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anyone else learn the hard way not to let others use your tools?

blog/vent thread

>be me
>grind out 7 days a week for months at $18 an hour
>eat beans and deenz to afford my own tools
>plan to get my tools/skills up to go on my own
>gc sends lattice through my tablesaw leaving gouges
>cuts pressure treated lumber on my 7 1/4 trim mitre saw
>slaming it from 45 to 0 and back
>hey gc
>yes anon?
>can I use your router to rabbet out 7/8thsx3/4 in this floating desk for a hidden cleat?
>no anon that's too much material and too hard on my m18 router

This was a week ago and I'm still raging. he's fired for being a coke head and I got a raise but I'm still mad. I returned the mitrr and got a new one and I'll probably do it with the table saw making me the nigger that does that shit.
am I being a faggot who just learned what everyone already knows?

please share something worse so I can stop being a a fag.
Why did you even ask? Grab the router and go. Try as hard as possible to send it into thermal protection mode.

But yea, I work with people who give no fucks as well. They can borrow somebody else’s shit, and when they get mad at you, tell them to be mad at the last guy who fucked up your shit when you loaned it to them.
I ended up using it anyway but I'm more mad cuz he knows I spent all my pay on tools and I think he was trying to fuck them up because I was getting all the detail jobs as I am pretty decent.
should I just let it go or throw a brick through his new truck?
>am I being a faggot who just learned what everyone already knows?
Man. isn't that a mood sometimes.
Always choose violence anon, if you're smart enough that is.
>be me
>paint any pastel colored stripes on my tools
>no one asks to borrow them

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