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I'll start with full-body 4x/week:

Lat pullover/lat pulldown
Upright cable row
Lateral cable raise
Cable pushdown/overhead extension ss inclined DB curl
Cable crunch

Inclined DB press
T bar row/seated cable row
Cable flyes
Dip machine
Lateral DB raises

Inclined row/barbell row
Leg press
Skull crusher
Face pulls/reverse pec delt
Neck curl

Shoulder press machine
Leg curl ss Leg extension
EZ bar curl pronated/supinated
Rope cable curl
Leg raises/crunches
I got a warning for posting a pic unrelated to my board. Let's see if you'll get one.
Pull push legs pull push legs rest

Elbows too pointy
is icf 5x5 a good beginner routine?
I did it for two months and then changed my routine because it was too much for me. Doing multiple 5x5 compound movements back to back + the accessories at the end is mentally draining. I switched to Starting Strength and have way more fun.
How well do you know the basic barbell lifts anon and what are your goals?
yes it's good
Looks solid, I'd ann more direct chest, hamstring work

Try this for 10 weeks. Hell if you like it you can run it again for another 10 weeks on a deficit. Who knows, you might even look nice for Summer.
I'm doing grayskull but I've fuckijf hit a wall on my ohp
What are you doing for your homework? Have you been beating your rep maxes on the resets?
Sets x reps or effort, schedule?

Mine is
>Day 1
OHP, WPU, squat 3x3-5
LTE 2x8-12
Ab wheel 2x10-20
>Day 2
Steady/low rate cardio 30-45 mins
>Day 3
CG bench 3x5-8
DL 3x3-5
BB wide grip rows 2x8-12
Ruski twists 2x10-20
>Day 4
Steady/low rate cardio 30-45 mins
>Day 5
OHP, WPU, squat 3x3-5
Curls 2x8-12
>Day 6
Sprints (hill or bike), or KB swings/burpee/jump rope rounds 10-20 mins
Landmines/ab wheel 2x10-20
>Day 7

Cutting for a few weeks so limiting volume for that. Also do some neck curls and grip work at home most days.
>Day 1
Bench 5x5
Incline bench 3x12
Skull crushers 3x12
Situps 3x15
Bent over rows 3x12
Pullups 3xF
>Day 2
OHP 5x5
Lat raises 3x12
Shrugs 3x15
Wrist curls 3x20
Ez bar curls 3x12
Calf raises 3x20
>Day 3
Squats 3x8
Walking lunges 3x20M
Calf raises 3x20
>Day 4
Bench 3x12
Incline bench 3x12
Skull crushers
Situps 3x15
Bent over rows 3x12
Pullups 3xF
>Day 5
OHP 3x12
Lat raises 3x12
Shrugs 3x15
Wrist curls 3x20
Ez bar curls 3x12
Calf raises 3x20

any tips? its working well so far. increasing my lifts everyweek. im 1.5 months into lifting. had to create my own program, have limited equiptment
He didn't. Life isn't fair. Suck it.
What are your numbers right now and what are your goals?
>not hitting every muscle group twice a week
immediately discarded. waste of time. it should be mandatory for every routine nowadays. you are being ineffective.
goals is a ripped body
bench: 60kg 5x5
OHP 40kg 5x5
EZbar curls 28kg 3x12
im 5'9 59kg
>>Sees bodypart split
>>Thinks that muscles won't get hit twice a week
Woman, r/fitness is thatway.
What would you describe yourself as: skinny, fat, skinnyfat, athletic? Reason why I ask is if you're trying to get "a ripped body" and you're already really skinny, then you're going to need to add some weight (preferably muscle, of course). Although at 59kg I imagine youre on the scrawny side, right?
Just do 531 for the 4 main lifts, pick a barbell assistance for 5x10 at around RPE 6-7, then do a 3-4 sets each of one or two push, pull, legs and core movement. Essentially a full body workout 4 times a week.
File: ihatejews.jpg (247 KB, 2784x1846)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
File: 1633791337710m.jpg (39 KB, 1024x525)
39 KB
>day 1
OHP 5x8
Bench 5x8
Standing tricep extensions 3x5
>day 2
Deadlift 5x5
Bent over row 5x5
Shrugs 3x8
Lat pulldown 3x8
Dumbbell curls 3x8
>day 3
Squats 3x5
Leg curls 3x8
Dumbbell lunges 5x5
I know I need more volume but don't know what to add, pls help
i mean the goal is to be as strong as i can get while being lean 10% ish bodyfat
File: 1613329237174.jpg (43 KB, 453x600)
43 KB
Started in august with a variation of greyskull
>Stats @ 5 reps:
O: 40 -> 45 (been slacking and stalling)
B: 50 -> 62
S: 60 -> 80
D: 80 -> 110

