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Well I'll be doing squat OHP deadlift and seated row
File: IMG_20200707_094129.jpg (969 KB, 1944x2592)
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969 KB JPG
Did my first leg day with the 100lb sandbag today. Shoulda started weeks ago when the gym closed, but the next best time is now.

Put on Roxy Music's 1973 classic For Your Pleasure and did 1 min jumprope + 10-20 sandbag reps per song.

Ended up with something like 50 bearhug squats, 20 shoulder squats (10/side), 20 cleans throwing the bag over alternating shoulders (10/side), 10 cleans to bearhug squats, 40 lunges (10 forward and back per leg). Broke my jumprope on the last song.

It was fucking hard, still have a runner's high.
Arms and Bodyweight because I work at home and have limited means.
Lots of pushups
Standard curls
Triceps extensions with a band
More curls with the band
Was only meant as a little workout, at first I didnt want to.
>tfw rest day
Upper body for an hour and 30, and I'll be running later tonight
File: 1594582321670.jpg (74 KB, 640x960)
74 KB
Why would you take rest days?
Leg day:
Back squats
Good mornings
Hip thrusts
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Calf raises
i did this
followed by this
then squats, hip thrusts and calf raises for 30min or so
File: 1594116657492.jpg (78 KB, 455x427)
78 KB
Squats 100lbs 5x20
Calf Raises 100lbs 5x40
Stiff legged deadlift 60lbs 5x12
Crunches 30lbs 5x40
I-Its in the p-program. I do push pull.
15 mile bike ride on pavement/dirt/gravel.
100 kettlebell swing (90 seconds each set, or rather I counted to 50 squats)

27 dumbbell curls. Weight of dumbbells 17. First set was 15, second was 12

I have to go outside shortly, so I did a quick workout
Man fuck rest days. Hard workout right after waking up = sad head voice quiet all day
Close Grip Bench
Incline Chest Flys
dumbell shoulder press
Lateral raises
tricept extensions
Weighted dips
Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell flys
Weighted Pushups

Home gym :/
Upper body strenght:
Bench press
Barbell rows
Preacher curls
Lateral raises
Chest dips
>Procrastinate on the Internet
>Eat junk food

That's it.
File: 1588859793219.jpg (61 KB, 720x960)
61 KB
60 min walk through the woods
2 pull ups in outdoors gym in the woods
File: 1595891417043.jpg (138 KB, 1080x1350)
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138 KB JPG
Lads it was so based. God damn
20km run
Anon are you training for endurance?
5x10 squats
4x15 leg extensions
4x10 hack squats
4x15 leg curls
2x20 standing calf raises
Rest days are important if you want to actually stop being a DYEL
Gyms are closed and I have nothing else so I've just been trying to do reps bruh.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (169 KB, 1280x720)
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169 KB JPG
File: sam2.png (815 KB, 571x671)
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815 KB PNG
Bench press 2x5, 1x5+
Barbell Rows 3x5
Barbell Curls 3x8
DL 1x5+
my elbows were kinda shot
back doesnt feel perfect either

Did overheadpress, dips, pullups, triceps for a lot of reps, some db row, some dumbbell press with 1 arm at time

It was comfy session
Tomorrow im beginning smolov cycle 3
I kayaked for 2 hours today. My muscles feel satisfied, but I got a sunburn because the weather unexpectedly turned out quite nice.
100 crunches
100 reverse crunches
10km run

First run in a month and a half so it was a lil tough. Will do yoga later.
Push part of my 2 split
Bench press
Dumbell shoulder press
Military press
One set of push ups
Cable fly
Lateral raises
Plank and abs exercises
2x200 curls
2x200 triceps extension

I feel like John McCain where he can't lift his arms past his neck but that's the point. Just the other day I lifted dad's broken washing machine onto his truck and proceeded to do 100 squats that night

I figure I'll know I'm gaining when im soar. Not like i can die from squats and curls
Squat 3x5
Calf raises 3x8
Leg press wide stance 3x10
Cable glute kickback 3x10
rdl 3x8
Deadlift 1x5 140kg
Deadlift 1x5 130kg
Squat 5x5 125kg
8x3 Snatch

