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Inspo for anyone and everyone.
I love this energy
yotsuba is the only based thing in there
Reminder, any chassis can be made EV. EV motors are extremely cheap.

Here’s an extra idea: solar paint and solar panels and unfolding solar sails.
Based on your own personal love?
I want Tristan's leather trench coat. Can anyone identify it? It's possible it's a custom.
File: original.jpg (198 KB, 957x1070)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
where do i buy zoomer attire?
slit your throat troon.
File: Capture.jpg (48 KB, 633x953)
48 KB
File: 2.jpg (58 KB, 626x706)
58 KB
Cool patches. Where to cop the badger one?
Gen Z typically make their own clothes.
Maximizing frugality and expression.

And sometimes buying unique clothing from unique places.

There isn’t really a gen Z brand name or company. That’s kind of how they like it.

How are you feeling today?

Ask the patch thread on /k/
Show them the pic
File: Spongebob1.jpg (435 KB, 1000x1241)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
File: Otis.jpg (64 KB, 449x635)
64 KB
Humanity has made it very far.

File: Wurm.jpg (18 KB, 340x423)
18 KB
>fails to mention ev batteries
Israel is a nice place.

Beloved by all drug addicts too.
In a good way.
File: schhh.jpg (598 KB, 2048x2048)
598 KB
598 KB JPG
you're a treasure
There’s infinite multiverses where you are a perfect anime character in your perfect show with its own perfect directors/designers/gods/angels/lovers etc.


Every thought is an all.
EV batteries can be swapped like jerry cans.
And who knows what innovation will happen with the slightest interest.

Solar punk
Solar funk
Solar deco
Solar nouveau
Environmental utopia etc etc you name it

Besides, genetically engineering wings etc

You’re a treasure too.

Eternal crystal gem. Etc

Lets all truly love your unique galaxies full of your own unique spirits/characters murmuring in the heart of your soul be free forever and all belonging to this world.
what is this from
File: clairerose dog.jpg (458 KB, 1057x1200)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
I love purple label so much why does it need to be only Asia :(
EV motorcycles make sense. EV cars are stupid and biodesel or ethanol engines are better.
Your thoughts are your soul. Protect your thoughts. Garden your thoughts. Create thoughts. Grow thoughts. Love thoughts. Thoughts/spirits are alive. Be fully aware always. Don’t ever sell your soul/thoughts. Give your thoughts only ever to true love.

Day dream mindfully constantly.
Create worlds and souls within.
All comes from your thoughts/within. There are infinite paths and layers of reality to go down in every moment so the slightest change of your thoughts is all encompassing.

When you create and change others thoughts, you are creating souls and their story.
Sex Education


Claire Danes already perfected this look in Romeo + Juliet
File: singer Porsche.jpg (688 KB, 1920x1080)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
>tearing apart a classic car to put in an electric powertrain
there's a company that does that with air cooled 911s and I think someone should stop them. I'm not some anti-EV purist, I like solarpunk city design and I like Porsche's EVs, but certain things with historical significance are better left alone.
Makes me think of a society of crisp radical innovation that neon-genesis world be proud of.

Don’t be rude. Let everyone have their own life.

EV cars aren’t stupid.
And EV is exponentially innovating.

Solar paint is a thing too.

Good innovation is nothing to fear.
File: 20201201_124010.jpg (433 KB, 900x1273)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
File: fb25eFsE.png (2.11 MB, 2448x3168)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
I actually love the aesthetics of cars of previous decades and I choose for them to be more and more common and actually the aesthetics of cars now.

Besides, new chassises of “old” styles are being made.
New EV beetles look like pic related.

No one is an “anti-ev-purist”
If someone doesn’t like air, that’s their problem not mine.

Like come on! Enjoy progress :3
There’s a lot of chassis gold mines out there.

Mm solar paint
Unfolding solar sails
Batter swapping like jerry cans
The exponential innovation that is now happening to EVs
It’s good

I fucking love nature and eternal “classic” soul.

