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File: file.jpg (142 KB, 1000x1000)
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/g/ is fucking useless so here I am
I've also realized that asking specific questions is absolutely pointless so I'll lay it out simple for everyone this time:

I need a NAS machine that has these characteristics
>ITX/SFF (not a rack mount)
>ECC (for ZFS)
>6-8 (or more) SATA
>parts are available (not "just find random trash on ebay")
>not 60,000 gorillion dollars
Give me a parts list.
File: _shop.jpg (36 KB, 367x384)
36 KB
>/g/ is fucking useless
they literally have a home server general >>>/g/96039521
>these characteristics
sounds like any old pc to me
>6-8 (or more) SATA
sounds like any motherboards made in the last ten years to me
>parts are available
sounds like literally anything to me
>not 60,000 gorillion dollars
all sounds like repurposing an old pc to me

i use a phenom IIx6 that i bought in 2010. it finally gave up the ghost in 2021 so i gave it a new mobo ($125), 16gb no-name ddr3 ram ($25) a new 450w supply ($50), a new atx case (>$100) with plenty of bays, and along with on-board gigabit ethernet i added a 10gb fiber pcie card ($50). as of right now, it has ~40tb storage. if you were to buy them new right now, it would probably be about $600 bucks worth of storage. (2x 18tb +1x 3tb)
It comfortably runs an emby server, qbittorrent, and the all the *arr software, and can stream full 1080p to 3 different tvs in my house at the same time without the fans even kicking on. plus nfs exports, syncthing, a normal gnome desktop, and all the usual shit.
To make a home server, literally all you have to do is not be retarded, and you're in here posting picture of cartoons, crying because people won't shop for you.
This is a man's board, boy. Get the fuck out.
>Give me a parts list.
Yeah, was gonna offer help until that. With that attitude, get your own parts list you lazy fuck.
Yeah, I hate to say it like that, but when I say "list", it's just a CPU/MB combination I'm looking for. It's just that people's brains turn off when they aren't able to make up their own list instead of working with a partially completed one.
>they literally have a home server general
They aren't very helpful
>sounds like any old pc to me
Most PCs are not ITX
>sounds like any motherboards made in the last ten years to me
Unfortunately, most boards these days are 2-4. Obviously, you can get around that with an HBA, but that's an added cost and requires cooling and such.
>sounds like literally anything to me
Unfortunately, these niche purpose parts seem to have teeny tiny production runs until they're replaced by something else and online vendors don't like to stock them in stead of the usual GAMER parts.
>skips ECC
Yeah that's the hard part
>no rack server
Why? Getting a cheap used server from ebay/Amazon is a great deal. Mine came with 2 tb and 32g of ram and I've got like 12 SAS bays left.

>8 hdd
Oh no, it's retarded
>you can get around that with an HBA, but that's an added cost and requires cooling and such
There is zero way an HBA should need extra cooling. At the scale of providing 2-4 SATA ports especially.

As for desktop boards, lots have enough of everything, if anon ditched the mini itx requirement. There's a whole world of motherboards in-between needlessly compact and server.
>Most PCs are not ITX
How many drive bays does an ITX box have again? Refresh my memory.
>skips ECC
Anon, you're storing and serving your cartoon porn not running an MRI server for a hospital.
No wonder nobody wants to help you. You're a God damned moron.
I think I remember you from hsg, at least someone asking for the same list. You're even using the op pic from a thread a month ago.
You don't know what you want or why. You make arbitrary requirements like ECC with no thought as to why you need it. You're demanding a specialized pc but aren't willing to pay the price for one.
>8 2.5/3.5" bays
>rosewill lineglow mid tower
>gigabyte 990fx mobo
>amd fx 6300 black (stock 70mm cooler)
>4x8gb team group ddr3
>8 wd blue cmr 3tb
>4 wd blue cmr 2tb
>1 wd caviar 160gb from fuckin 2008
>2 Samsung 850 Evo msata 250gb (in 2.5 enclosures)
>3d printed 3x5.25 to 5x3.5 adapter
>pcie 1x to 8 sata
>7 arctic p12
>evga 400w psu

>truenas core
>single pool
>4 of each drive in z2 array (size matched)
>160gb as boot/dataset
>msatas as cache
>total storage about 14tib
>first and foremost just a backup server for computers and phones via file history and syncthing

there's your fuckin shopping list
correction, 8 fans. 7 for the case and 1 for the printed bracket since it has a fan mount.
Asus b550i (4*sata, 2*nvme)
Ryzen pro 4650g
Unbuffered ECC 2*32GB sticks
Low power high efficiency PSU
Random cpu cooler
LSI 9200-8i for 8 additional sata drives

Affordable, power efficient and expendable. Now fuck off
Goto the reddit board you lazy nigger. They might spoonfeed you there since you didn't find the general helpful.
> t. only here to see Porno Manga reddit-tier OP get trashed

