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I'm trying to find materials for making a foil balloon. I want to make a custom one for airship racing. I'm having a hell of a time finding materials, like the valve or even the foil. I can find tons of demos on how to make them, but not one links to materials? Has anyone in diy made them before? Where did you get materials?

Literally the first result, did you even try.

I saw an entire thread saying emergency blankets don't hold helium for very long because they arnt built to that task. I'm looking for materials built to the task, and I also need the full valves.
You want Mylar food bags. stores centered on emergency preparedness are your best bet.

While you're there, pick up some preparedness supplies while yer at it. Bad times coming homie
I'm looking to make a 1 meter cigar shaped balloon. I don't think food bags will be large enough.

Then look up "aluminized mylar" specifically and see if you can't find thicker variants. Or just live with the fact that it will only stay full for hours/days instead of days/weeks.

>I also need the full valves

No idea what you're talking about. There are no valves on a mylar balloon. The little nubby bit at the bottom is just left open when it's made, used to fill it, then heat sealed like the rest of the seams. If you want an actual valve for some reason, you're going to have to work something out for yourself.
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why the fuck are you being so confrontational about this? And I'll post a pic of the valve for you since they are a thing. If your not knowledgeable on the topic (which if you don't know about the standard valve you clearly arnt) then why comment.
party supply and/or craft stores and dollar stores that have party supplies will usually have a selection of mylar tablecloths up to about 60"x120"


Another option if a 30" width works is rools of gift wrap made from the same stuff, which has the advantage of no folds or wrinkles from being flat packed.
Both options are usually also a bit more robust than the space blankets, which are nice and light but tear if you even look at them funny and are a pain to work with.
Thanks I'll check those out! Any idea on valves? I'm betting they are probably a bulk manufacturer item so I might be S,O,L on those
>And I'll post a pic of the valve for you since they are a thing

They're not discrete parts. They're made as part of the balloon. That's why you can't find them.

it is a discreet part you can see one being fitted here
That kind of closure isn't a valve in the sense of a separate unit or lmechanism that you attach to the orherwise airtight envelope, it's another flap-like piece of mylar integrated into the filler/tail section so that it lets the filler tube slide in between it and the outer skin but is pushed back against the hole and seals the envelope when fully pressurized.
Acts as a one way check like a reed valve but not rigid...it's a soft flap valve.
Commercially made ones may have pressure sensitive adhesive but its the pressure that makes it seal.

Here's another design with a double tube, inner one is pinched and held shut by the pressure when the filler nozzle is retracted-
Why is he naked?
Nice they give a lot of good details in that doc thank you. That pretty much gives me all the parts I need thanks all.
That's the same thing as the flat tube method shown in that instructable link, with a plastic fill nozzle adapter on the end that isn't doing any of the sealing.
Using a narrow rigid filler tube that slides inside the inner sleeve works and for your application saves weight that does nothing once the balloon is pressurized.
FWIW another simple method used to seal things like that is to simply fold that long filler tail on itself 3 or more times the way you can kink a garden hose to stop the flow, and then clamp or tape it down.
Just use empty potato chip bags. Get a heat sealer and have at it.

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