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i want to dress in an easy low maintenance comfortable fashion but i want to be distinct from all the athleisure sheeple. any ideas
Try different things until you find clothes you're comfortable with that fit your style. I can't tell you what you will personally find comfortable. Some miscellaneous things I like that I find low maintenance and comfortable:
- Chinos in older styles/fits
- Shirts in casual fabrics (oxford/flannel),
- Military/work jackets
- Knit sweaters in a relaxed fit
- Service boots/white sneakers
This is just some stuff I personally like that's comfortable and easy to put together, but again you should figure out what works for you.
even what you described is too involved for my tastes. i don't want to wear any layers and i don't want to put any effort in to dressing. but i don't want to dress thoughtlessly
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>i don't want to put any effort
>i don't want to dress thoughtlessly
you are retarded and should just fuck off
Nothing about what I described is involved. I left out t shirts because that's obvious but apparently that confused you, so if if you're not wearing any layers (do you live in a desert?) just put on a solid color t shirt and jeans/chinos and white sneakers. If it's colder put on a sweater/button down. If it's colder put on a jacket. I don't know what's "involved" about this.
There needs to be a fashion for people with autism board on some other website so they stop posting here
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>There needs to be a fashion for people with autism board
this is the autism website what the fuck are you doing here

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