OP: do something with your life. If you do it right, then you get a server. Not before. Middling 85-90IQ tier lifestyle.
>6-8 (or more) SATA
2.5" or 3.5"? Makes a difference. Assuming 3.5", you're limiting yourself in chassis options especially if you're going for small form factor. If you can go bigger and don't care about other performance, get an old tower server (HP Proliant ML series or Dell Poweredge T series). Also getting a complete, enterprise grade machines saves you from piecing together "random trash on ebay" which seems to be what you're trying to do. Those things run forever and you can get older ones (G6/7/8 for HP and 10 or 20 series for Dell) for cheap.
File: aVlarZ2z_700w_0.jpg (69 KB, 700x862)
69 KB
You could literally turn an old PC into NAS if you had the right skills.
I can do it better
And cheaper

Just connect an old PC and share the drive. Oh wait you want to play 4 hentia videos, one for each of ya. Jerking off the guys to the right & left, getting rammed by your black nerd friend who dresses up like a ninja, all while sucking your own cock.
That's why nobody wants to help you. You're a self righteous libtard whose too stupid to understand that dressing up like a woman and calling yourself that doesn't take away the gay. You fucking fuckity fuck fuck faggot.
Oh and before you virtue signal with a Ukrainian flag just remember that war wouldn't exist if Trump was president. You have Ukrainian blood on your hands, go have sex with your mother.
File: back to pol.png (109 KB, 2037x1528)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
File: file.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
Sorry, should've specified that I only need 2.5" bays.
Well, usually the an HBA card has it's own cooling solution. Problems arise though when you place it in a case with inadequate ventilation.
>How many drive bays?
Depends. The case I picked out has 8+. pic related
>You're a God damned moron
You can call it excessive if you want, but this is simply what my requirements are.
I don't recall posting on /hsg/ in that timeframe; last time I posted on there before now was earlier this year. I got that picture off of google images. As for my requirements, I can justify them if you want, but that doesn't seem that relevant. Regarding the cost of the machine, my budget isn't too limited, so I know I'm not the same person.
Thanks for the recommendations anon; I'm unfamiliar with AMD so this helps.
Oh also, I forgot to answer your first question.
One of my biggest requirements is that it's quiet. I don't want my server to sound like a jet airliner. I've considered the option of changing out the fans out of a surplus server with some nice noctuas or something, but that's quite a lot of effort for a suboptimal result in terms of form factor and noise.
go do your own shopping fucker.
Probably the most sensible build in this thread

Also, picking parts for a computer build is retardedly simple now. No wonder the computer shop I worked at when people were still running 95 went out of business.


I'll do the shopping for OP but it's 150/hr, 5hr minimum. Build is flat fee of 500, tested to boot on USB. OS install and configuration are billed hourly.
>I'll do the shopping for OP but it's 150/hr, 5hr minimum.

lol I'd send you $750 if you'd go to AMD and make them fix their shit. I went to build a PC last year and every combo I liked wound up back at this crap, so I gave up: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-105

(for all I know this issue has gone away)
Weird, I have 570 and 550 but didn't hit this issue, must be specific combos.
Currently running builds without issue, forget which mobo is on each proc though..
5950x (ESX)
3700x (daily driver)
5600x (NAS)
3300x (NVR)
>have built 2 servers, first one is exactly what you're looking for
>love them both and the second one is just a bigger full ATX since 6 drives was not enough after a few years plus i learned about SAS
>not going to give parts list
this feels better than it should. half the fun of doing new shit is doing the research so you actually understand everything anyway, stop being gay.
I guess I can sort of understand it, but I wish the assumption wasn't that I hadn't already researched the topic and put together my own parts list. Also, a big issue I've found is that lists, at least for server stuff, tend to become not-so-useful fairly quickly due to parts availability problems.
If money is no object just by a synogy box and be done with it. You’re going to pay the same price for parts.
>ecc AND new AND cheap
gambling on ryzen is your only option

anyone with sense would go old xeon (low power e3 v3 stuff for just NAS, or e5 v3/v4 for home server)
Don't forget about potential newer old xeons and i3s with ECC-support
Get a synology and stop snivilling.
patchy bump
>(not "just find random trash on ebay")
anon you are unfortunately, unhelpable
buy one of those lame little nas plug and play boxes
getting an ecc setup in a non rack case is an odd use case.
ocassionally on ebay you will see a supermicro with 8 hotswap bays in the front in a rack case with an add on pack of legs to use it as a tower. if you are serious about it then thats the way i would go.
6-8 or more sata means hba card
OTS and not expensive are directly incompatable

the other thing which you aren't going to want to hear is that zfs is trash. hba is trash. proper hardware raid cards are readily available second hand. they are cheap, robust, reliable and generally very cross compatable. a raid card presents a single drive to the os and takes care of everything in the background. they are good and useful. everything you have heard bad about them is wrong. people who flash hba firmware to raid cards are evil. but you do need a set of identical sized drives (zfs can use odd sized drives but at a MASSIVE performance hit, think about it, a drive 3x the size requires 3x the reads and bottlenecks the system). shucked drives are cheap, look and wait for offers they are regular.
4 Raspberry Pi 4s, 8 SATA to USB3 adaptors, and GlusterFS

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