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They're nobodies. Literal losers. Proles that deserve nothing. Imagine tieing the knot and living in a place like that. Imagine wearing a gawdy monthly subscription made in China watch that makes everyone who looks at you know you're poor to the point its worse than wearing no watch at all. Imagine ostentatiously putting your sunglasses in your front pocket with the arm delibately hanging out as if Oakleys are a status symbol (rich people wear Persols, Matsuda, Oliver Peoples, etc which don't need a brand name plastered on the side). Imagine having some shitty BBQ with a BTU output as low as their combined IQs instead of a Wolf. Imagine having neighbors on all sides of you. Imagine actually getting a mortgage for such a crappy house. Imagine, if you will, then needing to work every day to support all of this mediocrity. Imagine having a kid and the absolute hell of a life he would have growing up in such an existence, with vein egostical parents obsessed keeping up the appearances in the worst way. Imagine taking such good care of your ugly as sin face (both of them) to the point the guy obviously has an Rx for tretinoin yet failing to do something as simple as power washing the mold and filth off of the vinyl siding hiding their particleboard home. There is no reason any sane person wouldn't kill themselves before getting to that situation. I could understand if the guy was single, in despair but he actually thinks he's made it to the point he is settling down. These people are coping hard and this is only explained by low IQ and drug use. They've squandered their limited income on tattooes and diamond nubs for the guys ear puncture wounds. I bet they get high every night on weed and drink white claws. I would also bet they drive a sort of new basic bitch Mercedes or BMW or Audi or most fittingly, Infinity, well beyond their budget but it's OK they budgeted the $3000 a month they bring in together after tax and can "afford" the $500 a month payment and premium
insurance for such a lien. When I see people like this, I always thank God for making me me and not people like them.


This pasta is perfect and everything. I wanted to share it here cause I thought /fa/ would enjoy it.

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