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File: tie down anchor hooks.jpg (126 KB, 1138x1160)
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I have a trailer with a steel mesh floor. I need extra tie down points in the center of the floor.
I see these rings as a suggested method of adding tie down points, but I am not sure they are appropriate. It looks like they're just meant to be screwed into wood, and I have concerns that the wood screws would just pull out of the wood if there was any load on the straps.

I've already put a sheet of 3/8" ply wood over the mesh floor to help stiffen it up, but even with that it still flexes a lot. I put some u-bolts through the plywood and mesh with fender washers and jam nuts on the opposite side. I can't imagine the u-bolt pulling through with the huge washers on the other side, but when I pull the straps tight, it bows the floor upwards and allows the load to sway when I shake it.

My goal is to have a very sturdy and fast system for strapping down 2-3 dirt bikes or 1-2 street bikes in the trailer. Strapping only to the side rails ends up with a nasty web of straps when doing more than 1 bike.
sweet blog
where is the unsubscribe button
you can unsubscribe when you tell me the optimal way to add tie down points on a mesh floor trailer
Have you considered farting on it until you faint?
File: p_1000769927.jpg (49 KB, 1000x1000)
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Do you care if the points aren't flat on the trailer? If you're planning in tying shit down all the time maybe try bolts with eyes.
its sounds like you have a cheap ass shitty trailer. there is no silver bullet here. You need to make it strong. spend the money.

You are not going to find a "magical" product that does what you want for cheap.
Send us a picture of the trailer. There might be another solution. what're you hauling too?
Will send pictures tomorrow.
I ended up drilling holes in 2 of the L-angle cross-bars to put the u-bolts through, then doing more u-bolts around the square tube perimeter. It is much more stable now, since the anchors are on something solid instead of just the mesh and wood floor.

Pretty much, but besides cost I wanted to keep it light because the towing capacity of my vehicle is fairly limited. The ones with more solid decks weigh quite a bit more.

how about posting some pictures of your actual trailer so I can make a more customized suggestion instead of a generic go fuck yourself
Yes, if you attach that to wood, you would want to use a wood screw

If you want to use it for metal, you should use machining screws (bolts), nuts, and washers. The tighter the fit, the better it will hold as long as you attach to the frame of the structure.
File: Trailerbottom.jpg (137 KB, 720x540)
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137 KB JPG
I think I pretty much have it solved. This is working out well. Pic is the bottom of the trailer where I drilled holes in the L-angle frame to put u bolts through.
File: Bigwasher.jpg (909 KB, 2048x1536)
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909 KB JPG
This is how I held the wood to the mesh. I originally did the same thing to put the u bolt through the deck, which left it too flexible as I was complaining about.
File: Sideubolt.jpg (831 KB, 2048x1536)
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831 KB JPG
And on the sides.
Does it reduce the capacity of the strap to have the loop go through a smaller diameter ring like this where it wrinkles slightly?
File: Bikesloaded.jpg (167 KB, 720x540)
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167 KB JPG
And the trailer with the load.

Is it normal to trust your tie downs to just wood screws? Seems like a likely point of failure.

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