3x5+ Squat
3x5+ Bench/OHP
3x6-10 Incline DB Press / Lateral Raises
3x6-10 Lat Pulldown / Cable Row
3x6-10 Triceps Pushdown / Biceps Curls
3x8-12 Leg Curls

1x5+ Deadlift
3x5+ Bench/OHP
3x6-10 Incline DB Press / Lateral Raises
3x6-10 Lat Pulldown / Cable Row
3x6-10 Triceps Pushdown / Biceps Curls
3x8-12 Facepulls

6'0 175lbs / 183 cm 79~kg
Right now my plan is to just continue with my routine until I stall out on all lifts, then switch it out for a 4-day routine like PHUL
full body 6 times a week (so i run each session twice a week)
push pull legs with strength focus

push day
bench machine
lu lateral raises

pull day
pull ups (weighted)
trap bar shrugs
pendlay rows
lat machine pullover

leg press machine
bulgarian split squat
seated calf press
cheat curls
preacher curls

generally i have 5 sets on the main compounds with increasing intensity and reps until failiure and the isolated /assistance work is 2-4 sets of higher reps.
why am i stronger than you when i weigh 20kilos less than you and started in september lifting?
i would run bench before overhead press on day 1 then add in dips and side raises.

add in ppull ups on day 2 and move the dumbell curls until day 3, i would also remove leg curls and have a leg press machine and take that until failiure after youve done squats..
Can’t post pics but can someone review that 4chan post routine with the body of some dude?

You know the one.
File: current.png (26 KB, 1095x422)
26 KB
If I improve on the lift I only do one set.
If I don't I do the full set-range.
It seems retarded but I've been making decent progress on every lift.
I'm just weak, always been

Ok, lucky you, you're not one of those "I need to lose 30 pounds to see abs but I have no muscle either guys".

Here's my 2 cents. There's something to be said about restraint in a program. You don't have to hit every muscle from every angle all the time. There is a time and a place for that style of training and a time and a place for training that is more minimal. I'm going to try an avoid an old man rant here, but bear with me. Here are a couple of ideas of what you could do:

1) There's Greg Nuckols' "stronger by science" bundle you can get for $10 (or find) that has a number of programs and excel sheets. Check out the Novice Hypertrophy and then run that until you "graduate" into one of the other programs. I've never ran it myself, but most of the feedback I've seen is positive. A lot of guys move on to the "reps to failure" program and like it.

Actually has a decent idea. However I'd suggest you check this out before running the "boring but big" that he's describing:

Note FSL = first set last. So you do your 531 and then 5x5 at the same weight as the first work set.

3. Personally I suggest Greyskull LP. Read this multiple times

GSLP is a system with layers. in-gym lifting, off day "homework", daily walks, weekly 10 minute HIIT. I'm partial to the GSLP with Arms variant. I can go into more detail if you are interested.

Eventually running the aforementioned boring but big would be a fun ~12 weeks, but you need to get your lifts up.
im just gonna stick to my program for now, i'll do something differently when i stall. my lifts are good for a 59kg guy. my 1RP maxes are intermediate after 1.5 months of lifting so its clearly working well. thanks for the input though
I like how you track if you've improved from week to week. I bet it's a good motivator.
Alright, best of luck to you.
What do you do on your off days? Are you beating your rep maxes when you reset? I don't think the supersets are helping your strength gain.
Thanks breh. It's actually a conditional if/then. If I put in something that is a higher weighted value than the last workout it's a yellow bar, if I put in a higher weighted value than my previous max it's a green bar.
It hasn't happened yet but if I don't meet either it's a red bar.
File: 1629768156827.jpg (75 KB, 640x853)
75 KB
I just chill on off days, I'm a student last year at uni so I have a lot to do
I have only reset on diddy and OHP, and I'm working myself up again. I usually deload by 10% and incrementally work my way up again
Supersets? You mean like 3x5+ and such? Dunno if you're familiar with greyskull but the first two sets are 5 reps, then the last set is AMRAP.
I increase by 1kg on OHP and bench after each workout, and 2kg on deadlift and squat
Think my main problem is not eating enough, even though I've gained like 3 kilos
Here's a bunch of old school programs written by John McCallum. He wrote for muscle mags back in the 60s. They were compiled into a fun read called "The Complete Keys to Progress". His programs were standard for the time, start simple and add complexity over time.

