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Help anons.
I can't do nofap or even noporn without my OCD flaring up absolutely insanely.
The only problem is not the discomfort the thoughts bring but sleep. This absolutely ruins my sleep and I lay there and the moment I relax a thought comes and ruins it.
I usually end up crying in bed from the feeling and get super emotional, ruminating on other past traumas and just become completely non functioning.
These feelings used to only pop up in my sleep but now they follow me around any time I am at home. When I am with friends they go away.
It also does not help that I flatline very hard during this period and my manhood feels even weaker, this is truly one of the hardest things I have dealt with to this day.

Has anyone gone through anything like this? What worked for you? How did you manage to go with your sleep being ruined. Do you think a job or heavy labor would help someone like me pass out and not have to lay with my thoughts? Any ideas are welcome.
Tape up your junk. Not memeing, it works for me. Wrap up the meat and potatoes together with some electrical tape (easy on the skin yet holds firm) and those thoughts will be silenced to a great degree.
It works for me, anyway.
how do you deal with the thoughts that come with abstaining?
do you lose sleep from it?
my dick is already super flaccid and numb unless I give into the coom so I dont see how this could help.
I will not be imagining random Joes walking down the street with their penis taped to their balls
The tape is how I deal with them. Even if I masturbate, my mind is sex sex sex all day and I can't concentrate. Nofap + the tape (I've graduated to a more custom device, but the tape is good for beginning) quiets them and allows me to focus

It will be very very interesting to see if I still need it when I have a wife or not. Until then it's what works for me
that's really bizarre anon but if that works for you then that must be a blessing. best of luck. I hope I find my own version of dick tape and heal.

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