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guys, i asked this girl out at the gym the other day and we're training together next week. what do i need to do in order to make sure it goes well and i can end up dating her? my friend said just to be myself but i think thats a bad idea... pic related
why lie?
Yeah youre kinda fucking dumb op and youre shit at larping here
buy fake weights and pre-place them. near the squat rack, then just impress her with a a huge 100lbs PR
Just give her a firm handshake
you will never be a woman
File: 5r9q7mygt1941.jpg (124 KB, 750x926)
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im being serious guys, obviously the pic isnt the girl but i need some serious advice
you alread failed by asking the question here hahhahah
Post body and lifts
Pic is clearly not related.

But advice

>dont talk about your life too much. Dont pry too deep into hers, but try to keep the conversation about her interested. Humans are stupid and think people who are interested in them are interesting themselves.
>of she taunts you, agree and amplify.
>dont do powerlifting stuff, make the workout accessible or shell think youre a weird autist powerlifter.
>dont be a tryhard in the gym. Make it seem natural to you like you were born with that physique.
If you can make her laugh you’re already winninng, don’t be goofy but be fun don’t take yourself too serious. Also let her talk about herself and carry the convo through her interests. Through her interests find a way that can get you to hangout outside aside from the gym. Good luck lad
File: penislover.jpg (170 KB, 828x1283)
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haha ill keep u updated anon ;)

That is good advice, and no im not a fat fucking powerlifter ive been doing bodybuilding for a substantial amount of time. Also the agree and amplify thing is smart

I made her laugh alot when i saw her at the gym before i asked her so hopefully im good

posted. also lifts are irrelevant
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this was me like 4 months ago too
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