2 notes:
1. You may not be able to press behind the neck. Sub out DB presses and then BB presses.

2. In the squat/pullover supersets the pullovers are meant to be on the lighter side. The belief was you could expand your ribcage. Light pullovers (~30lbs) after a rough set of squats actually feels pretty good though.
Yeah, I'm really familiar with GSLP, that's why I asked you about off days. You're supposed to do a few low rep sets of push ups, pull ups, and whatnot a few times a day to layer volume. By supersets I meant the: 3x6-10 Incline DB Press / Lateral Raises type sets. I assumed these were supersets.
Oh, no I havent done push ups and pullups on restdays
What would you recommend? Maybe I should read the greyskull book
I only increase the reps on 3x6-10, for example: 3x6 20kg one workout, 3x7 20kg next workout, 3x8 20kg etc, then I increase the weight
File: 0e9.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
>day 1
Bench 10x10

>day 2
Chin-ups 10x10

>day 3
Squat 10x10

>day 4
OHP 10x10

>day 5
Deadlift 10x10
Read this a few times before buying the book. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/health-fitness/the-greyskull-methods--a-primer/70504728/
Johnny Pain really should've used an editor when he released the 3rd edition of GSLP.

I like the GSLP with arms variant to start with. I had a friend who did this for a long time and he did well on it. He started incredibly light (He hit 40 reps on his squat AMRAP day 1, that's how light) and incremented slow.

Have you been beating your rep maxes when you deloaded?
>Have you been beating your rep maxes when you deloaded?
Generally yeah, but OHP has been a bitch to increase on. Alas I've been slacking with it, so I can't really say I've tried my hardest
Thanks for the link, gonna read it
File: neo.jpg (141 KB, 1600x1168)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
My routine. Six days a week. I'm starting to think I need a better one, although I am seeing progress 2+ months in.
Wide grip pull downs 3x8
Seated rows 3x8
Chin ups 3x8
Dumbell curls 3x8
Reverse flyes 3x8
Face pulls 3x8
Hammer curls 3x8

Bench 3x8
OHP 3x8
Skullcrushers 3x8
Lat raises 3x8
Tricep pulldowns 3x8
Chest flyes 3x8
Front raises 3x8

Legs (my worst day because I'm shit at squat and too much of a pussy yet to get good form on deadlift):
Squat 3x8
Seated leg press 3x8
Hamstring curls 3x8
Calf extensions 3x8
Sometimes I throw in one or two core workouts

Any more shoulder exercises I should be throwing in? I'm blessed with height, but God made my frame narrow
What I never understood about greyskull is why have a 2-1 frequency on Squat - Deadlift? For beginners especially it's important to have their Deadlift at least a bit higher than their Squat..

Doing them in this fashion you will only be able to get a normal deadlift - squat weight ratio once you have deloaded the squat a few times
did you read thursday and friday or did you just stop at wednesday you ape? you baboon, you drooling monkey the website itself says something along the lines of "this routine is for those that like a brosplit and dont mind not hitting muscle parts twice a week". ctrl +f it yourself. bah imma take a nap now, i dare you to reply.
6 days a week.
>Monday (hypertrophy)
Chest x1
Shoulders x2
triceps x2
Biceps x1
>Tuesday (hypertrophy)
Lats x2
Face pulls
Biceps x1-2
Forearms x1-2
Triceps x1
>Wednesday (hypertrophy)
Leg press
Hamstring curl
Leg extension (light)
Hip abduction/adduction

Then Thursday through Saturday same thing but for strength and lower back extension of Friday Biceps/triceps x1 on Saturday as well as neck curls.
German Volume Training bro?

Now that's a rare and spicy meatball
File: GSLPARMS.png (210 KB, 919x149)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Think of GSLP as a system with layers: lifting, frequency method "homework", daily walks, weekly HIIT.

1. Lifting
>>63908848 I see what you're doing here but I think it's too much to start with and probably to time consuming. Try picrel for 3 resets.
>>But anon I'm going to be imbalanced

Try resetting each lift by 10% now and really beat the shit out of those AMRAPs without all the extra movements and watch your strength progress faster than it would if you stuck to your original routine. You can go back to the routine you thought up, but try picrel for awhile.

>>Anon I'm having a hard time with the weighted pull ups.
Ok, if you fail to get the reps on pullups. Take a short break and try to hit half the reps you did on your previous set. Then move on.

And for fuck's sake put the squats and deadlifts at the end like youre s'posed to.

