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Got an apartment I'm doing some repairs on and ran into an outlet that's being weird and wanted some help on what could be the issue. Keep in mind this is a new outlet, the outlet was working for awhile, then suddenly stopped working after a few hours, the breaker isn't tripped, all the other outlets in the room work, the light switch that turns it on works and is on, there's no GFCI's installed that could have tripped.
How new was the build?
When was it working and for how long?
Do you have socket testers?
Could be loose terminals or damaged cable.
Not sure if you can but flip that breaker on and off for that room.
Is the socket physically damaged by any means?
Also if you are looking for help it's better to post the image of the socket instead of a meme
if you live in a major city, it is nothing and should not be photographed or talked about. Go now, I have spoken
>ran into an outlet that's being weird
what does this mean?
keep reading....
OP flip the light switch it is connected to to the opposite position and try again
I don't know. Pull the outlet out of the wall and see if anything is loose. If it worked for a while then stopped, either something broke or came loose. And since it's just the one outlet, problem is either in that box or in a neighboring box, of with the switch that's allegedly controlling it.

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