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I use moisturiser after I wash my face, because I have dry, sometimes flaky skin.
Could this be fixed through diet?
What should we be doing to stay young?
fix your diet. my skin goes to shit when i eat too much junk.
I wash my face with soap and water then applying a firming skin moisturizer with coenzyme q10 and vitamin C. Also exfoliate once a week and wear sunscreen.

I'd recommend the basics, cleanse, moisutrize, exfoliate every two weeks at least and wear sunscreen.

Also take Resveratrol and NMN and collagen supplements.
Also whilst we are here, shill me a moisturiser that won’t give me cancer?
Just do keto/carnivore,
It cures cancer, homosexuality, diabetes, cigarette addiction, seed oils, and depression!
You also become rich.
More over at /r/keto!
What foods are good for your skin then?
I don’t eat sugary stuff at all.
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Any acne tips?
Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. Dont touch your face, if you have to, use the sleeve of your shirt to rub your face if need be. Also use benzyl peroxide cream for pimples.

You can also get a prescription for differen gel used on spots. That's what helped me.
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Celebrities get cosmetic procedures done. The best one is hyaluronic acid injections to regain the "plump" skin that retains water that you lose as you age. They probably do stem cell shit and blood transfusions too since they're evil.

The best over the counter, consumer skin resurfacing techniques are chemical peels (not the shitty 5% ones but the 30%) and microneedling. I do NOT recommend dermastamps or rollers though because they're stupid and try to put 500 needles in a small area thinking it's going to work 500x better but in reality it prevents it from working at all. See the picture. The real way of doing it is getting a sewing needle and manually pricking the lines and craters you have. I learned this from a woman who has before and after photos on her blog.


There's no proof of that but you can use various oils and fats or just vaseline as an occlusive.
This is what I am using currently.
That's good
>clean sheets and try to not have anything that will "soak" in your body's oils like a fuzzy blanket
>if you take hot showers, try to remember to switch the coldest setting and "cool off" the body before you get out or else your body goes into panic mode to rehydrate by overproducing sebum
>be easy with "exfoliates" and soap. These cut through oils especially soap and that causes the same sebum production problem. Oily skin is not solved by drying the shit out of your face. Absolutely nothing with "SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE" goes on your body.
>Looser clothing for body acne. Arabs have it figured out, western clothes are more focused on being sexy rather than being good for your skin.
>whitehead extractor for whiteheads (not anything less than a whitehead) because if you let it get nuts it will leave a scar and this is the most gentle way to remove it.
>6oz beef liver (seered on each side but not cooked through) a week and can be split up if you want. Best source of retinol.
>I don't know if there's research on this but I find regular bowel movements help. I suggest organic psyllium husk powder or carrot salad.
>level 1: 2.5% benzoyl peroxide
>level 2: retin-a prescription
>level 3(final): accutane prescription
I avoid fried foods, soda and coffee to stay clear.

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