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Feel free to leave feedback on my physique, or post your own for other people's feedback
It’s called a CBT
Noted, thanks friend. Post your physique?
Improve chest and shoulders
you look good brah :)
I appreciate the constructive criticism. Post your physique?
Hey man I really appreciate that. Feel free to post your physique too, I won't judge :)
Saged since we already have a cbt thread up. Go post there instead of flooding catalogue. Board is already shitty enough.

Also you ought to work on your obliques a little more, it would even out your waste so your legs don't look so flabby going down to your quads. Visceral fat in that general area is the hardest to break down and get rid of though, so I get why. Keep lifting bro
My bad, I'll keep it in mind in the future. And thank you for the advice, I really appreciate that
You sound fairly new to this board, so while we’re dishing out advise, definitely make sure to read the stickied thread on the first page. It’ll help you out and aid in any questions you may ask in the next few months.
And your physique is nice, just needs some work on chest and lats
Actually I leave for bootcamp here in a little over a week haha, but yeah I'll definitely read the sticky regardless. And thanks for the advice; I'm just gonna keep on chugging on push-ups and pull-ups lol
If I were OP, and at my target weight, how would I get leaner (especially make abs more defined)?
Would I have to cut then regain? Basically zig-zag?
i wanna suck ur pink dick
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Lets not post our physiques lmao

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