2. Homework
On your off days do some pushups, pullups, reverse lunges, and a some situps. This is to add a little bit of extra weekly volume so don't kill yourself on this. If you feel like you've affected your lifting then you've done too much.

3. Daily walks
Self explanatory, go take a walk or two everyday.

4. Weekly HIIT
One 10 minute HIIT session per week on a non lifting day. I like doing two tabatas using a jump rope with a two minute rest between tabatas.
File: 54353453.jpg (7 KB, 254x198)
7 KB
Aargh you spoiled it! Usually there are several dyels who seethe when they see that while having no idea what GVT is but for some reason see it as too simple to be good. It's hilarious reading those replies
How often are you increasing the weights, anon?
>>63909669 con't
1. Reset weights by 10% on all lifts now (or better yet find a weight where you can hit 12 reps, then take 10% off that weight to start with).
2. Do GSLP with arms in the gym. BLAST THE EVERLIVING FUCK OUT OF THE AMRAPS WHILE KEEPING GOOD FORM (i.e. technical failure).
3. On off days do 10 pushups, 10 situps, 5 pullups, 5 reverse lunges when you wake up and some time later in the day (so twice a day, increase to 3 times a day after the first month).
4.Take walks, youre a uni student so I assume you have this covered already.
5. Once a week do some form of HIIT for 10 minutes max. Burpees work well, KB swings work well. Hell, 15 second sprints/45 seconds easy on a stationary bike will do the trick.
Thanks a lot for this anon, I appreciate it
I'm going to try it and see how it works
Oh yeah, and EAT. If you feel like you're getting fat then eat a little less. If you drink stop now for at least the time you're on this program.
Looks retarded and you won't be able to recover properly from it. Just run UL 4x.
It can be too much volume for some. For others they make good gains. Look into his 2.0 and also his video considering what changes he would make to it.
Please be my wife please please please
Curious about GVT, are there accessories after these or just lift and go home?
Oh you ignorant slut. What is a synergist? Dumbfucks like you think you have to do the exact same movement twice a week or it doesn't meet your frequency standards. Is there a delicate interplay between frequency, volume, and intensity? Yes, yes there is. Does that mean these variables can be manipulated? Yes, yes you can.

Let's look at Monday and Wednesday. Do the quads get hit twice? Yes, yes they do. The quads are synergists in the deadlift (Monday) meaning they assist the target muscles in accomplishing the movement. If the quads don't contract then the knee doesn't extend then bar doesn't move.

Let's look at Tuesday and Thursday you gnome. Do the pecs get worked twice? Yes, yes they do. The pecs are synergist to the overhead press and are therefore worked.

Let's look at Friday to complete the kinesiology lesson.
Are the biceps worked twice a week? Yes, yes they are. The are synergists to rowing movements and they are the primary movers for bicep movements on Friday. Are the triceps worked twice a week. Yes, yes they are due to their involvement in pressing movements you fucking mook.
Long term goal is obstacle races and looking good in a t-shirt, not powerlifting
Every workout is preceded by 30' running as fast as possible. At 4km atm, goal is 5.5km.
3x5 front squat (start by cleaning)
4x10 bench superset with 4x10 fat grip pullups
Pushups amrap
Hanging leg raises amrap
Curls amrap
Clean and push press ramping singles
1x5 Deadlift
4x10 ohp superset with 4x10 fat grip chinups
Hanging leg raises amrap
Curls amrap
3x5 front squat (start by cleaning)
4x3 bench superset with 4x10 fat grip pullups
4x10 dips superset with 4 amrap curls
Hanging leg raises amrap
File: 1629394898613.jpg (638 KB, 2136x1200)
638 KB
638 KB JPG
My routine doesn't involve lifts but it's 4-5 days per week

Generally it involves

>day 1
90 punches x 2 holding 2g dumb bells
2 minute hard plank
11 minute shadow boxing
30 minutes of running 5km on treadmill

>Day 2
90 punches x 2 holding 2g dumb bells
2 minute hard plank
11 Minute Shadow Boxing
10 Minute HIIT work out
3 Minute heavy bag

>Day 3
See Day 1

>Day 4
See Day 2

>Day 5
>see Day 1

Anything I could add or change?
>ohp 10x10
i would cry on that day
>Anything I could add or change?
How would we know anon, you haven't stated your goals
Good point. My goal was generic: Fix my shitty lung breathing capacity and overall fitness.

