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nbshoesoutlet.com is a scam website is t it? Everything is half price and they have every size available, it's just too good to be true guys :(
Has anyone ordered from them?
Share your scam experience and stories
I have no idea, but usually companies offer their outlet/discount products on a section of their official website, what I'm trying to say is that I think that website is a scam.
But the best thing that you can do is google it, if it is real or a scam you can look it up there.
Joe's New Balance Outlet is the real one
some scams are bad, but most of them I honestly believe are deserved because the people that fall for them are so stupid they deserve to lose money so they might have a reason to learn from their mistake.
obviously this isn't every scam I'm talking about.
my grandma got a call one day from a scammer and they (an American, no accent) just started the call by saying "hello? grandma?" and then my grandma answered "oh hello, is this (name of my cousin)? how is your trip to Mexico going?" and by unwittingly giving them that information, the scammers were able to improvise some story about how they were getting a ride with a friend who got pulled over and the Mexican police found weed in the glove box, and it wasn't my cousins, but they put him in jail anyways, and he needed her to wire him money to pay his bail so he wouldn't be locked in prison for a few weeks, and he would get the money back after the charges were dropped, and not to tell his parents because he didn't want them to worry. my grandma believed it was my cousin, and she wired the scammer some money through a regular bank transfer.
this kind of believable scam is a very bad thing that is not deserved, because it's something anyone could fall for.
most scams are not like that. most scams are so low iq that you'd have to be a retard to fall for them. if you get a call from the "irs" with a thick indian accent saying your social security number was used for drug trafficking and you need to buy google play gift cards from Walmart and tell them the codes if you want to not face felony charges, then you honestly deserve to lose your money. if you put your account info into a fake amazon site that you got to from an email saying your account would be charged $3k if you didn't sign in and cancel the order, then you deserve to have your account compromised.
scammers that are good at what they do suck, if they are bad then it's your fault.
Sounds like your granny deserved it to be honest

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