10x3 Front Squat

4x12 Dumbbell reverse lunges (each side)

4x12 Swiss ball leg curl

4x1 minute farmer's walk w/ dumbbells
Y...you too!
Bench/Arms Day

Bench 5x5
Close Grip 3x5
Incline Bench 3x5
Decline 3x5
DB Press Flat Bench 3x5
Chest Flys Flat Bench 3x10
Tricep Extensions Bar 3x15
Standing Barbell Curl 3x15
DB Curls Standing One arm at time 3x10
Dumbbell Shrugs 3x10

Walked incline on treadmill for 1 hour.
File: 1583473253006.jpg (65 KB, 500x477)
65 KB
Went for a run, but had to cut it short because my quads were having a lot of strange pain. I about an hour I'm going to do my bodyweight and skills training before going back to studying.
Started with 10-15 minutes of jump rope.
Dumbbell Shoulder press
Floor press
Bicep curl
Tricep pulldown with a band
Dumbbell squat
Overall workout. I'll do splits next week.
Deadlifts 5x5
Squats 3x10
Hamstring curl 3x12
Step ups 3x10
Calf raises 3x12
Walking lunges 3x14
File: 1580061788533.jpg (360 KB, 960x1600)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Rest day so I'm going on a hike
Based leg day bro
>bench press
>barbell row
>single dumbbell row
>all leg muscles on machines
Squat 5x5 110 pounds
OHP failed 5x5 at 75 pounds, probably need to eat more or deload and work on form cause my form is absolute dog shit, it might as well be a jerk
Deadlift 5x5 145 pounds

My abs are starting to get noticeably bulkier in the mirror from doing these compounds :) anyone else doing SL?
>3x8 pull ups
>3x10 dumbell bench
>3x12 dumbell row superset with 3x10 seated dumbell shoulder press
>3x12 dumbell flies superset with 3x12 lateral raise
>farmers walks to failure
>3x12 curls
Skipped legs because i found out the gym was closing early for maintenance
- Installed conduit on the side of the house for an upcoming solar panel installation!
- Attended an online lecture hosted by a rambling old know it all for my university class!
- Made a surprisingly easy and delicious instant pot recipe with chicken thighs for my family!
- Mixed some pizza dough with my daughters for our dinner tomorrow night!
- Propositioned my lovely wife for evening sexy time! (I have to put in a reservation, otherwise she'll go to bed right after the kids do.)
- Shit post on /fit all day!
- Diarrhea all day!
- Shaved my week of stubble! (Reference above sexy time proposition.)

I dunno what else. Today's a rest day and I think I pulled a core muscle deadlifting last night, so taking it easy.
Oh my god...
Did you read what he wrote or?
triceps push down
barbell bench press
french press
incline dumbbel press
tricep dips
incline flyes

too bad i busted a nut
weighted ring pull ups / weighted ring dips cluster set (1 min rest between pull ups / dips, 3 minute rests between sets). RPT @ set 1: 30kg x 7, set 2: 20kg x 10, set 3: 10kg x 12

Weighted pistol squats RPT @ 20kg x 8, 10kg x 10, BW x 13

2x10 skin the cat on rings

V-sit & core work

Tuck planche training
File: 1572389376600.jpg (17 KB, 480x426)
17 KB
squats 5x5
bench 5x5
rows 5x10
shrugs 5x20
2nd time at the gym, insane how much of difference it makes not being a bumbling retard who doesn't know how anything works.

I was thinking of not coming cause my DOMS was killing me but I warmed up with the rowing machine and I was up and running again. I actually managed to do my shitty minimum weight starting strength routine this time, huge improvement over last time which was essentially a flop. also did some miscellaneous shit with other machines.

any tips on balancing the bar though? It's hard to stop it swaying side to side sometimes with deadlifts, does it just come with building up more strength?
>deadlifts 5x5
>then volume squats
>madman does lunges at the end too
jesus fuck your stamina must be incredible, stats ?
Wide grip bench
Close grip bench
Barbell rows
Dumbbell rows
Hammer curls
We all start somewhere bro. One thing you'll learn as you progress is perfect form is the absolute #1. Deload your the Press™ and do it right. Godspeed
do squat bench everytime you step into the gym just to learn the movement patterns
deadlifts the other time to learn the movement too
fuck around a bit with movements/machines and try to feel the muscles theyre supposed to work
I know, don't you just wanna sssssnnnnniiiiiffffff??
It’s not that impressive really

