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How much, what benefits did it produce to you micronized or hydrolyzed and experiences.
I´ll start, for me was before and after on terms of energy and the litim time i can train on the gym, i don´t have anny side efects like weight gain, at least for now, i take 10gr per day, 5 in the morning to had energy in the work and 5gr before going to the gym, of course i have a very strict diet, oats, fish, eggs, and nuts in the day and if i feeling too hungry something with a bunch of carbohydrates like pasta accompanied with meat.
I forgot to mention that before I trained an average of one hour 20 minutes, now 2 and a half hours
>Which creatine should I buy?
Creatine comes in powder or crystalline form and has no taste only some grainy texture
So you buy Creatine Monohydrate flavorless – NOTHING ELSE
1kg/2.2lbs bag during a big sale – that’s ~15$/€ for a years supply

>How/When to take?
Around 5 grams per day - no fucking loading phase
Intake time doesn’t matter
Maybe take it with food if you have a weak stomach
The easiest way:
scoop -> mouth -> water or put it in a shake/cereals/yogurt
cycling not needed, blast and cruise 5g a day
It doesn’t matter if you don’t take it a few days if you can’t take it
Creatine saturates in your body over time
This means the intake doesn’t matter since there is no immediate effect
Therefore, if you stop taking creatine, it takes a few weeks until all the excessive creatine is used up and you are back to your normal

>What does creatine effectively do?
It stores water IN your muscles and makes you look slightly bigger without looking bloated
Due to additional water retention you gain some water weight at first
It increases your ATP/CP pool and therefore elevates your maximum output performance e.g.:
a few more reps or slightly higher max lift

>How does it work?
Your body as 3 energy resources: body fat, glycogen and ATP
Body Fat: delivers a low amount of energy although for a very long time
Glycogen: stored in your muscles and liver and can deliver a medium energy output for 1-2 hours
ATP: delivers a massive amount of energy but only for a very short duration of ~5-10 seconds
This energy source is mainly used for heavy sets of 1-5 reps since you need a lot of energy for your max lifts
Creatine increases the available amount of creatine phosphate in your body which will be converted to ATP
Since more ATP means higher/more energy output you can get a few more reps or lift a little higher weights.

That’s all the basics to know about creatine.
Are most big name brands good or are there a few that are clearly better? Currently using Cell Tech.
Like five grams a day. Actually pretty decent results, more reps in longer workouts and more muscle because of that. People need to keep in mind it helps you build muscle because it allows you to work harder. If you can’t do that second part it’s not going to do too much
Does it make you lose hair?
Slightly heavier and bigger and also stronger
File: Johnny Bravo Rain.png (316 KB, 574x633)
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316 KB PNG
This question always comes up - It cannot actively make you lose hair, it can just speed up your hair loss. It depends on your genetics.

I'm 35 and I take 6g daily for the past 2 hears and I have pretty strong hair, no loss, thinning or norwood whatsover, but my dad has full head of hair at 55.
Look at the elderly people in your family and see if hair loss is a thing.
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That being said, keep in mind that creatine is a small boost, maybe 5% of your strength. If you care about hair and you feel like you are in risk of losing it just don't take it - It's by no means necessary.
should i take it if i just want to remove body fat and not get any more muscle right now
In that case probably not
During the loading phase it gave me the runs. Beyond that, it did nothing. I stopped bothering after 8-9 months because I saw no tangible benefit from it.

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