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File: mystery thing.jpg (1.39 MB, 3522x1304)
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So I ordered some light switch locks from amazon, 4 sets of 4, so that the lights in the common/egress hallways in my office/shop building can't be turned off. However when I received the package, it had only 3 sets of the light switch locks and a bag with a few sets of this hardware (in the pic) in it. Oddly, the label on the bag these came in is a label for the light switch locks I ordered. So obviously it's a labeling error and a warehouse monkey just threw it in despite it clearly not being the correct item. Fine, whatever. What I'm wondering is what the hell these are. I was just going to throw them away because it's not worth trying to return this shit, but I figured I'd try to find out what they are first in case they may be useful. There are no part numbers or anything like that on the bag or on the parts themselves to hint at what they are. Any ideas?
It's a shitty, low quality door/cabinet lock. Maybe to lock around a corner? I'd just throw it in the scrap bin in case I need a random piece of metal like that.
Yeah I figured it'd be something along those lines. Tossing it in the "forgot I had this" box.
Shit. I just realized this should probably have gone in the stupid questions thread. My bad.

Well... hopefully it only squeezed one of the "my tool brand is better than yours" threads off the board. Or one of those shitty "I want you to tell me how to do this only I've imposed a shitload of arbitrary restrictions that make doing it impossible" threads.
It's a security latch for hung window sash, one side mounts on the jamb and the other on the panel that's oriented 90° from it.
Located and oriented properly it lets you open a hung window slightly for ventilation but prevents an intruder from opening it any further.
File: barn door lock.png (160 KB, 368x666)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Found it, it's a barn/sliding door latch.

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