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File: 1596900404770.jpg (96 KB, 829x449)
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How many of you are like this?
I’m not 20 I’m 18.
>Have been on fit 6 months, read sticky
>Never done a fast
>Drink milk only if I have cereal
>The neckpill?
>Nope I only workout to folk music and classical that I've listened to forever
>I don't think bodyweight exercises build much muscle I still do push-ups and pull ups a lot
>6 foot 4
>Don't think any gyno
>Everyone wants to succeed without working but I honestly enjoy the pain of lifting weights a lot of people do
>Will hopefully not abandon my fitness goals if I get a gf
>"Feminine penis" "wants a girlfriend but won't talk to women"
Ok you got me
the more words a meme has, the less funny it is
File: Garp Monkey D..jpg (37 KB, 225x350)
37 KB
I've been here when /fit/ was still "Health & Fitness". Or was it "Fitness & Health", it's been too long.
File: der_zoomer.png (316 KB, 695x701)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>been on /fit/ for 3 months, read sticky
>drink a glass of milk every day
>took the neckpill, didn't end up in hospital because not a retard
>don't use tiktok
>i do bodyweight exercises
>no gyno
>too autistic to talk to women
>i enjoy lifting, i don't play video games, i do watch twitch occasionally
>day 87 of NoFap
>use successful people as inspiration
>i don't want to inhale farts brapposters need to be fucking genocided
>masculine penis

WAGMI zoombros
You can tell it was made by a leftist
File: 1633876386438.jpg (118 KB, 352x477)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
somewhat accurate

>been on /fit/ for 2 years, briefly read sticky
>gyno but its just fat
>did nofap multiple times and did feel better, didn't talk to women
>want a gf but wont talk to women
>feminine penis but hairy
>want to succeed but not work
>watch youtube instead of playing games
>intimidated by successful people and tries to bring them down
Maybe in 6 years when they turn 20
reminder that most people on /fit/ started lifting in their mid 20s
zoomers will future mog them because they started younger
will also be stronger then they can possibly be because you have more time in tank
File: 1633148084966.jpg (51 KB, 933x911)
51 KB
Thanks senpai, by the age of 20 I will be mega shredded
Same. When did it change? I want to say 2014
Based, I will mog everyone on this faggot board
>wants to succeed but doesn’t want to work for it
Damn got me on this one.
>has a workout playlist of songs hes heard on TikTok

I dont really have a playlist because I dont really listen to music except in my car. But on my drive to the gym I usually listen to like europop and songs like everytime we touch. I listened to MTC today on the way to the gym
Post body (you won't)
no, its just further unpacking the disgusting nature of a common /fit poster which is 99.9% of anyone here.
nobody fit posts here. why the fuck would someone with a nice body post here anonymously and recieve no validation while on the other side of the hill on tiktok/IG/any social media people are posting their faces and bodies and fake curated lives because they salivate for attention. like even the people with fine bodies WANT you to see their faces yet everyone here covers their face or never posts body? yeah ok.
/fit posters are EXACTLY what that meme is describing. in fact it hits so close to home for you it made you instantly seeth and disregard it cause 'too many words'
have sex. wait jk, you wont and will not.
File: 1627934980603.jpg (30 KB, 382x349)
30 KB
>2/3 months on /fag/ and have read sticky
>Fast 48h every other week to lose 1kg a month, while eating maintenance calories on other days
>Rarely drink milk
>don't need/want neckpilling
>I rarely listen to music during work out
>I'm not a faggot on estrogen so no gyno for me
>don't want gf, have to take care of myself first
>I do body weight exercises
>Don't play vidya, don't use tw*tch or t*k t*k
>Did no fap for 100 days and couple 30/50 day ones here and there
>don't want to inhale any barp
>"Feminine penis" guys that are below 5'8 and have penis that's <4inch aren't men so it's straight to want feminine manlet twink

