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How do I wake up energized? I can get through the day once I get my shit together but waking up is like trying to drive with the handbrake on. I want to jump out of bed and be ready to take on the day. I can't stick to any morning routine because I'm such a willpowerlet on the mornings
Set your alarm to this at max volume
This is unironically my alarm
It helps, but it could be better
haha kek, nice
quit coffee/caffeine and booze. try it for a week. you'll see a difference.
I'll try that again. Although I'm skeptical because for most of my life I didn't drink caffeine or booze and I had the same problem. Nowadays I slam a few energy drinks when I try to induce hypomania
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I wasn't a morning person either till i started sleeping 9h and sitting in front of my makeshift tanning lamp when eating breakfast/morning routine on pc
are you even suppose to be energized in the morning? Is that a reasonable expectations to have? Isn't morning tiredness normal and something everyone experience? Waking up and being energized only happens on special occasions like on Christmas if you are a kid or some shit. Its like asking "why do i not feel fucking amazing at all times?" nigga you are not suppose to that is not normal. I don't know
Some people seem to be able to jump into their day immediately. I just don't want to feel like shit every time I wake up
redpill me on the lamp please
How is your typical morning like?
>how do i wake up energized
stop smoking weed, stop eating like this, stop being fat, stop being obese, stop doing drugs, stop drinking, stop doing everything you are not supposed to do and you will wake up literally like a normal person. you wake up and you're up. there is no 'groggy' or 'waiting for energy' or even the need of coffee.
any healthy normal person JUST wakes up. there is nothing more or less. coffee and everything else is just an accessory to the natural energy you should have upon waking up.
your body uses sleep to repair, nothing more nothing less. when it is done you wake up.
if you are waking up not feeling energized or ready for the day immediately out of bed you are either fat, a slob, disgusting, a combination of all that, a drug addict, a druggie, you eat like shit, you consume your calories via soda, you take drugs you shouldn't, you drink too much, you stay up late watching anime and other stupid shit. you basically live a dumb fuck shitty life
its hilarious how anons will post this and it isn't woefully obvious you're a fatty and disgusting and nobody wants anything to do with you
fix yourself, faggot.
>alarm goes off
>snooze for 10 minutes
>suffer out of bed
>feel cold, stiff and tired
>have to think about what I actually have to do
>autopilot through washing myself, packing my things, have breakfast if I have the time
>go to the train station
That's about it. I sometimes do morning cardio and stretching but I can only do that when I'm manic. Usually it feels like I'm doing everything in slow mo and it feels like I'm trying to move in cold water
Get some sunlight right when you wake up, maybe use one of those LED alarms that simulate the sun.
I would need one of those since I usually wake up at before/around dawn
>I sometimes do morning cardio and stretching but I can only do that when I'm manic.
You are bipolar? You sound like the normal typical person that wakes up kind of. Try not snoozing as snoozing is bad for you and can make you more tired.
The Pixar Logo had seen to a few little shenanigans in the darker corners of Detroit, huh?
Yeah. When manic I'm pretty alright but even when I'm stable I have this problem. When depressed, I can barely get out of bed. I learned to manage it enough that I can do my tasks most days but I'd like to not feel like shit while doing it
The first thing I do when I wake up and feel the urge to snooze is count down from 5 in my head.
I can't live with myself if I don't get out of bed after reaching 1.
I sort of do the same. Every snooze is 5 minutes and I decided that by the time the second one ends, I have to get out of bed
I wake up energised when I have something to look forward to that day. Unfortunately, there is very little to look forward to.
All this shit and also sunlight nigga go outside more and get some real light when you wake up

Ever watch a sunrise
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100w led bulb for plants blue spectrum, found it for 40eur, i turn it on in the morning and my dark autumn morning turns into a sunny summer day, wakes me right up. also a little bit of tan and vit d.
Same for me. I don't work a job in the morning but I have personal projects & businesses to work on and every morning I can't wait to get up and start implementing new ideas and trying new things.
So could it be because I fucking hate studying and don't look forward to it?

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