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I sell gym memberships at a Goodlife Fitness for a living, but it's more like I sell personal training.
What are some things I can say to get people to buy a few personal training sessions?

Nobody wants it because they're cheap and lazy
Either tell they have potential and that a pt can lay great foundation, or say a pt can be very motivating to the fat people who just run on the treadmill for 5 minutes and leave

And it’s true, so you’re not selling them bullshit in that sense. Even people who gym 6 days a week can progress at a snails pace cause they’re doing it wrong
you blow dick at your job I'm never signing at goodlife
>hey you want to suck some dick? I mean.. haha.. no wait.. hey! You suck dick! Fuck no.. umm. Hey YOU suck DICK
I guarantee your sales will quadruple.
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>Nobody wants it because they're cheap and lazy
or maybe they're just smart enough to know that it's infinitely better to learn how to program for yourself instead of needing to rely on someone else
getting a coach does become somewhat worth it if you're advanced enough just so that you can get things more dialed in, but until that point just learn more lol
Of course but which is why I skip the pitch with gym-bros but 90% of the people I sell memberships to think mall walking the gym is gonna help them with their diabetes and beer belly
I know, but I will not tell you. Mostly because I think PTs are annoying as shit and are a huge waste of money. I know how to sell these, but fuck PTs.

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