I'm still borderline Auschwitz tier in terms of skinniness and such but I just wanted to be capable of decent breathing, throwing a decent punch and also in general improve my skill at boxing, from a hobby view of course, far too old and light to be competing.
If you can, run this routine but twice a week, maybe skip the second leg day, or don't. there you have a basic 6 x week ppl
i have barbell and some plates but no bench/rack yet, does this seem too little? PPL

BB overhead

bb bentover row
bb curl
single-arm curl with plate
day 3
front squat/lunges
bb shrugs
where is your onlyfans equipment?
Dangerously based
File: Retard Chamber.jpg (84 KB, 768x1024)
84 KB
Ain't nothing wrong with that. There was a famous PL'er Don Blue that was famous for his 10x10 training.
>Every workout is preceded by 30' running as fast as possible. At 4km atm, goal is 5.5km.
That might be killing your gains son
Get a boxing coach as soon as you can afford one. Godspeed anon
Anon, goal is obstacle races. That is, running, crossing rivers, climbing walls and ropes. Those meager squats are there only for balance, not for leg gains. Leg gains is the tertiary goal
File: 1612738036635.png (308 KB, 650x600)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
>open /fit/
>click every coomer thread
>expand OP image
>dont read any comments just close the thread
>close tab, never go to the gym
I do a PPL but add some pulling on final leg day. I can't go to gym 6 days a week... too much yard and house work and I want to relax with my family on Sundays.

Push 1:
OHP 1x5 PR
Bench 5x5, final set go for rep PR (no more than 14)
DB OHP 4x12,10,8,6
A1) Lateral raise 4x10-12
A2) Pushups 4x10
Tricep work 4x reps depend on exercise, like 10-15 tho

Legs 1:
Squat 5x5, pr rep last set
Cleans 5x3
A1) leg extension 4x10
A2) leg curl 4x10
Back extension 5x10
Ab work one heavy 3x10 and one rep focuses 3x30

Chins 5x5
Chest supported row 4x12,10,8,6
Lat pull down 4x12,10,8,6
Low row 4x12,10,8,6
Curl bar curl 4x12
DB curl 4x12ish

Push 2:
Bench 1x5 PR
OHP 5x5, rep PR final set
DB incline 4x12,10,8,6
The rest is same as Push day 1

Legs and pull:
Box squats 8x2
Speed band DL 6x1
A1) box jumps 5x3
A2) bent row 5x5, rep pr last set
Chins or lat pull downs 5 sets

The AMRAP sets are something I enjoy and always give me a workout goal over just going for a 1x5 PR. The 4x12,10,8,6 scheme keeps it interesting for me
Oh god, who is this?
Thank you kind anon.
How retard am I following this 3x week? Monday is 2x4-8, Tuesday is 2x8-12 and Friday is 2x12-16.

Leg curl
Calf raise
Incline bench
Assisted dips
BB Row
Triceps extension
Rate my PPL

Bench 3x5
Ohp 3x8-12
Cable flies 12-20
DB incline bench 8-12
Lateral raises 4x12-20
Tricep push down 3x8-12
Tricep cable extension 3x8-12
Dips x Failure

Just swap Bench and OHP

Deadlift 1 x 5
Weighted Chin-up 3x5
Pendlay Row 3x8-12
Pull down 3x8-12
Face pulls 3x15-20
Barbell Curl 3x8-12
Hammer Curl 3x8-12

Omit Deadlift
swap Pendlay and Chin
Swap pull downs for cable rows

Squat 3x5
Hip Thrust 3x6-8
RDL 3x8-12
Leg extension 3x10-15
Hamstring Curl 3x10-15
Smith calf raise 3x10-15
Hanging Leg Raises 3xF
I've always thought DL should be on leg day. At least for me it wrecks my hammies as well as my spinal erectors but nothing else on pull day does. If you can handle that volume I think it all looks good.
squat more
Based conorposter
day 1
deadlift 1x5
pull ups
t bar row
incline bench
lat raises
rear delt fly
some kind of bicep curl
some kind of tricep extension

day 2 the same as day 1 but replace deadlift with squat and add romanian deadlift

i run it 1x2x2xx
File: 1632738331255.jpg (596 KB, 1908x1593)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
I'll do a full body routine Monday to Friday in my home gym and rest on the weekends.

3 sets of 5

Bench Press
DB Rows
Pull Up/Chin Up - Alternate days
Tricep pull down

I have a homegym.
Rate my routine /fit/. What am I missing?