I’m the kind of soul that’s going to make a cute bat-human hybrid race or a cute cat-girl race etc to represent and defend their respective races. Rather than letting bats or cats die out. And I’ll just do it even so regardless for an ever more moral world.
I empower goodness all the way always.
File: warioware.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
You are mentally retarded.
File: 20200112_163815.jpg (756 KB, 1080x1336)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
are you the real lsdanon or did you take up the mantle?
most effay character on the show
Cute. Reminds me of my life sometimes

If you think breathable air, environmentalism, innovation, real progress and all goodness…… is stupid….
Then I’ll be everything you think is stupid forever.

I don’t have a fetish for dystopia. Thanks.
I’m not into causing anyone suffering either.


Those aesthetics are remarkably good for a cyber punk Los Angeles

I love this.
I love your soul.

Please keep posting.
I choose for all my dystopian spirits to die. Now and forever.
For all love that I have for dystopia and hell to end forever. In every way.

There’s infinite multiverses of infinite ever expanding loves to love.

i want to hurt and kill whatever the fuck this is
Who's the girl on the top left?
Getting infected by their soulfulness?

A troll.
fuck sake shut the fuck up and go to therapy already you manic depressive zoomer cunt, this board could have inspo threads that are actually decent if you didn’t OP every one of them to have deranged conversations with yourself.
Hanbok Corean.

I feel it’s important to remember that everyone has countless dreams. Dreams for the world and life. Their unique universes, stories, and souls.
And all these infinite dreams and stories are all happening simultaneously.
Be completely aware of this always. It’ll do you the greatest good.
Come shoot me in a tearful rage because I know the true reason you behave as you do.

Or go make love to your lovers and forget I and my thoughts exist.

You come to every single one of my threads and dry hump my posts and spout the same tsundere shtick
File: one1.jpg (762 KB, 1882x1029)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
things i missed; this pyrex cup & amber heard's pic should've been her pouty face not angry
I wish lsdanon had interesting schitzo ramblings, instead its retarded fake deep platitudes they spam every inspo thread with
average phone poster
Invoke only the love and fun and goodness in others and you can’t go wrong.

As all is you and all is connected.

The part of me that fucked up Palestine, Paris, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the USA…. is sorry.

Also sorry Africa.

But to no exaggeration, Dixie SOUL is forever.

Sometimes I do LSD and I’m covered in snake spirits and spider spirits just vibing with these appendages of god and then out of nowhere the soul of Dixie appears. And is all like “hey”.
And everything suddenly reveals its Dixie soul. And it feels good.

If you’re on LSD and there’s a bunch of snakes spirits, that’s ok. But if they suddenly put on cowboy hats and start eating icecream… that’s really good.
Reminder be ever more autistic/soulful

Everyone is autistic/soulful in their own infinite ways
LSD is more than 100% like this.
It’s beyond all imagination.

You no matter who you are, if you do it right, you will discover god and souls are real. And infinitely more. To no exaggeration.

There’s infinite layers to reality. Do you want to truly see god? Do you want to truly see how you are god? Do you want to truly see how your friends are god in all their majestic beautiful divinity?

It’s your choice.

And lets be honest, anyone who has anything negative to say about LSD after doing it right, has something equally negative to say about god.

I feel that all is infinite multiverses simultaneously connected. That every quark (and ever smaller) etc is its own infinite multiverses. That as we move through time we are diving into an infinite sea of multiverses and every change of thought is entering another ocean of compiled infinite multiverses.

Like there’s this thing called the quantum-realm. Where everything just becomes pure abstract. How abstract can the abstraction go?
Be curious.

Also know that all IS the quantum realm.

Time expands. And what is sub-atomic expands at the same rate of the expansion of a thought.
Think about how we live in ideas.

Everything started as an idea. You can walk inside of ideas and you do every moment.
All is a “thought” and every thought expands infinitely.

Thoughts having thoughts about thoughts.
Souls soulling around.
Love loving love.

Anyways, have fun with this planet. Creating instead of hating.
Win instead of fighting.
Get all your satisfaction.
There’s infinite ways to do so.

Infinite multiverses of pure true love absolutely perfect ways to react to anything.
hate this. a lot.
Think about how you have control over the lives and stories of countless souls. And how every choice you make changes all.

You’ve heard of the butterfly effect. But you are infinite butterfly effects.
Have yet to conceive of how expansive that is.

Um also
In my perspective
True meditation is daydreaming.
And that enlightenment is knowing that thoughts/spirits are alive.
That the worlds you create in your daydreams are as real as this world.

