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Did your hair grow back after you quit smoking cigarettes? Did your skin glow again? Wrinkles go away?

No it didnt

Just made me more angry about elves
All that stuff would be great anon but the best thing is I can ACTUALLY FUCKING BREATHE.
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>smoked my first cigarette
>it tasted like crap
>figured maybe it was a fluke, tried another
>still tasted like crap
>tried another with friends in smokers area
>it tasted like crap again
>tried my fourth and final cigarette at a party and it also tasted like crap
How the fuck do you niggers even smoke enough of those things for it to cause wrinkles and stained teeth? I havent had one in years and dont miss them at all, they're disgusting as fuck and I could never get into smoking
Yes. 100% op especially if you are in your 20s.
Fuck you, I hadn’t thought about them all day.
Fucking nigger elves. Every day I remember they exist is ruined.

for awhile I caught the spliff vibe but never a cig. I've had the vape vibe too but you can get me addicted to smoking dirt poison apparently.
Dont know about hair nothing changed.
Yes my skin looked better maybe 3 weeks in.
Yea wrinkles kinda went away since skin got better.

Started smoking 1 or 2 at 16 smoking when i was drinking on the weekends. Did that for a few weeks. Next was having one when i was walking to my mates house to drink and smoke 2 or 3 more. rinse and repeat until im addicted, took like 6 months of doing that until i was. Wasnt a overnight thing.

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