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Any good home exercise, sports alternative to the gym? I hate going to the gym because its boring
If the gym is boring you are doing something wrong.
home gym. ideally squat rack, bench, barbell and plates. but theres alot you can do with a pair of (heavy) adjustable dumbbells and a pull up bar
Cycling for legs, rowing (in a real kayak/canoe) for some upper body, and high intensity calisthenics
I like the gym but those are all really fun
If you don't want to spend a lot of money you can start with bands and a pull-up bar. Keep in mind that you need to become fairly knowledgeable in movements and should drop strict reps targets (still trying to do resistances fitting of rep goals) and instead work until close to failure
I also recommend buying a bench and adjustable dumbbells, maybe a smaller bar too since it opens so many opportunities and occupies relative low space
Later buying a proper rack and olympic bar is nice of course
For cardio if you want to stay inside you can do literally anything. Stand in place and march with low-knee elevation at a good pace for 20 minutes while listening to music/podcast should get your heart race nice and plump and a good sweat if you're not half-assing it
I'm not op but I recently got adjustable dumbbells. Only 18 kg worth of discs so far. What routine can I do with that?
>DB bench
>pull up
>DB curl
>lateral raise

>DB ohp
>DB row
>DB curl
>lateral raises


sets and reps are going to depend on the weight you have tho. like ideally Id say
>DB bench 5x6-10
but if you can rep out the weight you have for 20+ then you need to do 20+. Id say 4-6 sets is good for every movement

for legs try things like step ups, lunges, goblet squats etc, but in general leg training will suck with low weight
Yesterday I did db bench with full weight(18kgs) and did 12 reps for 4 sets easily.
So I should do over 20 reps? How do I progress?
progress by adding reps. try and buy more weight asap tho
Will do. they crazy expensive rn
Ty bro

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