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>be me
>do a 4 day water fast
>weight myself
>be today
>upgrade my old scale to a new digital one
/fit/ bros how do i cope? it feels like my 4 day sacrifice was for nothing ngl. clearly the old scaled fucked me over
You lost weight regardless congrats on that willpower
Didn't read LOL nice Mako pic though
Wouldn't your pre fast weight be higher than you thought as well?
one of the best ways to make people uninterested in your whining is to put twatterisms like "af" in the title. choke on a candlestick.
What's your BMI? 81Kg does not seem so heavy. I don't think fasts are a good idea but for extremely fat people I can at least understand the desperation that motivates it. I doubt you're extremely fat though.
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Mako thread
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Congrats on your 4 day water fast. But you have to remember: this is a lifestyle change. Whether you decide to do omad, multi-day fasting, 18 hours - the point is there's more going on than just weight lost here. You're dealing with water weight, healing your gut biome, autophagy, improved immunity, mental clarity, lowering your chance for diabetes, IBS, leaky gut. There's so much going on during that 4 day fast that you should be proud. This is where taking before and after pictures helps out a lot, because you can see visible definition improvements even if the scale reading says something different.

And as I mentioned with lifestyle, It takes time. It takes even more time the lower body fat % you are. Obese people can fast for 4 days and drop 15+ lbs. Someone at 20% body fat will drop only a couple lbs. Keep up the good work, and keep fasting.
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ty anon, i needed to read this
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im 174cm current bmi with accurate weight is 26.8

So you're barely into the overweight classification, assuming you have a normal amount of muscle mass. What then made you feel the need to take such extreme measures for weight loss, instead of a more gradual CICO diet approach? I disagree with the other anon, fasting is not a lifestyle change, that phrasing implies it's something it makes sense to do long term. The reason people fast is because it's the fastest way to lose weight, with short term results. So the only way it could be a long term lifestyle change is if you regain weight in between fasting and have to keep doing it over in cycles, in other words, yo-yo dieting, and no correction of the shitty diet that caused the excess weight in the first place. Fasting is a textbook example of the stupidity of tackling the symptom of a problem without addressing the root cause. Eat healthy food, control your calorie intake, establish these as habits for life, and you will not ever have to fast.

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