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posting before lit mods ban me edition
thread theme
This is a thread for information on optimising your endocrine system, and posting research on it. what is your endocrine system, you ask? your endocrine system is the system of glands in your body which secrete hormones which, when properly balanced, bring you in line with the characteristics of your biological sex, with the most important for men being oxytocin and testosterone. why should you care about this? the amount of free test in your body dictates the gains you make, as well as correlates to every other metric of personal physical and mental health. in the absence of optimal levels of testosterone, you're much more at risk of
>heart disease
>muscle weakness
and gynecomastia, among other things.
with proper levels of free test, you will gain
>better response to training, with more endurance and higher max reps in all exercises
>improved cognition, thinking speed
>more energy, less fatigue and chronic unrestedness
>higher sperm count, less sexual dysfunction
best supports
the best thing you can do for your endocrine system, regulates hormones and raises intelligence in deficients
things like avocados, which provide the building blocks for the teststerone hormone
broccoli, kale, cabbage, garlic and onions to a lesser extent
can be gotten through red wine, pomegranate juice, blueberries, etc, reduce effects of oxidation in your body which disrupts body functions, zinc, vitamins a c d and e function as this also, zinc raises your sperm count too
red meat correlates to higher testosterone, oily fish like oysters, sardines provide building blocks for test and are high in zinc
both cardio and weight training correlate to gains in test, you should engage in these often and with high effort with rest days spaced in your routine
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drink in moderation, red wine has tannins and antioxidants that are good for you and can guard against dementia, but alcohol is bad for test and should be avoided when possible. sugar is bad, sweeten things with honey for antioxidants.
if there's one thing that's absolutely bad for test it's plastic. read this article, it does horrible things
take st johns wort
Hello lampchad is Zma good?
Just take actual zinc not zinc with nigger cum in a cool package
Based thread. Sleep and heavy lifting should be at the top of the list.
Plastic is fuckin spooky. Here's a non-broken link to that study.
Any tips for avoiding it?
>use only glassware, no plastic bottles or tupperware regardless of "bpa free" labels
>filter drinking and cooking water (although setups good enough for microplastics are pretty expensive, I think?)
I just collect all my water from a mountain spring filter it with organic cotton and add iodine
You can get glass jars pretty cheap a 30 gallon stainless steel barrel for like 300
>red wine has tannins and antioxidants that are good for you and can guard against dementia
No, not true, "GlAsS oF wInE gOoD" if a fucking meme. No wine is good, read about "the french paradox" and stop perpetuating the lie.
Alcohol is fine in moderation
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Take selenium too
>Take selenium too
All ya need is 2 brazil nuts a day for that.
Yeah that's good
Self bump
Self bump
Self bump
how do i force myself to be angry all the time?
private sorry
Test will remove your need for that
Otherwise go to Pol and start reading
ZMA is one of the few supplements I recommend.
take them before going to sleep and training days (or even everyday with 1 cap less) and my sleep and regeneration is way better.

zinc+magnesium is not a meme
and the D6 helps greaty for a deep sleep.
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Go to Reddit.
Where would I get iodine in my diet? Or do you suggest supplementing?
Wine is Lindy, retard. Not reading your homo studies.
Based and tradpilled.
nori sheets or lugols

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