I'm Australian btw not sure if that matters.
That's Op
5x U/L split I'm currently running on my cut (in home gym so limited on exercise selection)

Incline bench 3x8-12
Band Fly 3x10-15
Bench 3x5-10
Barbell Row 3x10-15
Lateral Raises 3x10-20
Banded Standing Crunch

Deadlift 3x5-10
RDL 2x5-10
SSB Platz Squat 2x10-15
Calf shit

Weighted (in theory) Chin Up 3x5-10
Band Pulldown 3x10-15
Flexion Row 3x10-15
Larsen Press 3x10-15
Reverse Fly 3x10-15
Ab wheel

Squat 3x5-10
Platz Squat 2x8-12
Good Mornings 2x10-15
Calf shit

>Saturday (this one's a little weird)
Barbell Curls 3x10-15
Band Pushdowns 3x15-20
OHP 3x5-10
Barbell Shrugs 3x10-15
Band Pullover 3x15-20
Incline Bench 3x12-16
File: 1604637004255.jpg (320 KB, 1066x812)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I need a review!

4x2 FSquat - 4x2 Squat- 4x4 Incline bench- 4x4 Rows - 4xF Hanging leg raises

4x2 Snatch DL - 4x2 DL - 4x4 OHP - 4x4 Weighted pullups - 4xF Leg raises on paralel bars

14 Clean&j / 20 Snatches - 3x6 Complex for the S/C&J not done that day - 4xF Pullups - 4xF Dips - 4x10 Lu raises

4x10 Cable lat raises- 4x10 Cable curls -4x10 Triceps extension- 2xF Forearm work -4x10 Crunches

Normally I do : A/B -Accessory-Rest-O-Rest

Please explain if I'm retarded
Do you complete in oly lifting?
Nah, competed in Judo, find normal hypertrophy boring and dont want to raise my weight
very based ngl
Pretty retarded
yes it is just strong lifts with some added accessories.
Here's a few tips for you:
-Add leg curls & leg ext to day 3
-Swap some ez bar curls for hammer curls.
-Organize your days by what muscle group you want to target
-Add cardio and do abs every day
Hope that helps
Nigger why are you doing 80 different exercises when you could do 10 and get the same results.
File: 20211013_154723.jpg (1.59 MB, 3264x1836)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
6 day PPL, and 8 hours a day at UPS doing slave labor all week

Push day
>heavy 5x5 bench + AMRAP
>heavy 5x5 OHP +AMRAP
>thats it, lmao
>heavy DL 5x5
>heavy BB row 5x5
Pull superset, 14 rep, 5 superset, no rest until set is done, mid to 70% 1RM
>lateral DB raises 14x5
>alternating front DB raises 14x5
>cheat bar curl, standing 14x5
>cheat bar row, 14x5
>amrap set 5 for all

>75% Bench, 14x5 +amrap
>75% OHP, 14x5 +amrap
>mid to 75% 1RM squat 14x5 +amrap because i don't own a rack at home and i'm not going to clean 200+lbs behind my head alone with no spot
Superset legs (non mechanical bench attachment for legs)
>seated leg raise 75% 14x5
>prone leg curls 75% 14x5
>barbell calf raises 75% 14x5
>barbell calf raises but with toes pointed out 14x5
"Leg" day Abs
>pretty much planks and flutter kicks to failure til i'm out of time, who cares, theyre literally made in the kitchen

Rest day (day 4)
>rest day
>maybe some abs or pushups

Repeat til you look like me
>Day 1 Chest & Back
Pull ups 4x10
165lb Incline Barbell Press 12|10|8|8
175lb T bar Rows 12|10|8|8
65lb Flat Dumbbell Press 12|10|8|8
140lb Landmine press 4x10
40lb Pull overs 4x10
65lb Single arm bent-over dumbbell rows 12|10|8|8
Chest dips 4x12
6:30 pace 1.5 mile run
60 sit ups

>Day 2 Legs
175lb Squats 20|12|10|8|4
165lb Romanian Deadlifts 12|10|8|8
70lb Lunges 4x20
285lb Leg press machine 12|10|8|8
160lb Leg curls 3x12
160lb Triple leg extensions
240lb seated calf raises 20|15|12|10|8
8:30 pace 3 mile run
20lb Russian twists 3x10x6

>Day 3 Shoulders & Traps
110lb OHP 15|12|10|8|6
25lb Dumbbell Lat raises 12|10|8|8
155lb Barbell Upright Rows 12|10|8|8
25lb Dumbbell reverse fly 4x10
155lb Barbell Reverse Rows 4x10
30lb Dumbbell front raises 4x10
65lb Dumbbell shrugs 15|12|10|8|8
6:30 pace 1.5 mile run
leg lifts 4x20

