock bios so I can enable IOMMU for some experiments with ROCm:
windows will eat up all the preformance upgrade in a second

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