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Yes its the lowest GI cheapo carb!
>Is UV radiation good for you?

Be more specific.

Is eating strands of spaghetti with no accoutrements good for you?

I mean, sure, if you're going to starve, otherwise it's got a nutrient:energy ratio of, like, 1:10. But typically, no, it's not, it's energy dense and can contribute to weight gain.

But spaghetti bolognese? As your main meal? Yeah, pretty solid. 350 kcal and maybe 30-40 grams of protein, with all the micronutrients that come in minced meat. In general you want to keep your consumption of red meat to three servings a week or under, but the nutrient profile of ground beef is pretty good.
>made from flour
lower GI than rice or taters? doubt
Yeah, unless he's talking about wholegrain pasta (which is not what we think when we think generic spaghetti) he's just wrong.

Pretty sure low gi spaghetti would exist, but I think OP might potentially be asking the question because they like their spaghetti the way it is.
100% durum wheat semolina cooked al dente. yeah. Just count calories.
>Prepare your pasta like they do in the Mediterranean – al dente, which means neither too hard nor too soft. When cooked correctly, pasta will have a lower glycemic index than when it’s cooked to be soft or mushy. The average GI of al dente penne pasta is 50, which is even lower than the GI of oatmeal or many whole-grain breakfast cereals. A lower GI can help keep blood sugar levels stable so you will stay fuller longer.

Yeah just don’t drench it in oil and butter
why is the anime girl nervous
I'll be doing the opposite of all advice in this thread to exit lanklet mode
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the old food pyramid was so based. protein is overrated and there's a little in all these food anyway.

pasta, rice, potatoes are king

t. athlete
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Hey guys, imagine a women actually wanting to do sexual activities with you haha
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lol imagine taking your qt gf on a trip to Venice and holding her in your arms as you drift through the canals on a gondola.
No. It'll ruin your gut lining.
he is right
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lmao that would be kinda funny haha

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