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Newfag to /fit/. Decided to start lifting and am about a week in. Using preworkout. Taking multivitamin. Doing Fierce Five. One scoop of protein after. 15 min hot shower followed by 5 minute cold shower. Use massage gun on major muscle groups. Going to the gym early as fuck every other day but would like to go every day. Could I just alternate A and B and lift 7 days a week? This shit feels slow as fuck and I don’t mind the soreness. I fucking hate lifting less than the people around me. Any advice on what I could do better?
You can do whatever you want. Go 7 days a week if that works for you. As long as you are making progress, just keep going. Only problem with going that often is risk of injury/overuse goes up, and you will have trouble recovering from sessions as you get stronger. Keep it up, listen to your body and train hard. You got this bro.
Thanks. Should I be doing cardio? Skinny fat manlet trying to bulk. I’m trying to body build here but I keep trying to research this shit and every video or article I find has a different opinion.
There is no right or wrong answer anon. hate to say it. I'd argue building a strong cardiovascular endurance early on would be beneficial and you'll regret not having started cardio sooner.
Guess that’s one more thing to work on then

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