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Depends. Some are passionate about their sneakers.
The one in your image looks like a shitty hypebeast who lives off of reselling the newest supreme drops.
my are that I hate 80% of them but some are okay
and agreed
they have shitty taste in shoes but hey at least they're passionate
I'm a sneakerhead and I hate most sneakerheads. I mainly prefer 1980-1999 era for sneakers, those 2 decades is where I find the rise and peak of the leather sneaker construction methods. Never really got anything because of hype, if I bought it it's because I liked it. Out of 60 shoes maybe 4 "hype" pairs, 1 pair of jordans, grape 5s.
Too many of these cunts are treating it as a business and seriously ruin the ((culture)) for everyone else. Lining up overnight with your friends used to be a chill thing to do when kicks came out that everyone was hyped for. Now people just line up for a chance at a raffle to resell on StockX or Facebook pages

Really made me take a step back and find something esle to be passionate about
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Can't stand em. I dislike the entire "sneaker culture" bullshit today. Having nice shoes will never go out of style, but the mentality surrounding it all today is little more than $200.00 beanie babies for tweens. It's embarrassing to watch. Everything revolves around the price and production numbers with little appreciation for anything else.

The internet has changed things considerably as well. Everyone has access to everything, which results in everyone feeling like they need everything, which results in everyone having the exact same shit.

False scarcity is the name of the game today (much like beanie babies). Production numbers have never been higher. Nike moved almost all of their production facilities to China in 2011/2012, contracting out to the pou-chen group so they could ramp up production ten fold (this is also why a1 counterfeits have blown up since the same time). Fake out sell outs have become the norm, with multiple re-stocks scheduled throughout the year. Every other shoe is some kind of collaboration or pseudo-limited hype machine. Few people today buy what they like because they like it, they buy soley due to speculation or hype surrounding a shoe.

Call me old, but I miss the days of hunting irl. Store exclusive colorway you didnt know existed. Quickstrikes before the internet. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience of the internet, but it's resulted in a copy-cat mentality where everyone's collection looks the same with no flair of individuality or personal taste.

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