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File: 11.jpg (704 KB, 3360x2240)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
>worked as a tradie with the government
>chill work and good pay
>learn new things everyday
>contract ends and go look for a new job
>try construction
>"oh anon you worked as a tradie fir the government? Well here you're gonna have to keep up a fast pace and work harder :^)"
>ask how much they pay
>"14 bucks an hour, with a raise of a buck after 6 months when we know you're qualified"
>ask why I would work harder for lesser pay than at my previous job that gave me more days off and freedom
>"I guess the interview is over, you youth really are too spoiled and dont want to work hard!!!!"
Rofl do boomers seriously inspect that I'm gonna haul bags of cement every fucking day for 15 bucks an hour while I'm 12 hours away because everyday I'm stuck 4 hours in traffic and get compensated a WHOPPING 20 BUCKS in total for those 4 hours because technically you're not working :^).
>do boomers seriously inspect that I'm gonna haul bags of cement every fucking day for 15 bucks an hour
yes thats what they want. and no complaining or ppe or you are a pussy too!
kudos for telling that faggot that his company sucks ass
never before heard of goverment jobs paying better than private, its usually the other way.
File: 1660217466274800.png (10 KB, 227x222)
10 KB
Similar story
>work as a service tech for a low volume equipment company
>in main office so i get salary plus mileage and benefits
>naturally they wont fly me outside the state since it will cost too much
>hire subcontractors for $75 an hour plus mileage (most get paid $500 for half a days work twice a year)
>"i should get in on this"
>apply as a subcontractor to other companies
>"ya we will pay you $30 an hour with no mileage and the hourly rate is determined by our main guys so if they say a job takes 2 hours and it takes you 3 that's a (you) problem
I'm not surprised. In many parts of the world, jobs are legitimately becoming predatory and you HAVE to push back against this bullshit
File: colonelklink1964.jpg (12 KB, 320x240)
12 KB
why would you even apply for a lower-paying job that required more work?
>applied for a job at some contractor
>meet all the requirements, interview going well until
>no mileage, gas, even though half the job is go-for supplies
>no company vehicle, use your own truck
>yeah you'll be hauling rebar, steel mesh, rock crush, so no sedan drivers are hired for this work
>no, we don't chip in for bedliner repairs etc
>no, we won't cover increased insurance costs
>buy your own ppe, yes we'll sell it to you
>it's $18/hr
>no RRSP or other benefits, no dental, no vision coverage
>tell him in the absence of benefits, conveniences, and increased liability, I'll take $50 an hour to do this kind of work considering that I'll be paying to work for him below $30/hr and I still need to pay the mortgage, buy food, insurance (now more expensive) on the truck and house, get new glasses, go to the dentist, and eventually retire at some point
>yells at me that this is "how the industry works $18/hr is STANDARD"
>get up and leave while he yells at me for being entitled and a bitch ass, etc
Do employers really think we're this retarded? It's not like I'm some kid with no experience.
did they not offer you travel pay? Why did you even go for that job if they did not offer travel pay? What skills do you have? Why did you quit your "chill" job if it was so good?
>Rofl do boomers seriously inspect that I'm gonna haul bags of cement every fucking day for 15 bucks an hour while I'm 12 hours away because everyday I'm stuck 4 hours in traffic and get compensated a WHOPPING 20 BUCKS in total for those 4 hours because technically you're not working :^).
Anon this makes no sense. Why are you applying for a job that's 12 hours away? Why are you applying for a job that involves 4 hours of travel in traffic? Is that 4 hours each way? Or 2 hours there and 2 hours back? Either way those numbers don't add up. And yeah, if you're driving to work, you're literally not working. Why would a company pay you for 12 (or 8? 4?) hours of driving when your job is to build shit, not drive?
The local Wendy's has a sign out front saying they're now hiring at $17/hour.
its ironic that tax paid jobs should get this free pass to be ineffective and lazy, you would never pay a team to buy your house this way, you simply couldnt afford it.
goverment jobs collect the scum of all trades and its a reason they are being outed on private contracts here.
snow plowing paid by city
>slow, never comes in time, will quit when overtime applies, poorly equpped
>will plow when no snow because they are paid for it
privately done snow plowing contracts, often by the city
>will never plow when no snow
>will be out instantly and 24/7 when it snows
>always get more work done for less pay than thoose who sit in their truck/tractor all day by the hours
>knows how to budget hours and equipment and afford the latest stuff
Gov't tradie here. Life is good. lots of time off. Ok benefits. Don't do shit unless it's on my schedule
Seriously don't know how more of these interviews don't end in outright violence
Do boomers really?
most construction contractors in my country take jobs that are 2 hours driving away so they say your work hours are from 7:30 till 3:30 but then when you sign they ask you to show up at 6 to get in time.

And those hours spend driving pay like shit, like maybe 8 bucks MAX if you're lucky.
The MTA in Boston must have some kind of mafia set up. They pay 6 figures to people working the ticket stands.
I work gov, pays better and I do jackshit
So you are complaining you get paid less by standing on principle?
Today in "the government spending money on something is always a bad thing"
No hes complaining people get paid to be worse
If you dont like the terms of the job then dont work for the guy... End of story. If enough people dont like the terms and he really needs help then he will re evaluate his terms and make them better. If people are desperate for work then someone will be comfortable with his terms and take the job...

Why is this so hard for people to understand?
He learned of the pay during the interview, he literally wrote it right there in the OP, are you retarded?
Hey retard, by 12 hours away he means 8 hour shift plus his 4 hour commute there and back.
Because they would rather import third worlders or replace you with AI at the cost of destroying the country. Greed like this would get you beheaded in better times.
Then start your own company and hire losers such as yourself on for whatever ridiculous amount you deem "a livable wage"
This dude knows. Never let these faggot "hard working" (aka "well my dad used to own the company...but") boomers/genx take advantage of you.