Deadlifts, 300lbs today, touch and gos, 5x5

Squats, I do my heavy squats on arm day, on leg day I go at 1/2 weight, 120lbs today

Hamstring curls was with a resistance band, so basically nothing

Step ups, 40lbs, 10 reps per leg

Calf raises 120lbs

Walking lunges 40lbs

I’m 6’ tall 220lbs.
>20 minutes basketball shooting warmup
>fast mile on the bike
>squats 3x5
>bench 3x5
>deads 1x5
Humanity is slipping further and further behind me.
File: 1573710108731.jpg (104 KB, 720x540)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>ballin and SS
you gonna make it
Med weight high volume Squats
File: gigachad.jpg (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB

>Squats 3x10
>Leg press 3x10
>Leg extensions 3x10
>Harmstrings inclined 3x10
>Calves raises 3x15
will do, king
File: 1596034648955.jpg (139 KB, 1080x1267)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
OHP 5x5
Deadlift 1x5
Arnold Press 5x10
Pull Ups 3x10
Narrow Grip Pulldown 5x10
20 minutes cardio (stationairy bike)
5x5 Squats
4×6 SL deadlift
3×12 legpress
4×12 leg ext/curl superset
4×12 calf raise
1:30 min plank with elbows at eye level
3×10 dumbell side bend
3×10 hanging leg rayse
Well done mate
Based and redpilled my good man
File: 1344562723897.jpg (122 KB, 500x411)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Cleans, pendlay rows, and bench.
More calisthenics
Got my jump rope in the mail and have never fucked with them past elementary school. So I fumbled around that for a few minutes and was immediately exhausted, I will practice more with that tomorrow
Then I did my pushups (55 flat, 20 on an incline)
60 sit ups, 70 squats, several minutes of side planking and windshield wiping
I really have no idea what I'm doing, just trying to work with what I have and get into a shape other than Auschwitz
3x6 Ohp
3x8 Shoulder 21s (Rear Delt Pull, Lateral Pull, Front pull)
3x9 Cheat Lateral Raises ss w/ Dumbbell push press
4x13 facepulls
15-20 minutes kickboxing for cardio.
3xfail Hanging leg raises in between 5 minute bag work
cringe coomposter 1/10

Based 10/10

If gym is closed due to 'rona, good job. If you're just refusing to go to the gym, fuck off cringe bodyweightposter. 6.5/10

20 reps? 40 reps? What the fuck? 3/10, at least you're doing the right exercises

That's a lot of exercises for one day, anon. Were you taking heavy enough weights, or did you just fuck around without any rest periods between sets? 7/10 if legit, 3/10 if fucking around

Based, try to do some more tricep work. Skullcrushers with dumbbells are good. Maybe do some incline presses if you have the time. 7/10

I would move the rows in front of the pull ups, but this could work. Nice routine, 9/10.

Get off fit, go to outdoors board.

If you can do hack squats after your back squats, you should increase the weight on back squats. Nice routine overall, 7/10

Nice quick routine. Could use some accessories if you feel like it. 8/10

Move dumbbell presses to the front, and do them at the same time. Nice choice of exercises, 7.5/10

I would move military press in front of dumbbell shoulder press. 8/10

Cringe arms-only poster. 200 reps aren't giving you anything. 4/10

Perfect leg day. 10/10

That's a lot of fucking sets, and 1 hour of incline threadmill. If you're able to have short rest periods between sets, your weight is too low. Else, nice routine buddy. 5/10 or 7/10, depending on if you're on good weight.

Sounds like a home gym workout, or learn to use tricep pulldown machine. Don't just use a band.

