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How can I dress elegantly for everyday life without looking like a dork?
Ivy/Trad/Wasp is the superior way a man should dress. It’s simple, layers well for temperature and formality and is made out of materials that will last your whole life. Plus, you can get by with just 20 articles of clothing.

Over 90 degrees
>polo and bermuda shorts
>ocbd and bermuda shorts or polo and chinos
>ocbd and chinos
>ocbd, chinos and either tweed blazer or shetland sweater
>ocbd, chinos, shetland sweater and tweed blazer
>ocbd, cords, shetland sweater and tweed blazer
Under 40
>ocbd, cords, shetland sweater, tweed blazer and barbour jacket
>swap tweed for barbour
>navy blue suit, tie if needed
Formal dinner or theater?
>velvet dinner jacket and tartan/wool trousers

1. Blue polo
2. White OCBD
3. White/Gray or Blue Striped OCBD
4. Bermuda shorts
5. Khaki chinos
6. Dark Olive or Khaki cords
7. Mushroom Shetland sweater
8. Green Shetland sweater
9. Tweed blazer
10. White poplin dress shirt
11. Navy Blue suit
12. Solid black tie
13. White Spread Collar Tuxedo shirt
14. Black bowtie
15. Tartan trousers or Black Wool trousers
16. Black Velvet dinner jacket
17. Barbour Jacket
18. Black Oxfords
19. Brown Boots
20. Brown Weejuns
>without looking like a dork
More to do with face, body and height than clothes bud
>>ocbd, cords, shetland sweater and tweed blazer
>Under 40
>>ocbd, cords, shetland sweater, tweed blazer and barbour jacket

I love cords, but they are not warm or made for inclement weather. Once you get to low-50s and below, flannels are better than cords for utility and comfort. Cords are best in the mid-to-high 50s and 60s.
(Sorry, meant to reply to >>17261820 )
I like them personally for cold weather, but it’s really just an outline, flannels are a fine substitution
Once you're in your mid-30s, you don't need to worry about it.
>black tie
>smoking jacket
>pajama pants
what did he mean by this?
meant for
You're going to look like a dork either way. Stop giving a shit. It's a process and you'll likely look dumb sometimes but that's how you grow.
It’s a velvet dinner jacket and tartan trousers, a very common creative black tie combination since black tie in the current year makes you look like a waiter
why not wear a sport coat at this point?
the golf pants completely destroy all of the elegance the smoking is supposed to bring
They’re not golf pants they’re tartan trews and the trouser version of a kilt in highland dress but have been the go to creative black tie option for many decades in both the uk and the north east us. A very common sight from dc to boston at black tie events. It’s also not a smoking jacket, that’s something entirely different to a dinner jacket
>black tie in the current year makes you look like a waiter
Only if you're wearing an rented or ill-tailored (but I repeat myself) tux.
I would agree in theory, but I have never been to a black tie event that wasn’t marketed as creative or optional so I didn’t include it as a recommended article but i attend those frequently enough that something is needed. It’s the similar to why I didn’t include more than one tie, no one really wears them anymore unless it’s a funeral or court or something
That is almost assuredly a velvet smoking jacket. The lack of frogging for closure is where the ambiguity is. It's not a dinner jacket, since it doesn't have contrasted lapel facings.
It is in no way, shape or form a smoking jacket, it is a velvet dinner jacket, the cut being completely different. I understand that you’re embarrassed and doubling down, but you’re wrong
Fair enough; evening-wear often ends up being somewhat region-specific. I am at enough black-tie events where a tuxedo is appropriate/expected for it to make sense to me to own one. I do have a tartan dinner jacket for 'more free' events, but those are the exception rather than the rule for me.
>They’re not golf pants
>because there is a pair of “golf pants” that have black watch print on them, any tartan trouser is a “golf pants”
are you dumb or just pretending to be?
trews are golf pants.
golf pants are trews.

golf is a scottish sport and golfwear apes scottish attire.
Dressing like you work at a car dealership is dressing like a dork
Grasping for straws now bud
Apart from a tech office on the west coast, where superhero tshirts are acceptable, this is what everyone over 25 wears
t. knows nothing about golf or trews

even if the two were completely unrelated, which is incorrect, trews still LOOK like golf pants and golf pants are universally considered very silly.
I can see you’re a narcissist and can’t accept being wrong else it would shatter your fragile ego, so I’ll just say sure champ and pretend you don’t even exist
Both of you are silly for getting involved in this internet dick measuring contest in the first place.
Be handsome or old
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Have a good physical base

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