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What can I do with a wide, depressed forehead scar like this (not a pic of my scar, just one I found on the internet that looks a lot like mine's, though mine's is even wider)? I've had it for about six years now and I really want to get rid of it. It's not even like a badass scar from a cut, it just looks unsightly as it was the result of some infection (it's a long story).
I've adopted a pretty good skincare routine which has at least made it the same tone as the rest of my skin, but it obviously hasn't gone away at all. Do they even consider scar reduction surgery for scars as wide and deep as this? I know they are pretty good for average run of the mill cuts, but I can't imagine they would have a lot of skin to work with in my case.
Try microneedling
It won't go away normally. It might get slightly smaller over time, but we are talking decades here.
Either live with it and maybe use make up to mask it as much as possible or go to a derm and ask them what they can do surgery-wise.
If you try to fuck with it on your own at home chances are extremely high you will make it worse rather than better.
Embrace it. It looks hot!

I have big surgical scars on my body and every guy i have been with loved them, it either makes u look more badass or more ‚fragile‘ and therefore protectable-
Win in both cases
1.) Scar cream
2) silicone scar sheets
3) dermarolling
4) micro needling
5) professional laser treatments

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