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Got interview tomorrow.

I got my navy jacket and pants tailored. Jacket fits well.

Pants fit weird because it was hemmed from uniqlo. It looks gross on body.

Now I'm thinking I'll just wear my black chinos instead of the navy pants.

Navy suit jacket + white shirt + tie + ILL FITTING matching pants


Navy suit jacket + white shirt + tie + GOOD FITTING black chinos (kinda casual).

Job is for front desk of a hotel.
>Job is for front desk of a hotel.
Post pic
Why do you have black chinos? Contrary to what most people think, black pants are deceptively difficult to work with. Black jeans are an exception because of their texture that makes it blatant it is not formal.

Unless it's a hideous fit (why do you have it then?), I'd rather wear navy pants so I can wear black shoes. Only /fa/ really cares about a good fit on clothes, most people (at least in America) will care more about the colors you wear. Plenty of people dress so shit everyday here (diaper butt everywhere, excessive breaks) that most people just care about your intent to dress business.
You really shouldn't interview without a real solid brand tie.

Cheap ties make your nice suits look cheap

Nice ties.make cheap suits look nice as long as they fit well

>black pants are deceptively difficult to work with
yeah but if you cant figure em out maybe you should head to mfa
>Unless it's a hideous fit (why do you have it then?)

had to hem it in a day, wasnt prepared for it. i got called and had few days to prepare.
Im young, we all start somewhere.

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