Based, 10/10
File: 1594589855511.jpg (1.79 MB, 2481x6600)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
4 sets pullups
4 sets lat pulldown
4 sets single arm cable row
4 sets dumbell row
4 sets dumbell curl
4 sets ez bar curl5 sets abs

250 cals of stairmaster
>OHP 5x5
>Arnold Press 5x10
mirin volume
5 sets pull ups
5 sets ring dips
5 sets ring rows
5 sets decline push ups
5 sets ring ab rolls
5 sets palloff press

Gyms are still closed.
>Squat 4x8 275lbs
>Barbell lunges 2X6 200lbs
>dumbbell incline bench 4x8 75lbs
>chest flys 4x8-12 25lbs
>leg raises 4x20
I did a couple of Sit ups, didnt count them, just did them till i started feeling tired, did about 200ish lifts of some 2-3 kilogram weights, so far that was it
my second time ever entering a gym.

squat (only the bar so my friend could teach me how to do it properly)

leg press

a machine where u lay on your front and lift with your legs

a machine where u sit and push up with ur legs

other core workouts i dont know name off

then work a shift driving pizza and that was rough especially delivering to flats with stairs.

Overall 7/10
I can see why people skip leg day but it was still fun :D
lateral shoulder raises

today was a rest day, felt good
>Deadlifts 5x5
>Squats 3x10
>Hamstring curl 3x12
>Step ups 3x10
>Calf raises 3x12
>Walking lunges 3x14

Samefag here. I forgot that I also do upper body bodybuilding sets when I’m tired/bored at work (from home) and want a quick pump. It’s just a couple minutes where I do a 48 rep superset split between 4 exercises with an empty barbell. So I also did the following, 3 times today

OHP 12 reps
Tricep extension 12 reps
Reverse bicep curl 12 reps
Standard bicep curl 12 reps
keep going anon
fucking based
Thanks man, I think quarantine really opened my eyes to how unhealthy I am becoming,

Tryna stop masturbating, smoking (at work/home) and being lazy in general. I kept trying to stop one at a time and said to myself that I can fix the other problems after but to be honest it was just a cop out.

Also, discovering a love for coffee has really helped at managing sleep/other issues. :D
Ty anon, needed guidance
I know what I'm doing bud, high volume makes me grow.
It was leg day but I fucked my foot up a bit doing Muay Thai over the weekend. Did a 25 minute hill workout on the gym bike, then hit a very brief ab circuit. The bike shit, holy cow. I've been trying to run a few times a week, but this damn thing made my legs feel like lead afterwards. Tried to stick to 85rpm during the flat sections, and 95-100 for the hill sections. Will definitely do again.
Good work king. Keep it going, figure out a routine and how much you feel comfortable doing but don't be afraid to challenge yourself.
Set goals and work towards them, we're rooting for you.

4x5 squat
4x5 Floor Press
1x DL

Gave blood, too.
pull day but i slept 3 hours and ate like 700 cals all day long. Had 0 energy so dropped every weight like 20% to not die. Still lifted tho
File: 1595256849410.png (134 KB, 589x760)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
seated OHP: 60kg, 11, 11 ,10, 8
rope upright row: 15kg, 20, 20
lateral raise: 10kg, 19, 17, 16, 16
narrow grip BB curl: 35kg, 15, 13, 12, 9
Thanks bro, I am quite lucky my friend is training as a sports scientist/pt so he just tells me what to do. Ill probs start planning for myself when I go back to uni. Luckily the homies here seem to be a great resource too. (and very positive compared to most boards)
did 4 hspu
>20 reps? 40 reps? What the fuck? 3/10, at least you're doing the right exercises
I told the other anon, the gym is closed and that's all the weight I have and it's too light for me so I'm just enjoying doing some high reps because I have literally nothing else to do after work.
Sounds like a good plan anon, the road to getting /fit will help you with all sorts of aspects of life not just your physical fitness but emotional and mental too, willpower and focus etc.
Keep it up and one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as the you that you sculpted for yourself. And it'll feel awesome.
about 60 pushups. Can't go to the gym because of the WuFlu
Bench pressed hit a pr of 340 lbs today at 180 lbs
I rode 20k of tough mountain bike terrain and later I did squats, 375x3x5. Did pause squats 285x5x3, 60 lunges and some pullups. Then I hit the heavy bag for 20 minutes.
Walked to the pub (and back again)
File: IMG_20200529_194116_01.jpg (428 KB, 1080x1920)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
I was super fucking hungover this morning so when I went into work I had to shit like 6 times over the workday.
Just got home, fed the dog, and made a steak. Shitting again right now.
>A cat is fine too
10 mile bike ride (stationary)
2 mile walk with doggo
On the walk I saw a doe and a meep about 2 ft tall (it was only about 1.5 ft tall when I saw it a month ago)
Doggo also straight up tackled another dog on a walk with its owner..was an interesting walk 10/10 would do again
incline bench
bend over row
bar curls
calf lift