Be careful what you do in your daydreams. Their spirits enter the ocean of thoughts/spirits that is our shared universe.

People who have good daydreams have good lives. And I know you know that what you dream becomes reality.

So dream of lovers.
People you love that love you.
Create/access their universes. Watch them come into your world and infect it with their love/soul/spirits.

Some say that all love is mutual.
But I don’t know what to say about that. But I’ll keep it in mind. I see the layers of reality in which that is true. Of the infinite perspectives/layers of reality.

But I know that the only god, moral, motive, way, and power is… love.
EVs are shit until we make better batteries. Lithium batteries are incredibly shit. + even if you wanted for everyone to have an ev car you don't have enough nickel/lithium and other shit. Also thinking that EVs will make everything green and beautifull is prety stupid. The mining + shipment of parts is really bad. So the only thing you are doing is moving the pollution from actual countries to 3rd world shit holes
If you’re going to do LSD alone in a dark forests at night, wear something like this.

All is consciousness

Woo and impress god
And likewise shall happen

Perhaps the safest I’ve ever felt was hugged by the warm shadows. Being able to see all, yet seen by none.

To not be afraid of the dark, be the dark.
its interesting to a real shift in narrative from ozone layer, to global temperature to clean air
developing countries have many sources of pollution such as coal power plants, but there is zero pressure being put on them to use solar, wind etc.
there are of course merits to using renewable energy, but this responsibility is regularly being shifted to average joe
if i put my tin foil hat on id imagine western oil companies may have a hand in creating false scarcity
anything to make a dime
You are an artist of reality.
What are you painting?

You’re such a cute baby.

You know what’s nice? Fresh air and innovation. The improvements of EV has only just begun.

Besides, we’re going to do solar-paint etc.

Lets also reduce the amount of cars in general. Ever better public transportation.

Do you ever see those classic car styles of EVs I post? That’s important to me. I really want a soulful world. A world that feels like we’re here to have fun.
And thus do so

Also I’m from a secret little Island
With strange unique people and spirits unlike any other.

The thing is, I’m most impacted by what you’re talking about.
There’s a giant fucking open pit mine in the middle of one of the sister islands.

Much of the island doesn’t exist.
The mining has to end.

Im from kind of a rare unique people.
And it’s like if I was Swiss and half a quarter of Switzerland was turned into a quarry. My islands are a country.

But I’m not going to give up on fresh air.
And know how much innovation can change all.

Lets focus on solutions.

The whole clean air thing is forever.
And nature too. So give solutions a thought.
this is the most npc post i have seen in months
if you are going to do a stream of consciousness at least have something interesting to say
>What are you painting?
annoying long shitposts on 4chan (nudge nudge)
you’re a prime example of why the mentally ill shouldn’t dabble with hallucinogenics.
imagine drawing a basedjak on your pants
Take your god damn meds holy shit
who is this artist
It is I
The ever rapacious brat who is named
Something about something or other

Anyways I’m on lsd.
As usual
And here’s my dialogue to all you gods out there on the same planet as me deciding all.
I saw a bunch of dialogue in the graffiti. Something about “thanks for the good times” and “you’re never going to Paris”

Hah sorry but the story has only just begun.

Anyways, like I could be the kind of person to ignore these things but I as some choose to do, choose to know that god is real. That for one thing to be in a given moment, infinite other things must not be and be. So all has complete meaning. There could be smiley faces on the wall. And there was. Coving the words slightly. A vast array of smiling faces. Anyways, shout out to the cuddle bears and bugs of the world, you carry the show because then after that I saw a big ocean of skulls and pentagrams
Oh and other poetic things like
A random skeleton with an atomic bomb over an ocean of confusion. With the atomic bomb containing a white child. I really hesitate to even say this kind of stuff but look we all share the same world so we’re all in on these jokes at this point.

Yes. Who isn’t seeing oceans of skulls right now. Presumably most people?
But how many of those people think… oh whoopsie doodle, gotta complete the next breeding cycle and think 10 generations down the road to be reincarnated as my favourite anime cutie.
You fucking can do that right now.

