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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: wojak.png (70 KB, 598x566)
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>found /fit/ in 2014
>watched zyzz videos and got motivated
>started lifting, eating big, putting my head down and getting to work
>started to actually care about my life and put effort into it
>improved my style, improved my social skills, started putting myself out there
>got a degree and now a well paying job that satisfies me
>started going to parties and events, started getting more popular
>went traveling, read books, got out of my comfort zone, climbed a few mountains in my region
>lifting became less interesting, started MMA where I found lots of good friends, now lift only on the side
>good physique, eat well, feel healthy
>barely visit 4chan anymore, only when I have some down time a few times a month
>got into spirituality and clean living, trying to be in touch with my emotions, being kind and helpful to others
>tried a few psychedelics, had cool experiences
>made meaningful connections with people, both friends and romantic partners
>still not fulfilled
>still have no sense of purpose
>still not happy
The left can't meme.
It starts with the mind.
What flavor of Ben and Jerry's is he eating bros?
It looks like Cherry Garcia to me
You forgot your roots
Life has no purpose. We just are. Meaning is what you make of it.
And you can't ever get laid,seethe and cope fucking retard
You still haven't tried having kids
Not a single soul fucking cares about your blog post
File: Hitler thinking color.jpg (108 KB, 430x600)
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108 KB JPG
what do you expect when your getting motivated by devoid faggots like Zyzz instead of real Alphas.

My sense of purpose is to make myself a useful as possible for the inevitable race war, be as strong physically spiritually and mentally as possible, build up a family/social cohesion of nonfaggots, acquire wealth, spend my wealth in ways that benefit my people, and to honor the Hellenic Gods that predate the Abramhaic Judeo-Christian insanity that has poisioned and weakened our society.

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