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i need to fix a second hand mower, problem is the deck belt keeps twisting and going off the pulley + catastrophically getting jammed between the brake and pulley.
Today i dismantled the deck, checked all bolts and belt retainers, adjusted the tensioner and brakes and after all that it mowed for 5 minutes before it jammed again.

It is this style deck, with the middle shoot, opposed blades and twisted v belt
Does anyone know what could be off here?
Is this just a pos design i should not waste my time on?
There are many reasons. A spindle bearing going bad is probable
no all bearings are in good shape, there is no play at all on the pulleys
Are the pulleys aligned properly? Are any of the pulleys warped or bent? Any with bad run-out or off center?
when the deck has been used, do the bearing heat up? A symptom of over-tightening?
as visible in the video the pulleys cannot be aligned by design
it is a twisted belt that runs on two different levels
>Are any of the pulleys warped or bent?
ive observed like 1mm runout on one on the outside. this doesnt tell shit about the v groove thou
it cant run long enough to check, over tightening is impossible since the tension-er is a spring

this might sound like im a dick, but im really not looking for general answers that google shits out. im asking about the specifics of this deck design since i know we have small engine guys here
a new belt is 80€ and i paid like 250 for the mower, so dont want to buy one if its not the issue
You don't have the belt running correctly or you are twisting it the wrong way. Check the diagram and try again.
i have, just like in the video. diagramm doesnt exist. with the belt V being in the pulley v there is no other way to insert it
Is the belt you mention falling off a new belt? Pulling from my ass, maybe the belt is a particular angle for that 180 spin and you bought the wrong belt. Also get a crapsman mower, fuck whatever that is.

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