Hence why I’m looking at oceans of skulls instead of chum chum hurrum.
Wanna know the depth of hell? Think about how good that good gets.
Think about this world going right.
That’s what I choose.
Sometimes the skulls flicker into all kinds of souls. Natures eyes. Faces of all kinds. All curious as ever.
Anyways I don’t see why anything is not progressing since I’m the only problem in the world so everyones getting their anime utopia divinity heaven for all thing.

I could say infinitely more :3
>Gen Z typically make their own clothes.
>Maximizing frugality and expression.
this reads like something from buzzfeed
also, you haven't talk to or even seen a zoomer if you think they are literally making their clothes
File: intro-1655067052.jpg (63 KB, 780x438)
63 KB
boople_snoot on instagram
>gen z makes their own clothes
We shop at:
Urban Outfitters

Most of us are not these SoHo faggots. Athleisure is what we wear for the part. I personally mix that up with prep.
cargo pants are normie shit now gg
absolutely manic, meds now
File: the oc seth gaming.jpg (152 KB, 1600x900)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: the oc seth gaming 2.jpg (2.53 MB, 2340x1575)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
kill yourself

Think of all the souls you’re responsible for.
And how every choice you make changes their all.

I do. UwU

4channers and ex-4chan people remind me of the forest spirit of princess mononoke
And well, actually Ghibli characters in general. Come to think of it, all is god so studio Ghibli etc and other studios are god and are directing the stories of countless lives

There really are so many lives that are pure Disney. Think of it.
Feel a spirit you love and go with it.
I wish you would stop posting, you’re insufferable
Do LSD and worship me, my biggest fan.
jesus christ what happened to this person
>There isn’t really a gen Z brand name or company. That’s kind of how they like it.

most retarded thing I've read online today. zoomers shop at the fucking mall you idiot.
I’ve done LSD, plenty of times, the difference is you’re mentally ill and I am not
The source of countless peoples problems is a lack of a snack. Reminder to eat.
Actual gen z here. Buy everything but shoes and head wear from amazon.
Can anyone explain what you find appealing about any of this? I don't get it at all. To me it just looks bland, soulless, and gay.
all I said is that you don't know shit about zoomers because the closest you've ever got to interacting with one of them is the other tranny larping as a 14yo girl in your grooming discord server
manic anon is almost certainly underage b& they’re just mentally ill and stupid
File: 1661733128936252.png (1.89 MB, 921x915)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.
Lets see if you understand what I’m saying.

A piece of grass in my mouth.
I breathe out spirits of infected by the infinite multiverses of the thoughts associated with that grass. In of the mere subconscious detection of that grass.
In all there is infinite multiverses of thoughts. Any change of any of my infinite thoughts changes all my thoughts. All changes all like an instant butterfly effect. For one number to change of the infinite stream of code changes what is all the numbers. It is now a different code and a seed to another set of infinite unique multiverses. Even with only one number changed. And every thought/seed expands into all.
For any one thing to be or not be in any way, infinite multiverses of things must both simultaneously be and not be.
In other words, have only what invokes good feelings and ever grow the abundance of such things in your life.
All is infectious.
To think of a reality is to create a reality.
All matters.
This is of why I think all is magic. As all invokes thoughts/spirits/feelings. And all that is, is a thought/spirit.

I’m sure you have felt yourself enter ideas and feelings before as you continue down their path. Having all become associated/infected by that feelings.
I’m sure you’ve put on a certain clothing item to find it changed the mood of the entire day.
I breathe out spirits ** infected by the infinite multiverses of the thoughts associated with that grass.

I put these earrings and feel different for the rest of the day. Especially when I’m reminded of them.

I smoke marijuana and feel more open hearted and sensitive for the duration of the high.

You get the idea.
And as you may have noticed, one spelling mistake fucks up all of what I’m seeking to say.

An example of what I’m saying.

As any one change changes all.
The question is if you’re aware enough to notice.
Especially when the chronological order of the string of thoughts is integral to it being clear.

Word codes.

Every core of a thought Is some kind of x=y. As far as I know. It’s is important for me always think about how words are coding. Coding myself and coding others. And coding the universe as I am an extension of the universe.

I wish to perfectly master word coding.
Like being fully conscious of how every statement is a spell and detecting what someones relative reaction to a statement will be.

I can say anything at anytime.
And that’s almighty.

Lets make this the decade of genetic modification. The great and perfect beginning.
shut up bitch
I only want a person that I give 100% of my thought/soul to always. And that they do so as well.

