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File: 1523823270482.png (4 KB, 723x725)
4 KB
In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBay, Gearbest, Taobao and similar sites.

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon asks the important questions >>68858551
• Xiaomi copies the Mac Pro >>68858612
• Anon finds a cheap chink SSD >>68860404 is too good to be true >>68860585
• Dear friend, please be patient! >>68861067
• Comfy socks, nice legs >>68864554
• Make Chinkshit Great Again >>68865305
• Anon builds an IED >>68865391 >>68865451 >>68865480 >>68865616
• Somebody steals anon's tablet >>68865940
• Probably this guy >>68866773
• Another anon fell for the T2 meme >>68867209
• NX1s headphone amp fixes anon's Benjie T6 >>68868837 >>68868856 >>68868910 >>68869074
• 11.11 goodies arrive >>68870070 >>68870103 and a Xiaomi Mi8 Exloding Edition >>68870135 >>68870205 >>68870266
• Tactical assault pen arrives >>68870538 >>68870551 >>68870563 anon makes an art piece with it >>68870571
•Anon takes the Tedpill >>68870960

>Old News
• Anon continues about his chink pineapple >>68843273
• Anon finds meme shirt >>68844226
• Anon surprised by long shipping times >>68844355
• A few misc. reviews of 11.11 products >>68844524
• Anon gets some hangers >>68845435
• Anon finds some weird fuckin' adapter >>68852723
• Nice Anon creates a new little inforgraphic >>68852880

Previous thread >>68871972
File: IMG_20181211_144249.jpg (3.21 MB, 3200x2400)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
Just got a case for my KZs. Was smaller than I expected but I like it.
File: 1544475321760.png (140 KB, 1035x2033)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
File: 1536441479131.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
where my superlux bros at?
I had the hd662evos until recently because the dick cable broke and I failed in fixing them.
How do the other ones (in same budget range) compare? hd681, hd668 etc...
I haven't tried that modification for hd662evo when I had them, looks real easy and supposedly improves them by quite a lot so wondering if that'll be enough incentive to buy them again.
Bought 14 of these acoustic panels. Was more kind of an impulse buy. My room echoes alot, so thought if i filled it with a few more closets and put these on the wall so my microphone sound better.

Will they even work? Bought 14 of them in total, might buy some more if that helps.
Any good mechanical pencils? Looking for something with a nice build quality, metal, preferably with a retractable tip
Look up the jack mod. Finding a good jack socket is annoying though. There's only so little space to work with.
what's the most powerful xeon I can stick in my cor2dou machine?
yea I'm afraid of opening them up again, even trying to solder the wires onto another hack was such a nightmare
why are you asking this here?
File: 1540526626064.gif (502 KB, 480x270)
502 KB
502 KB GIF
cause ali apparently sells xeons with an lga775 adapter. I have some old machines I want to give to my parents or use as a server/test machine/htpc
i see, never knew this
might be shit foam that does nothing. I was thinking of getting acoustic panels as well but my room is filled with some much stuff against the walls and the walls themselves have panels in a non-flat shape so I think I can skip them
The Xeon E5450
Talking out my ass here, but I'd be prepared to be underwhelmed. I'm sure there is some specialized job/science like Acoustic Technician where thought/time/quality materials are used.

Haphazardly slapping up a dozen pieces of dollar-foam from China is likely not going to be the solution for your problem. But good luck!
>Still no keyboard
Open a dispute?
I have a HD668B from goybest, but it looks like the price is doubled
File: chromebook.jpg (440 KB, 1875x1788)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
thanks anon
oh also, can't find any info on jack mods
I can get them locally for $35(exactly same price as hd662evo here) but was just wondering if anyone can compare them since I see hd668B recommended a lot, but the only mod they have is a hardware one.
If it means anything I mostly listen to metal and rock, not really into electronic lately
I like my HD668b, using them with a ghetto as fuck headset mod and a DAC-X6 dac/amp.
I made a poll on what the name of the general should be. Please make your voice heard and vote:
>no loli tummy general
shit poll
File: usb-180-adapter.jpg (169 KB, 1542x1600)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Has anyone found a USB3 version of this?:

File: 01905049.jpg (103 KB, 630x627)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Can't buy piston 3s anymore
why live?
yes, i have.
chink shit is barely cheaper than established brands and the quality is 100x worse...what's the point?
I'm sorry would you like to express your question in a less hostile tone? Or do you regularly barge into communities and belittle their choices and demand to be supplied with "the point" of their actions?