>Day 4 Back & Biceps
215lb Leadlift 12|10|8|6|4
160lb Cable rows 12|10|8|8
135lb Straight arm pull downs 4x10
160lb underhand pull downs 4x10
60lb Barbell curls 4x12
35lb Dumbbell hammer curls 3x10
25lb Conc. curls 4x10
8:30 pace 2 mile run
60 sit ups

>Day 5 Chest & Triceps
40lb Incline dumbbell flys w/ close press 4x10
165lb Flat barbell press 12|10|8|8
60lb Decline Dumbbell press 12|10|8|8
45lb Underhand cable flys 4x12
60lb Ez bar skull crushers 12|10|8|8
120lb Rope triceps extensions 3x10
Triceps Dips 4x12
8:30 pace 3 mile run
20lb Russian twists 3x10x6

>Day 6 Legs
330lb leg press 20|12|10|86
30lb weighted step ups 4x10
55lb Dumbbell Romanian deadlifts 4x10
70lb single leg extensions 3x12
160lb Leg curls 3x12
260lb Standing calf raises 15|12|10|8|6
8:30 pace 2 mile run
60 sit ups
you need to incorporate more exercises if you want to make it on 3 days a weeks
6sets dips and pullups
6sets standing dumbbell press
200 burpees
Care to explain why and how to improve it?
>Low intra-session volume
Do more sets
>Lack of any hip hinge
DL, RDL, SLDL, Good Mornings etc would be highly recommended for hamstring/glute development, hamstring curls aren't gonna cut it.
>Calf raises as 3rd exercise
I get you're trying to do legs first but you should do you most fatiguing shit first when you're fresh
>Same volume on every exercise
Just generally not optimal, some exercises (read as isolation movements) lend themselves better to higher rep ranges because they don't cause a lot of CNS/cardiovascular fatigue. The reason you don't really see a lot of people doing sets of 20 on deadlifts is because even if you were doing relatively light weight that shit is extremely taxing due to the amount of musculature involved and the load. On the other hand unless you're trying to become a strict curl champion then doing sets of 4 on curls is kind of just ridiculous and can lead to some tendon snappening.

Like it's not the WORST thing I've ever seen but you might as well just pick a tested beginner program (this does not mean you have to do SS) and do it instead of making up this weird shit.
Apreciate your coment. I was doing that Allpro routine, so this is kinda like that with some DUP(?) and autoregulation for bulking. There not much 3x week routines that don't fall into that heavy 3x5 category.

>Low intra-session volume
There is 4 sets for push, pull, legs + arms. Weekly volume is higher then other beginner routines.
>Lack of any hip hinge
I feel like hip hinge + bent over rows taxes my lower back too much.
Maybe RDL and a cable row would look better?
>Calf raises as 3rd exercise
This is a thing I did that I really liked lol. Kinda like a break so I can get back into focus for upper body.
>Same volume on every exercise
I fucked up on the arms thing but I actually just do a high rep set to failure.
Besides that, heavy calves are fine, right?
That's not DUP.

>Weekly volume is higher then other beginner routines.
I'm talking about volume per exercise. As a beginner you should be practicing technique on these movements, especially things like squats, so more practice within a session is better.
>I feel like hip hinge + bent over rows taxes my lower back too much.
That's why I wouldn't do them both in the same session 3x per week, so you can manage your fatigue better to allow your CNS & muscles recover.
>Kinda like a break so I can get back into focus for upper body.
Fair enough
>Besides that, heavy calves are fine, right?
Sure but you're still running into the issue of doing very high rep sets on extremely taxing movements like squats. Once you actually get a decent amount of weight on the bar sets of 16 on squats will rape you.

What's your goal(s)?
Why'd you switch from allpro's? What are your goals?
I did some SS then fell into cutting while being a skinnyfat and just ended up worse. I really liked allpro with higher rep range and fullbody, but now I'm trying to bulk again and its progression was just too slow,
My goals are getting bigger overall and not neglect my arms and calves lol.
Check out the GSLP writeup earlier in this thread.
File: greyskull.png (19 KB, 700x600)
19 KB
If you're just after hypertrophy just do a bodybuilding program. Anything by renaissance periodization or baby groot by John Meadows would be good, you can go on the 7chan /fit/ and get it off their main thread. If you want to focus on strength then pic related is what I did and it worked well, you can just add in calves at the end. Only other change I'd recommend is probably ditch the AMRAPs and doe DL for 3x3 instead of 1x5
Thank you /fit/bros.
I'm really only into hypetrophy but much prefer lifting 3x week so I can spend more time swimming on off days. I think I'll fuck around some more and then follow your advices for GSLP.
Also, is standard allpro still a good option for the long run?
At a glance it seems alright but not great 2bh. If you like the 3x per week I would recommend you at least give Baby Groot a look, it's a 3x/week full body and geared towards hypertrophy.
appreciate it, will try to add more
Incline Bench
Dumbell Flyes
Tricep Barbell Curl
Rope Tricep Pulldowns