Owner literally brags and gets excited every time we're alone/away from the workers, telling me how he has to go to his portfolio manager again, or schedule another sit-down with his life insurance guy, because he makes soooo much money. Tells me about all the random cold offers he gets to sell the company like a giddy child. I work with the numbers (not my job/by choice) and already knew the cashflow from basic math. Not even that much, getting by on literally robbing elderly and family/friends.

"Hey man, you hired me to drive the forklift and order some parts...if you want me to do more, I need more. You just assumed I'd do all this side stuff without even asking."
>"Well Anon you'll only ever be worth 18/hr to me, that's a good rate, etc etc"
"Ok, well don't ask me for help on computer stuff" (migrating to an entirely new ERP/CRM system and moving all the data over from it, building out all the automation needed afterwards)
>"Lol why would we need you for that, me and jewface secretary can handle it all, you don't even know how to do all the stuff we do."

the very next day
>"Plz help us with computers you're not being a team player, i'll give you 500 bucks to fix the thing I paid a company 3k and they laughed and said was impossible to do (while keeping the money)"
"Ok they quoted 3 weeks, give me 3 days"

One day later

Boomers are fucking wild, man. Preaching about how we sell a premium HVAC service and command a premium price to provide slightly above methhead in a pickup services... but thinks that webscraping and transfering thousands of customer profiles/site information/pics/notes should be free because he hired a forklift driver that knows how to do it
blog almost over, but it's just wild to me that computer illiterate 10 wpm look and peck boomers just handwave shit because I make it look easy, and then at the end of it think I'm worth the same as what he pays an entry level helper.

I guess I just got gaslit hard by some retards, but man these people didn't understand you can do formulas in excel (and use it just as ghetto word), but then I unfuck everything and trim processes that would take hours (and were never even attempted because of it) and it's "ah it's so easy that's why we made you do it". Nah you're worth less than a day laborer, and I can't afford to pay you (just brag about money every chance I get to you in private). Weird fucking people.
Then he should work smarter, not harder. The whole system is circling the drain, I'm not going to begrudge a working man grasping for all they can get when billions are wasted on trivial bullshit.
Fuck the principle of the matter, it's every man for himself in the shitheap clown world.
yeah boomers are a plague on the world and can't die off soon enough
>quit working for GC after running jobs for him for four years
>started as a helper and picked up skills/tools as I went and eventually he has me running jobs for him
>sending me to the high end houses because I am meticulous and good with classy customers
>pay is shit because of incremental raises over the years
>get a better job and tell him to fuck himself
>see his ad on indeed looking for my replacement, $23/hr for somebody with five years experience and all their own tools and vehicle (LOL)
>ends up having to hire some 20 year old who knows absolutely nothing with no tools
>goes on multiple globe trotting vacations a year with his 400lb wife while paying his guys shit
>continues to bleed employees
>"Man, people just don't want to work anymore. It's all because of the covid money!"
> yeah boomers are a plague on the world and can't die off soon enough

20 years in the future…

> yeah millennials are a plague on the world and can't die off soon enough

It’s human nature. Everyone feeds off of someone and that’s gonna be the same story a thousand years from now
PPE has been required to be provided by employers free of charge to their employees nationwide since 2008. Hope you reported him to the government on your way out.
>you would never pay a team to buy your house this way, you simply couldnt afford it.
FUCK LMAO you dumbass niggers are allowing all these fake scam contractors to buy up every plot of land and then install a small shed with 2 bedrooms while they charge you 300k for it.

Instead of buying a plot of land yourself, renting 2 self employed masons and try to help in anyway you can by brick laying or doing it yourself. You're also paying them by the hour and they're hard workers because competition is tough. They'll also do about half of it taxless.

BUT NO that requires ACTUAL hard work and I'd rather pay bobstein the builderberg a fat paycheck as he continues to extort people like the OP or even worse, lobbies for more immigration so he can import a bunch of eastern europeans who don't mind missing a finger or two.

Real estate agencies are ran by a maffia.
Post hands
post nose
File: images.jpeg.jpg (26 KB, 602x392)
26 KB
Millenials are a bunch of demoralized washouts.
Please read this post out loud to yourself
boomers are entitled retards and the world needs to tell the to retire and fuck off
File: 1630899470138.jpg (95 KB, 800x785)
95 KB
>work as electrician for boss man
>Make $30 hr
>Time off whenever
>Paid business holidays and sick leave
>No medical or anything
>Have to use own car and buy my own hand tools
>Ok because now I can do work on the side where I charge $75 hr minimum
>Work is mostly residential so I'm always in different places
>Never really bored
>Can dress however I want and listen to black metal all day
>Can be as racist as I want boss doesn't care
>Only work with boss so I'm mostly by myself never bothered

It's not that bad. Sure it could be better but the freedom I have is pretty cool. Also I don't know how to do anything else so I don't know what other job i could get that would pay me this much with no experience.
He's a boomer, report him for hiring crackheads under the table. Let the IRS eat his lunch for being a cunt.
wtf are you on about? the most common way of building detatched houses here is exactly how you said.
>buy land
>build house as you want it
we just dont do it taxless unless its friend services because we are not thirdie poorfags.
lol wood is the only thing that works.
urbanites dont want detatched housing nor know jack shit about diy, they like their walkable cuckboxes so there its obviously different. you still cant waste time and effort in the building prosess, thats a net loss for everyone.

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