You are a rude individual, and also quite frankly wrong. Plenty of bargains are to be had. I won't bother wasting more time.

Good day.
You missed the general. Chinese shopping one is for shit of questionable quality, over here we trade our insider tips on procuring the finest goods and advanced electronics that the west doesn't have the technology or knowledge to develop yet.
Redcircle, my man.
these are chink rotring clones? how's the quality?

Just buy a short ass dongle cable that does the same thing. Who cares if it's a solid plastic 180 bend piece?
if you want good dampening just buy cheap towels and hang them all over
File: 20181211_152847.jpg (1.83 MB, 4032x3024)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
not that anon but can confirm solid build quality, undoubtedly the heaviest pencil I've ever held.
what about lewd shopping
can someone recommend a good dildo
already have a yeain onahole (soon to be one year actually, probably going to buy another too)
also would be nice to find actually long thigh high socks, those are a super short
does it retract?
File: 1514842438108.jpg (38 KB, 640x400)
38 KB
File: 51s9.jpg (305 KB, 800x800)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
File: 1541562953677.jpg (31 KB, 396x385)
31 KB
>paying to have a 3rd party company control your computer and harvest/sell personal data
its only $1 and currently with a cable in there it looks like a shit so I want to cable to be forced out backwards like the adapter is perfectly doing
I pirated and stripped telemetry, what now?
Yes, I am sure you do actually believe that microsoft allowed you to strip telemetry(hint: there's a reason why it's so easy to pirate that even a brainlet such as yourself could do it)
I agree about desktop lunix being a steaming pile of shit but
>and stripped telemetry
>in a closed source OS
yeah no
Get HD-330 or die a pleb
Nice bait, made me reply.
Best kz IEDs for <20€? Can't decide between the ES4 and ED16.
I've had the ATE and ED12, the ATE and ATE-S types had satisfactory sound quality but I'd rather use IEMs with a removable cable.
Hey /csg/

/hpg/ recommended me a Takstar Pro 82

This is the manufactorers page I think: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-Takstar-PRO82-pro-82-Professional-monitor-headphones-for-Computer-recording-K-song-game-stereo-headset/314156_32808454492.html

But this page has the most replies and feedback out of all the search results. It also has the quality seller gold ribbon thing.
And its quite a bit cheaper : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/TAKSTAR-PRO-82-Professional-Studio-Dynamic-Monitor-Headphone-Headset-Over-ear-for-Recording-Monitoring-Music-Appreciation/32843865701.html

Wat do?

Also, If you feel like it, feel free to give me headphone recommendations.

I need a cheap (70$ or so budget) closed, over ear headphone that I can wear both at home with my laptop and outside with my phone. I just need them to be comfortable and have ok isolation. But due to my location my options are quite limited if I want to buy domestic. I can buy from American amazon but it adds at least 20$ to the cost for shipping and takes quite a while.

My current phone (which I recently bought) has a headphone jack but should I try to futureproof and get something wireless?

This is basically what's available to me domestically.

What size foam tips for TRN V80
Any mechanical keyboard recommendations? Full size is preferred, but 80% is fine too. I checked the wiki and infographic, but it looks like they haven't been updated since I was last here.
what was written on the customs box?
Thats what I was thinking is that what you have on yours?
aula f2012
cheap simple and no gay rgb shit
elaborate why
8088 get
Yes and they fit great.
ok thanks
Is that different from the SI2012? Because the F2012 offered on Ali uses the same picture as the SI2012 on GB, and GB is cheaper. Also, am I safe to assume that when it says blue switches, it means cherry blue, or is there an opportunity for chinkage there?
KZ ZSN, it's supposedly a refined version of the ES4. Had the ES4 and now the ED16.
Nah it's the same thing, also it uses gateron blue switches, not cherry.

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