Overhead Press
Lat Pulldowns
Overhead Tricep Curl
Pull-ups or Dips (Alternate each week)
Seated Cable Row

(Tues)Calf Raise
(Thurs)Front Loaded Squat
(Thurs)Seated Dumbell Calf Raise
Leg Extensions
Hamstring Curl

Dumbells Only
Lateral Raises
Front Raises
Lawnmower Row

I've been doing this routine for about 3 months, I know it's probably not the best but I'm getting gains. Any suggestions or am I good to continue this? Bulking btw
Forget to mention on upper body days I do ab wheel, leg raises, and side bends in between sets
Remove the DL entirely and just replace with clean pulls, tempo on the eccentric portion. You need periodization. Oly is a sport. I assume you're starting off, so you can do 60-70% CnJ and Snatches practically every other day. It takes a little bit to get used to the fatigue so I suggest loading slowly on your squats, which btw, I suggest spreading out a little more. You need hypertrophy and some volume esp for squat and your pulls to build a stronger base, but perhaps you aren't doing them that much because you are injured. This volume definitely needs to be higher if you intend on getting close to your maxes on oly because you need the CNS stress consistently pressuring you or you'll lose your edge.
what if it's PPLPPL so 6 day weeks? still need more variety?
>much prefer lifting 3x week so I can spend more time swimming on off days.
Hey anon, I'm the guy that posted the GSLP writeups yesterday. Swimming would fit perfectly with it. I can help you set it up because it goes a little beyond what you'll see screenhots of the program like>>63920095.

However >>63920095 is right in that Meadows' Baby Groot program is based.

Allpro's is solid, it's just slow. The idea is that you run it for a long time and it's for people with aesthetics in mind that can delay instant gratification and grind for the long haul.

Honestly you could run GSLP for most of this year (bulking and cutting, it's very versitile), some Allpros' cycles and then into some Baby Groot.

As far as running GSLP how it's supposed to be ran read this a few times
File: cat scream.jpg (32 KB, 720x645)
32 KB
My routine:
>30 mins of Ring Fit
>3x25 kettlebell swings 12kgs
>2x10 knee pushups
>Yellow elastic band exercises for back (posture)
>1 to 2 times a week: BJJ class

I'm very overweight and fasting 96h currently, pls no bully.
Are you my gf?
Thank you very much for the advise, much appreciated.

Guess I'll remove the normal Dl and follow the rest of the advise, I keep the Snatch DL simply because as you guessed due to old injuries I tend to start like Toshiki, vertical, hips at the bottom, but without his proportions.
So now I'm trying to correct that position.

Thank you again!
>>63920569 #
Also, another question, Ive seen some powerlifting trainers advising sledge work to add non specific volume.

Any opinion on it?
File: cat oh no.jpg (54 KB, 638x588)
54 KB
I hope not, I'm a man (male).
Back Squat 5x5
OHP 5x5
Pull Ups 5x5
Box Jump 5x5
Clap Push Up 5x5

Power Snatch -> Hang Snatch 8x1
Bench Press 5x5
Lat Pull Down 3x10
Kettlebell Snatch 5x5
Crunches 3x25

Front Squat 5x5
Sots Press 6x3
Barbell Rows 3x6
Dips 5x5
Ab Roller 3x10

Deadlift (Clean pull) 5x5
Incline Press 3x6
Pull Ups 5x5
Box Jump 5x5
Clap Push Up 5x5

This is my GPP rest cycle routine. No belted work, focus on speed and stability. I ran into huge barriers on Bench and Back Squat related directly to how shitty my explosiveness and stability are.
It's a fun mix of core work and can get your heart rate up a bit.
>File deleted
What the fuck is up with jannies lately
File: IMG_9036.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1223)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG

back squat x4
trap bar deadlift x4
bulgarian split squat x3

db bench press x3
overhead press + pulldown x3
inverted row + hammer press x3
barbell curls + overhead pushdown
+ lat side raises x3

deadlift x4
squat x4
floor press x3
supported row x3
hammer curls x3

overhead press x4
lat pulldown x3
db incline press x3
supported row + hammer press x3
reverse curls x3
french press + side raises x3

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