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Serviceable 1s2p 18650 battery pack design I made for a headlamp.
-learned some FreeCAD
-swappable battery pack
-swappable cells, just 1 screw to remove cover
-strain relief
-USBC charging, charging LEDs
-overdischarge protection
-board snaps into place very securely
-belt clip to keep weight off headlamp headband
-telephone cord for further strain relief
-reasonably protected against internal shorts and a lithium battery fire
-retardedly posted this to /o/ first by mistake
File: IMG_20230317_184323_352.jpg (435 KB, 4032x2268)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Did you just hotglue an ebay barrel connector in a box with an ebay charge module?
eBay also has 18650 holders
It's all screwed in and friction fit, such that it can be completely disassembled again in seconds. There is just some hot glue near the knot in the power leads to help with strain relief. Pic related ebay pack is 2s when I needed 1s, and was way too big vs. what I needed. And I wanted an excuse to learn freeCAD. And unless I built it myself I'm concerned re: chinese 18650 battery packs; a friend of mine lost 3 rooms of his house due to an airsoft gun battery fire.
From this project I see why 18650s aren't commonly swappable in mass market; putting them in the wrong way could short them and cause a fire. It was also interesting to see how many details and dimensions needed to be considered for something as simple as this "box".
Lion is a death trap I'll give you that.
I was missing a battery for over a year, I found it exploded behind the tv stand.

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