Now I'm still pathetic faggot but not as pathetic as op's pic I guess kek

also this >>63921150 /fit/ zoomers that are below 20 are chads of the future. I KNEEL ZOOMFAGS
File: 1624215085271.jpg (190 KB, 400x500)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>I don't really listen to music
I’ve been here for 8 years and have never read the faggot sticky. Reading is for nerds.
/fit/ wasn't around 8 years ago
give me another year or 2
Zyzz died ten years ago you newfag retard.
zyzz was a /b/ meme
I'm a zoomer and you're pathetic, your mindset is NGMI
I'm not 20 I'm 21
File: 1590769034209.png (208 KB, 377x290)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>turning 21 soon
>been on /fit/ since early 2017, lifted since late 2016
>have only done intermittent fasting
>only have milk with my whey
>not retarded enough to take the neckpill
>listen to what's on at the gym
>I do bodyweight in between sets
>not a smidge of gyno
>what's the fun in getting something for nothing
>I will continue lifting upon getting gf
>I am against full blown nofap, I do 2-3 times a week to maintain libido. What I am for is full blown noporn
>I talk to women, but a gf isn't my top priority
Zyzz has a trip code here, any last retorts before you leave dumbass?
>Have been here for nearly a year
>Did a fast in highschool back when I was obese, got me down to just being "overweight" and I stayed there
>don't do gomad but I make a point to drink a glass semi frequently
>don't know what a neckpill is
>I only make serious queries in related threads, the only threads I make on here are all shitposts
>I like working out too much to drop it over a girl
>I could very well have gyno I have no idea
>I don't want to work for it but I do anyway
>I have severe issues talking to women but I'm getting better overtime
>I did no nut november once but thats about it, and I was more preoccupied with how big my load was than my "confidence"
>I like traps
>I play video games way too much, hate streamers
>seeing people's success makes me feel nice, unless they're an asshole
>farts wtf
>I go to the gym once a week at worst
it was a joke retard
post body or your just as pathetic
You're not funny and you're too young to understand that people can't detect your dumb sarcasm through the internet
File: 1628306261945.jpg (21 KB, 480x480)
21 KB
>zoomers that are below 20 are chads of the future. I KNEEL ZOOMFAGS

>turn 20 next week
phew brahs, that was close, almost missed the chad cutoff
proud to say that not a single one of these applies to me. in fact, most are the opposite of me.
t. 19yo lifting 5 years
only thing i have common with that zoomer is his age
File: 1634161277089.png (73 KB, 360x393)
73 KB
I started lifting at 17, taking it seriously now at 22.

Millineals are niggers and will never make it
File: lion.jpg (74 KB, 1024x576)
74 KB
I turn 20 in two weeks and only one of those apples to me.
If I was this gay when I was 20, I would've killed myself.
>have been on fit for about a year and a half proper
>already skin and bone starting out, no need for fasting
>drink a glass and a half of milk plus another glass of protein shake on weekdays with my lunch
>my neck is fine enough no need for a tree trunk of a neck yet
>never used tiktok, mostly listen to jazz fusion and metal/rock
>solely bodyweight exercises as I am a poorfag with no gym membership
>no titties whatsoever my nipples are 2d textures pasted onto my skin
>the progress of my body physically changing over time motivates me through any pain. the fact I started as a skeleton meant that from the first couple of weeks I could actually notice a visible difference in my body which was great
>I despise those who are unfit like my prior self and those who are fat, I would never want to return even if I had a gf
>I previously had a gf before rona but that all went to shit, had a close friend group that year that solely consisted of women lol, still would consider myself unable to talk to a women I had never met before though

millennials were the vanguards of the gymbro and instathot culture that began forming in the late 2000s when they were late teens, and went mainstream with zyzz and music festivals
>been on fit for 4 years
>no fasts but have cut weight before
>drink milk daily
>thick fucking neck
>no tik tok
>do pull ups on pull day
>no gyno
>lifting bruh can't stop won't stop
>have been more committed to fitness than to my gf who I've been with for 6 years
>still hit up other women cause I'm a dog
>masculine well above average penis
Not all zoomers are the same
most people that lift started through sports at a fairly young age
File: blm3.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
Nice try, hippie.
I have been on /fit/ for 5 years and i have yet to read the sticky
This isn't necessarily meant to be funny.
This is not some wacky haha joke with a punchline; this actually IS what a large chunk of this board is like.
I have done exactly zero of these. I'm a boomer though.
>have sex
Cringe take. Are you a woman?
Excellent bait btw
I am none of these except maybe the gyno. Still not sure whether i actually have gyno or whether I'm just fat
>lurking on /fit/ for about 4 months, read sticky
>have lost about 20 pounds so far through fasting and cardio
>don't drink milk
>wide neck already
>just listen to gym music
>do bodyweight for abs, working up to pullups
>loving lifting, at the gym 6 days a week
>no gyno
>play less vidya than I used to, twitch is ok, don't use tiktok
>successful people at the gym motivate me
>don't really want a gf, have a fwb at least
>have very few friends
>brapfags are disgusting
>traps are cool
>zoomers will future mog them because they started younger
Then why don’t they lift
I started lifting in my late teens and I'm in my early 30s now. I didn't post here until I was already fit and finished university. I was on /v/ in my teens though.

I just don't really value advice from this website. It's just for chatting.
it was 2017 or 2018 newfag
>wants a gf but won't talk to a woman
only this

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