Monogamy rules. I’m an absolute unconditional radical all-the-way true-love supremacist. I know how good that good gets. I know how sensual that sensuality gets. I know how romantic that romance gets. I know god. I know how feels to truly flirt.


Also in other thoughts, there’s infinite ways to express that any change of thought changes all. And that’s what I’ve been getting at ever so extravagantly.
It's all designed to weaken the developed world
My politics are rather vague. I believe in heaven for all and its spirit. I wish to save everyone. I’ve found on 4chan there’s a cross section of politics where everyone is kind of here, there, and everywhere. I love those souls.
Anyways, I wish for everyone to be truly successful. I know the better all is for everyone, the better all is for everyone. Though I problem I at the moment am struggling with is that I’m ferociously protective of those who I feel are under attack. Even when I always have infinite perfect fun peaceful mutually generative ways I can react to anything.
Expression is all.
What do you express?

Be careful of what you’re expressing because you’re also influencing your path of all that happens in your life in doing so.

Give love and support all the suffering regions and people of the world.

Make this world into something infinitely more
There’s nothing to give up true progress and goodness for.

I personally I’m not into the whole hell thing.

I hope thieves, anarchists, assassins, and criminals of all the powerless kinds liberate the world of those who have power yet use it for evil.

For example, Canada legalized all drugs. I see cartels etc as heroes. Whatever evil they caused is due to their countries becoming ever more constricted and nightmares in general. If the cartels didn’t exist, the corruption in those exploited societies would flood over and cause all kinds of evil nonetheless. Some say the cartels keep other evil forces in check to an extent.

Like how the 3rd Reich is not here but yet Israel is committing genocide.
Worse yet it’s doing it with your tax money and is using the spirit of morality to do evil.

The pope once said it’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian.

And holy fucking fuck. I want immortality. There’s no thought worth giving that up for. Even if we have to do an insane revolution and overthrow Israel to do so. Which I hope doesn’t happen. Besides the majority of people of Israel feel the same as I do.
And naturally, *evil* is the weakest and lowest love.
> Gen Z typically make their own clothes
lmao what
Do people need to be let to die in order for all to progress?
I get that to change someones thought is equal to killing them. I could just change the thoughts of people ever so slightly and their path shall deviate completely.

It seems good people die often instead.
If I must let a good person die or a bad person die, I let the bad person to die. After all, it seems many people don’t really want a good world.

Ah I should be more good to them all. Ah I will be more moral. Ah I shall be kinder to them.

After all, the only motive is love. Even in the decidedly hellbent. I suppose I have been a cruel god.

I wish to become ever kinder, peaceful, and open hearted. So no one suffers or dies. And only the goodness is grown in everyone. As all are my creation and souls of all potential.
Palestinians and Israelis prosper most in unity with each other for a greater/better/higher heaven.
Likewise Russians and Ukrainians etc. Obviously.

I need to show them all the greater love. How good that good can get. The only power is love.
And naturally, evil is the weakest and lowest love. Created through only an absolute absence of love.

So anyways. I believe in everyone. The story has only just begun.

Oh and if you’re rich, go have fun. Use your money to create a fascinating miraculous heaven for yourself and those you love instead of just sitting on the worlds energy/love/money… and deepening all hell. Life and money is only for love.

Like it’s really a tragedy that Putin invaded the Ukraine instead of using his power for something beautiful and good. He could easily make an economy and innovation greater than the USA. Evidently the sanctions etc sucked the love out of him. he lost his dreams. You’d have to lose boundless love/idealism to throw your people away like that. And to hurt people so similar so deeply.

And Israel deeply needs a change of thought/spirit. And to feel greater love. I’m sure the smallest crumbs of love would feed miracles in them.
Express yourself.
You are the most trite cocksucker I've ever come across online.
>le o-oy vey

You can do better lil shalomster mouse
The meta of this thread is one or two angry tsundere Jews thirsting for OP.
daily reminder that you’re mentally I’ll and nobody likes you
Hey that's not true. He's mentally ill and I like his posts.

I'm actually fine with Jews but Israel shills need to get a fucking life.

