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Am I really looking at the same muscles? My (male) glutes look like the right. I want them to look more like the left. It it dependent on hip/waist? There's no way they both don't have strong gluteus medius
> My (male) glutes look like the right.
No they don't, tard.
That guy is at like 7% bodyfat and is flexing them (making them appear smaller). Even at 12% bf, I guarantee that guy's ass is huge in everyday life.'
Your ass is tiny, with no muscle. Work out, dyel.
The guy on the right is shredded as fuck
I 100% doubt you even look a quarter as good as he does
You probably have cellulite cottage cheese looking ass from sitting to many hours a day and thought that's what he has because you are a retarded tranny
Men and women have differently shaped assess, from hip structure, leg structure, and genetics
You also probably didn't know this but women store fat differently, all women are fat, and this is what makes their butts round
But they can also get cellulite if they sit to much
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I'm talking shape wize, not literally like him, i.e. taller than they are wide, rather than a circular, round donkey ass. I just get the impression there comes a point when size increases that they don't grow laterally and lose that shape.
But I guess it probably is mostly the female fat distribution
I'm trans btw
Bodybuilder glutes are huge and round when not flexed. Try this: squeeze your glutes, see how they get more narrow and taller. Your issue is just that you don’t have an ass. I will tell you what I tell women who also want to get a big ass; SQUAT AND DEADLIFT

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