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can i actually get a job in IT after finishing an udemy course?
Sure but its gonna be a low tier shit pleb job unless you got some actual skills you can demonstrate with a portfolio or something
which course would you recommend?
That frog gives me the creeps
post ur courses
fuck udemy, develop some real skills instead.
system management
>develop some real skills
make a web server, learn a high level langugage and a lower level language. For instance, I know Python and C++. One is for easy work that I can do quickly, and C++ is for heavy lifting or where you need to go deep.
Getting more familiar with Linux is not only something good to have in your arsenal, but it's also incredibly rewarding if you're a nut for productivity and practicality.
Pick up some networking books, learn the basics of IT: Routing, IP and how it relates to the internet as a whole, network segmenting, etc.
Just those few things will get you a good starting point.
And believe it or not, browsing here will help spark interests in new things.
whats story behind that pepe?
Despite /g/ being mostly underage, bump for OP, I;'d like to hear more about getting employed.
udemy is mostly for self employement desu
what is for professional employement? i need to be qualified to leave my turd world country
It depends. Most likely not. If it's a course on, say, building a MERN application, to which you take the skills you learn from it, and go a few other things, then sure. Still, most likely not, as most jobs require at least 1 year of experience, and will not hire you after you took a 1 week udemy course.
i dont want to waste another 4 yrs in this shithole tyvm
Not sure how this udemy works, but if you already have the knowledge then you should be able to go out and pass some certs

Then probably be able to get a job that way. If you've lived your whole life on the computer like I have you should be able to easily bs that you have 1-2 year experience with computers.
he got molested when he asked for the wifi password
many such cases
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and now?

It'll take a year of hard work to even come close to not being a literal retard, a single udemy course is not going to make you good at anything. You can complete them in a week.

They advertise them as if you can go from "noob to pro!" in one course but it's just marketing bullshit, however if you do keep learning through them then yes, you can get a job through multiple(many) udemy courses, especially when mixed with things like EDX and online books/docs whatever.
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>can't find internship
>maybe I can get an IT job in the meantime

>IT Analyst
>Required Qualifications:
>Experience working with Incident ticketing systems ServiceNow, Remedy, RemedyForce, and Heat
>Security knowledge GCIA, CISSP, CCSE, CISA, HBSS, NSA, CEH, Cisco Security, Security+, OSCP
>Other required certifications CCNA, CCDA, CCIE, CISSP, CEH, or MCSE

Even if I devoted all my time to getting these certificates just to get my foot through the door, WHY the fuck would I work a shitty IT job at your shitty company
The people who post like that are quite literally jews. If they can get away with paying $5,000/year to someone who's worth $100,000/yr, they're gonna do it. My advice is to completely ignore their retarded description and apply, even if you have none of what they're asking.
This. The person interviewing you will probably never see you after hire. If you can clap the recruiting teams cheeks, you're a shoe in. Just make sure you know what you're doing. It's OK to take a few moments to brush up on acronyms and basic material if you have too. I always say "IT is a dynamic field that is always changing. I like to make sure with the developer/manufacturer of any new processes or alerts there may be."

Yes its a line of "idfk but I can look it up" but it's all in how you word it. I take "Roles and responsibilities" terms and put them in my resume because most online site won't even submit your application to an actual person if you lack certain terms.

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