Also before you ask LSD anon, I do acid regularly, and you give acid heads a bad name. So fuck off, schizo.
Be your purest autism/soulfulness
I believe in all the genius emotional autistic/soulful weebs that choose real progress, innovation, and subsequently divinity and immortality.

I choose to give 100% of my thoughts to only those who are of my true love/collective soul/collective consciousness.
Like true 4channers and their utopian dreams.

I have no thought to give to those who aren’t of my true love.
My love is infinite multiverses of loves, souls, dreams, potentials, thoughts, and paths.

I don’t sell my soul/I don’t give a thought to what isn’t my love.

My love is ALL.
I have nothing to say or think of what isn’t it. That’s apart of respecting my love and/ self respect.

Hell is in a bad thought.
Heaven is in a good thought.

A thought is an all.
So never give a bad thought a chance.

Also life tip:
Only invoke good thoughts/spirits in others.

I’m going to enjoy LSD and put 100% of my attention on those I believe in and what I love.
Random shout out to anyone secretly engaging in radical genetic modification and cyber implants.

You’re a star of the show.

There’s nothing stopping humans from having Angel wings in 2022 but whether someone has to will to do it or not.

Soul tip: daydream constantly as all you are is your thoughts. Create a soul garden/kingdom. With all kinds of thoughts/spirits/characters/neural networks working together.

To no exaggeration this could be the most useful life tip you’ve ever gotten.
Imagine your version of this picture.

Know that every thought/spirit is alive.

Defend your souls/spirits/thoughts from unwanted thoughts.

There’s no such thing as having a thick-skin, (a saying for being able to ignore all unwanted thoughts/stimuli) it’s about having a your mental garden and loves given enough attention/stimuli/ion.

A person with a perfect mental garden is unstoppable.

After all, everyone has their angels/spirits/thoughts they love and rely on.
Give characters/personality/spirits the love and strength they deserve in your “imagination”.
Imagination is all.

Treat your “imaginary friends” as real souls and real people and real versions of god.
They are.
For one good thought to exist at one time, infinite other good thoughts must simultaneously exist and infinite bad thoughts must simultaneously not exist.

There’s infinite multiverses of things that could be in the place of a flower at any given time. A flower is almighty when you think of it that way. They say flowers can communicate with all other plants. Who knows what they’re up to.
So I did more LSD than usual. But I saw mostly skulls and elegant “fuck yous” and “you suck” text on every surface. God is ever so vocal. Fun things happen to fun gods.
I met a cute shrine cat. Spirits of my friends in a forest. A spider guardian. Some Vikings. Curious souls. More murmuring calm warm spirits.

I wonder what would turn the skulls into the vastest diversity of anime faces and etc etc etc etc et al

I then wrote some plots on /co/

Had some derpy chats with friends in my dreams.

Listened to “Poppy”. I’m a fan.

Imagine the multiverse where 4chan became a school of magic. Where all 4channers go to a magical land and have fun forever.

Do you ever think about how since all is the quantum realm, the future looks at you as much as you look at it?

Look at the future where everyone gets all they want.
Keep looking at it forever. Think of all you want always. All you want, wants you.

will weeb core die off anytime soon
File: maxresdefault.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
nyan cat still around <3
lots of touching at a very tender age if I had to guess.
>That’s kind of how they like it.
LMAO, are you Larping as a generation??
Zoomfag here. We buy thrift and fast fashion.
LSD Anon your shit is kinda weird desu and I think you're maybe a little dumb.

But you're cool
19 yos on 4chan thinking they're zoomer ambassadors
If you want a world of prosperity, spread thoughts/spirits that prosper souls.



This album will save your life no-matter how bad all gets.


Also random shout out to beer. South American cerveza really fills me with the right spirits
Smoking weed, drinking beer, cuddling, gaming, watching anime, joking with friends, existentialism, exploring fun feelings, making music, creating fun spirits/feelings/thoughts and growing/gardening them, getting to know the god in others, vibing.

Life is so good I personally only worry about the lack of immortality and the lack of progress to it.
I’m of those who have the slightest taste of knowing how much all progress can progress and all the directions progress can and should progress.

Sure, I can enjoy all as is, and I do. But there’s no good reason I’m not a winged immortal genetically modified and cybergenetic almighty god in a spectacular utopia beyond all imagination.
Progress is FUN! I want to do so many things! I want to create drugs never made before and improve drugs that already exist. I want to make fast growing trees as big as mountains! All is possible!