Goblet Squats
Kettlebell Halos
50 Burpees
Kettlebell Thrusters
Turkish Get Ups
anon, age 31
Sprints in the morning. Sprints in the late afternoon
For arm days I do 5 sets of
6x 115lb bench press
6x 30lb bicep curl each arm
15x shrugs with a 30lb dumbbell in each hand
15x sit-ups while holding a 30lb dumbbell

I do pull-ups too, but on my leg day. is this good upper body stuff or am I missing something and will end up looking retarded?
Barbell rows, lots of them. Under hand, over hand, move the grip width around.
will do
it’s rest day anon....
>leg day
>shadow boxing warm up
>kettlebell swings
>weighted lunges/goblet squats
>stationary bike ride 30 minutes

>18 holes disc golf just enjoying the warm sun
Just got back

Light highbar squats 3x10, 1xAMRAP (ended up being 20 reps)
RDL's 3x10
Barbell Lunges 3x10 (each leg)
>pulled my neck yesterday
>food poisoning today
Holy fuck give me a break I just want to lift
back squat
front squat
leg press
sitting leg curls
weighted calf raises
Overhead press
Incline bench press
side raises
rear delt flies
DB overhead press
Holy fucking volume, batman
at least you got dubs
3x5 115 bench
3x5 105 incline
3x5 115 decline
3x5 115 machine pec fly
2x10 45 cable fly
Workout was just over an hour. Rests were around 2 mins between sets.

Missed workout on Monday due to a dentist appointment and yesterday because I had to go do a job hours away. Tomorrow I'm gonna have to do shoulders, back, AND arms so it's gonna be around 2-3 hours at the gym.
Dubs are gay
2k row (500m sprint/ 500m cruise) x4
~10min jump rope
Power cleans
Lat pulls
Preacher curls
Walked like 2km and played Ring Fit Adventure for 25 mins active time, maybe 1 hour total with elevated heart rate

It's my rest day
Texas method recovery day
squat 2x5 @190lb
Ohp 3x5 @105lb
Chinups 3x10 bodyweight
I worked. I shit. I smoked dope.
I swam 20 laps already. Tonight I'm gonna lift some dumbells. Waiting to transfer to a new gym so can't go there
File: download.jpg (448 KB, 1500x1000)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
80lb Sandbag

Bear hug Squat 3 x 15
Push up 3 x 12
Hardstyle plank 3 x 30 seconds
60 second hang palms out

Upping to 100 soon.
Chin ups: 4x15
Dips 4x15
Rows 4x15
Diamond Pushups 3x40
150 Crunches
Squats 3x5
Pause squat 1x3
Bench 3x5
Pull ups 3x6-5
Dips 3x8
BB curls 2x10
Calf raises 2x16
Leg day
>3x8 squat
>3x8 back extensions
>3x12 leg curls
>3x12 leg extensions
>calf work

Then I spent atleast 2 hours fapping to some whore on snapchat that I met on tinder sending me pictures of her spreading her ass asking me to put my tongue in it.
Squat 125 lbs 3X5
Bench 85 3X5
Deadlift 195 1X5
Dips on rings 4x2
Second day of SS
All these small faggots doing 3x10 at RPE 2 thinking they’re growing lmfao.
“Bro you can’t do 40 reps you won’t grow bro” - dude who’s small as fuck
4 sets of suicides. 4 sets of 200 jump rope.
Cardio day.
Theres no way you’re pushing yourself AT ALL if you still have energy to do all those BS ass lifts after 3 compounds, sissy

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