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Going out and talking to women asking for numbers and shit. What's your experience fit? Based? Cringe? Do they notice your strength and comment? What's the best program for the ladies? Mods plz don't ban me I tried to make it fit I just wanted some input from the chads
I haven't spoken to a woman in three months.
just flex a 'cep and say something natural like a.) oh yeah is that a lot? how much do you lift?
>"Hey, this is mad random, but I think you're really attractive. Can I buy you coffee sometime?"

Just go for it until you can manage to not be nervous. When you stop being nervous, try conversations.
Keep in mind the following is coming from a guy who is fairly direct and looking for FWBs, fuckbuddies and ONS, not girlfriends or a wife.

Before 2020 it was easy, just a numbers game really, with improvements after each approach. On a normal year I was able to meet about 50 women, from the gym and college alone (meaning without putting in ANY effort at all or leaving the hous beyond what I needed) and I got between 5% to 30% of them varying from month to month.

This year I have probably talked to about 10 women in person. Only 3 of them did I consider attractive. One rejected me, the other one wanted to be my girlfriend and the final one I will meet again this upcoming saturday, and I feel she will be down to just fuck.

Next year things will go back to normal and it will get way easier. My tips are as follow:
>A good body = some muscle + low bodyfat %
>Don't ask for numbers, ask women out and if they say yes then you exchange mumbers
>The more you talk the more likely you will fuck it up and lose her interest, so be direct and don't be a comedian
>Make eye contact, wear cologne and stand straight
>Be open to fuck any girl between the ages of 18 and 50, from hotness of 5/10 to 10/10.
>Just like you bite the bullet and fuck less sexy chicks, grow balls and approach the hot ones.

Hope it helps, besides looks and personality maxing, it success really is a combo of opportunity + action.
We should be allowed a ///DatingGeneralThread/// to get the /fit/ advice on fucking women. Because /b/ is full of porn, /pol/ is too conservative with sex, and /adv/ is too slow. /fit/ is the ladie's man board, or as close to one in this pool of tism as we can get.
That DYEL looks like he'd get battered by Brad Pitt
feels when in just another 15 or so years the globalist indoctrinated generation may not even know bruce
>Be open to fuck any girl, from hotness of 5/10 to 10/10.
me irl
>>Be open to fuck any girl between the ages of 18 and 30, from hotness of 2/10 to 10/10.
me online
Sure they will, how could one forget the kung fu menace.
i second this
>be me
>see 6ft qt.3.14 blond with a nice backside, not thicc but nice
>waited till she left the gym to talk to her
>her friends were with her
>ask her for her SC
>her friends said something like no
>she gave it to me anyways lol
>tols her she is so cute i skipped quantum for her
>send her a pic of my classroom in session and my notes
>she unfollows me
>sperg out
>she still hasnt followed me
>24h later, delete the spergout and tell her we should just be friends.
This happenned yesterday. At least she taught me a lesson. To be a bit more stoic and control my autism lol
I usually just stir their drink with my bone, then they ask to touch it.

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