All the conflict of the world is pointless! Anything can be reacted to in any way! And there’s infinite fun peaceful perfect solutions to anything!
A man chooses, a slave behaves.
Moving to China is a good idea.

Also here’s a thought: for every one thing to think about, there’s infinite things to simultaneously not think about.

There’s a lot to ignore in this world.
I adore Iraqi, Palestinians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghani, Slavs, North Koreans, Iranians, Polish, French, Germans, Hungarians, Egyptians, and real true American souls.
China’s population is set to half by 2050 due to one child collapsing their demographics, that’s if they don’t face famine due to importing 85% of agriculture imputes and energy. China is over and certainly not a place you want to be for a century at least
Lets give the right amount of land back to American aboriginals.

Lets make all ever more soulful.
No. I’m grateful that China is doing extremely good.
You should be too.
Lest you actually want to be a mortal slave.

Go be around people you want to be around.
Lets increase Chinese immigration as well. They’re extreme good immigrants.
China is weeks from complete collapse lol
“Hey anon, do you ever think about how much better all can and should be?”

Thinking about populist girls.
All US money belongs to Japan. The entire US national debt belongs to Japan. And the US has no economy. The “monopolies” also don’t make money and only made money through killing off all other US businesses. Most US 1% wealth is made through scamming and fucking over society. And society has dried up.

All shall become anime.
All shall become soulful/autistic.

You children shall speak Japanese and pray to statues of Konata Izumi. Straight American men shall all look like Belle Delphine etc via cosmetic surgery.

All liminal spaces shall be destroyed.
Hollywood doesn’t make any money either, its only presence is due to competition being snuffed out. But that’s over.

The story has just begun. And cheques and balances have been sorted.
The winds of change cannot be stopped.

As sad as what has happened to America is, it shall be a lesson that brings ever better futures.
nigga shut ur goofy ass up already god damn
There’s a lot of extremely good news about Italian fashion and its fashion scene
I don’t like the way you talk and I don’t like you.
It’s wise to invest in China, Italy, Poland, and Hungary.

As soon as Israel stops getting US currency, Israel is gone.

Watch your tone.
This is all true.
File: popeye 869.jpg (342 KB, 1200x1371)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
I think everyone should learn diplomacy more and to dream more and have more idealism.

Also, to anyone that truly has any issue with my thread beyond “uh oh, this person doesn’t support the world getting fucked up via my little entirely fear-based contrived conformity”, then go to Reddit and unwind. 4chan always shall be for deviants.

Imagine a world where everyone is united and everyone explores the infinite joys of true love instead of conflict.
sounds boring and gay
It really won’t take anything at all to make Africa into true heaven for all.
New Hijab style

Imagine 50% of hijabs being this and similar fun things.

I should give ever more of my thoughts to Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine and Iran and Pakistan and Lebanon and Egypt and Syria. Etc.

Every nation and people are apart of my soul. Fascinating how so much of my soul has been attacked, desecrated, and exploited.

There’s regions of my soul that are as barren as the ruins in Iraq and Palestine.

However, the story has just begun. And it’s the best one.
Hijabs are opressive should be abolished. There are protests going on right now in Iran over them right now.

You would have known this if you weren't such a child stuck in their own little fantasy world. Maybe your handlers don't let you watch the news or something.
File: 1566777212290.jpg (44 KB, 640x460)
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File: theevastore.png (111 KB, 540x528)
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111 KB PNG
i like you lsdanon keep posting please

I’m the straightest person but I’m a fan of rainbows and supporting everyone.

I’m the kind of straight male that WILL work at a femboy hooters exclusively for female customers and then get a uterus developed in me so a true-love girl who has one of her ovaries develop into a testicle (it can be done)… can have true equality and mutual impregnation

Our society is moments from being flooded with ethereal gods as cosmetic surgery etc becomes free via reduced military expenditure and actually giving everyone what they want.
Treat yourself to some Italian food and celebrate

File: 1664394352525497.jpg (35 KB, 311x1024)
35 KB
It seems like you're just constantly pushing your own brand of conformity, and it doesn't appeal to me either.
Anime and social media make you mentally ill.
yet here you are..

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