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File: durianrider.jpg (75 KB, 408x402)
75 KB
Why does he make ketolards seethe so bad? What is it about him that does this
oh my bad, forgot the meat industry shills dont come on until Americans wake up
It's funny that low fat dieters always have good bodyfat percentages but then the ketolard cultists are like "Americans need to drink more bacon grease to stop heart disease!" What a cult.
File: 41254543.png (454 KB, 926x852)
454 KB
454 KB PNG
I pity them tbqh
He has chicken legs which makes me not care automatically
Man that's the ideal diet.
>fake teeth
sugar addict
not vegan
>cooks potatoes
not a raw chad
He will be executed along with all other phonies when the raw vegan chads merge with the breatharian brotherhood and destroy all non essential carbon based lifeforms in the tolerance dictatum.
he's based
File: 1587065330273.png (507 KB, 640x640)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
>low effort shill / troll thread
sorry but durianrider openly admits to using roids and on top of that is a sociopath soo.. remember there are people being paid to shit up forums and boards with the vegan stuff. brb eating another chicken leg
File: ScoobysWife.jpg (125 KB, 1062x1378)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
conclusion: veganism makes you dyel
File: 94912.png (287 KB, 600x487)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Good morning mutts
seethe harder cultist
and eat like a human being
>eat like a human being
imagine saying this when your diet consists of lard and bacon
File: 123pie.gif (514 KB, 607x609)
514 KB
514 KB GIF

bla bla bla keep replying the same stuff shill we all know what your job here is
Keto shills are literally pharma/meat&dairy chatbots trying to get you to ruin your health to increase industry profit. Pharma wants you sick so they can sell you pills, statins, and perform bypass surgery. Meat&dairy industry is threatened by plant-based eaters, so they send shills here to mock and deride anyone who testifies to the contrary.

None of the studies posted were debunked, and none of them were even replied to, the shills would refuse to touch them. Don't be fooled by slander and ridicule anons. Look at the evidence.
Anon that's based.
>believing what random some fuckwit on the internet says about his 100 banana a day diet.

for all you know this cunt eats lobster everyday
keep shilling brainlet
ketolards fear durian because he's actually skinny and lean and eats sugar by the spoon.
How the fuck he has that physique while vegan and eating a fuck ton of sugar everyday?
Explain this /fit/
4chan x user here

There aren't any keto or vegans here. Its literally just one samefag creating fake discussions for entertainment. It's incredibly sad
or youre just a zero effort retard shill
Cry more ketolard. You've been stuck in /fat/ for over a year and you're only recently down to 240lb, pathetic.
Not surprised. Ketolard in /fat/ literally spams random shit to derail the thread daily.
vegan taste bad so they just eat to barely not starve
He has an ED, its just really sad.
Imagine biking for 10 hours a day. You could eat anything you wanted also. It has nothing to do with the macros.
File: file.png (14 KB, 270x210)
14 KB
Why lie?
ketolards on suicide watch
>k-k-ketolards on suicide watch

keep posting
>if I keep acting like a retard, it wont bother me
Maximum cope
File: 1617209982549.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
you mean what you are doing? yeah keep posting, youre doing a great service by showing everybody how retarded vegans are

watch him reply to this
File: durianroider.png (11 KB, 638x93)
11 KB
anavar primo and test for this?!
>if I keep posting bullshit insults and get the last reply, I win

Your brain on incel

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